All Fired Up

Today has been an… interesting day. But mostly fun. I started really early by having training with my job, but I wound up being so carsick that I had to get off. I was left at 5am at an empty farm, but gladly my mum came very quickly to pick me up.

The day proceeded pretty good though. At first, me and the ladies had dinner at a pizza room where we finally got to bond a little bit more than we do in the rehearsalroom. After that, we headed over to Nöjesfabriken for some bowling… and that was interesting. After only like 10 minutes we had to evacuate the place because of a suspected fire, but gladly, it wasn’t anything serious. After that, we were let in again and we could go on with playing.


I managed to get a strike the first thing I did, but after that I started to fail. Anna appeared to be a queen when it comes to bowling, while Michelle seemed to be… well extremely bad at it, so eventually, it became a neck in neck fight between me and Linn… and eventually Linn conquered.

It was nice to do this, to bond a bit more. Will probably make rehearsals a lot easier. It was a great night, but now.. I’m seriously drenched as far as energy goes. I guess it’ll be an early night, for once.

But hey! HammerFall on Saturday is good.

// Sara

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