Live Wire

So, let’s take the third and last part in my Mötley Crüe memorylane series.

The next time I’d see Mötley Crüe was at Sweden Rock in 2012. It was dreadful in many ways. First of all, this was the same day that I had for the first time ever seen Slaughter live in concert, probably one of the biggest days in my life, to tell the truth. But I was also ill. Very so ill. So I spent the show in the far back, watching Mötley Crüe as small dots in the distance while eating pop-corn wrapped in a blanket together with Michelle. Despite this, it was very good to see the boys again.

2015, June, Sweden Rock. This would be the crimescene once again to see the boys on what was supposed to be their fare well tour. It was really weird, I remember, standing there and knowing that this was going to be the last time I’d ever see them live. The show was perhaps not the best I had ever seen of them, but it was still worth it. And then, then Vince Neil said those few little words: “See you later, Sweden”. And it was revealed they’d come back.

And then enters… well, this monday. When we stood there. In the venue, me, Michelle and Robert. After Alice Coopers show, waiting for Mötley Crüe to start. When the intro started for the last time… when the songs were played through for the last time… It was better. It was better than Mötley Crüe has ever been the last few times, and it was fun. And emotional. “Home Sweet Home” at the end was probably the best but also the worst moment of the entire concert. And before you even knew it, it was over. Gone. Forever.

But this time, I was one of the women in the back, dancing, just like the ones in 2007.

It’s still hard to grasp, that it’s the last time. Last time I ever see these four individuals on stage together. It’s hard to comprehend, but I guess time will heal…

// Sara

One Response to “Live Wire”

  1. You’re so lucky, I’ve only seen them once this year and that’ll probably be the only time. 😦

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