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Powerwolf @ Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany 1/4 – 16

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SO THE D-DAY IS HERE. Seriously, I love Australia and all, but Blessed and Possessed tour is literally what I’ve been going and waiting for the entire time. The Ultimate Enigma was great and all, but how can that beat Powerwolf AND Battle Beast, all in one evening? Nope.

Met up Michelle early in the morning to deliver some stuff for her to take in her luggage to make things a little bit easier on my part when going to Clermont-Ferrand and then we had a, what you could say, fancier breakfast, for once. Found this supercute place down the Kaiserstrasse, “What The Food!” Superdelicious food and superamazing staff. Warmly recommended would you ever need tasty breakfast in Frankfurt city.

With that said, we got to our respective hotels and started to get ourselves ready for the night. Michelle stopped by with some food and that’s when we finally found the time to do the dreaded Vegemite challenge. Seriously, oh my God. Sophie is going down for this one, haha! Gladly, I was smart enough to only take a little bit, while Michelle took quite a lot and almost made herself throw up… Dear lord.

After this, some final touches and then we were finally on the go. We got through the U-Bahn and gladly we found some other Powerwolf fans we could follow. I’ve been to Batschkapp once before, but I remember how disoriented all three of us where, so it felt good that we could take back on some other people. Of course, in the midst of it Michelle is like “What if they are really on their way to a pre-party or something and we’re just following them like some creepy stalkers?”

Thanks, Michelle. Thank you.

We got the line, and it was quite a line already, but hey, what do you expect when you arrive like, half an hour or so before the show starts? We waited in line for some time, I’m not sure if perhaps they were delayed or early with the doors, but they opened 17.52 exactly. I’d know this, because I was trying to calm down a hysteric Madlen on the other side of the phone.

So, we got let in and the first thing we did was to hit the bathroom and once we got out, we went into the venue and went on a quest to find Daniel and Toni. Which wasn’t that hard. You sort of see them. On a lightyears distance. So we went to them to say hi, but wound up staying with them throughout the show. This is also where I’d in fact ‘meet’ Toni for the first time and also Szilvi!

After a little bit of waiting, Serenity entered the stage and started their show.

So, I’m both unfamiliar but also not with Serenity prior to this show. I’m unfamiliar to the music, but I’ve seen a lot of their sponsored ads on Facebook, and after I realized they’d be on tour with Powerwolf I paid a bit more attention, but did not look up any music.

But, DAMN, I liked them. Or like, LIKED THEM. Damn damn damn. So fucking good I barely have any words for it, haha. It’s almost pathetic. They put on a great show and I was determined to get their latest album after the show, that’s for sure.


Next up on the stage was Battle Beast, which is one of the two bands I’d been looking forward to a lot.

So, they got on the stage and opened the show with “Let It Roar” and my god, what a band! And Noora! What a performer! They continued on very strongly with “I Want The World … And Everything In It” and seriously, this band, what a rush! “Out on the Streets” were next before it was time for my personal favorite, “Touch in the Night” Of course not without Daniel so delicately enlighten me about this, due to a discussion we had two days ago. Haha. But seriously, this song live though, what a rush!

“Fight, Kill, Die” and “Black Ninja” were the next songs on the list followed by “Iron Hand” and “Enter The Metal World” before they wrapped it all up with “Out of Control”. The band thanked for the evening and walked off stage.

I’ve already said it once before very recently, but I need to state it again: WHAT A RUSH. Seriously, this band, Noora as a performer, WHAT A RUSH!


After this, the wait for Powerwolf began and at this point I noticed Cyril, my French friend had arrived, holding a position up on the balcony. And with Cyril there’s only one way to greet him – with the face. The Face, as Ashleigh would call it. It was good to see him again!

And then, lights out and Powerwolf started. Intro. Band members entering and then the epic tunes of “Blessed and Possessed” started echoing through the venue with all the lights pointing right onto you, creating probably one of the most beautiful visions in front of you. I’m always going to applaud Powerwolf for their work with the lights.

After one of the most epic openings seen in a long time, “Coleus Sanctus” followed suit, and then “Amen & Attack” Seriously, that song though. Never, ever, fails to disappoint you.

Three songs into the setlist and my heart is already racing with happy emotions and exhaustion. The best feeling in the world, I’m telling you.

“Sacred and Wild” was next, followed by “Army of the Night” which was another jump-fest deluxe. Seriously, if this isn’t the work out of the year, I don’t know what is. “Resurrection by Erection”, my favorite headbang song “Armata Strigoi” and “Dead Until Dark” followed before the mood was turned down a bit for prayer in “Let There Be Night”.


“Werewolves of Armenia” was next on the list, and seriously, this one live is beyond epic. In fact, all of it is, I’m just sort of running out of words to write about this show. “Saturday Satan” was next on the list, followed by “In The Name of God”.

The set was wrapped up with “We Drink Your Blood” and “Lupus Dei” and it was quite epic, I must admit, to see pretty much the entire arena getting down on their knees for the song. For once, you know. Most of the time people just ignore these kind of things.

The band left the stage, and “Agnus Dei” started echoing in the speakers before the band returned and ripped off “Sanctified With Dynamite”. Seriously, what is it with this band and raising your heartrate?

My personal favorite “Kreuzfeuer” followed before they wrapped up the set with “All We Need Is Blood”.

Seriously, what a rush. I was close to wiped out completely after this show, which only means one thing: One hell of a show. Thank you, Powerwolf for this show. It was amazing. I love you.

After the show, we first went to the merchandise to check it out real quickly and caught up with Cyril. And then I see a familiar person. Could it be? YES! It was Madlen. God. I haven’t seen this girl since Noch Ein Bier, and sure, it may only be like, what, nine months? But nine months is A LOT. I told her that “see, you made it!” which she responded “yeah, to the last song!” Haha. Well… She made it! Oh, this will be a lot of fun.

We hung out quite a while after show, before it was time for all of us to head to our own destinations. Madlen was kind enough to drive us home to our hotels, and we avoided speaking about how early we’d need to get up the next morning, but then again, it’s easy when it is for bands, right?

Thank you all involved for this amazing night – you are the best people in the world. I love you all.

// Sara

SlipKnot @ Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 20/1-16

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When we woke up in the morning, quite early, receiving a message from Robert that he’d left his residence in Stockholm towards Gothenburg, we simply laid there and didn’t really feel like going up. But you know, out of all the days I’ve used “XIX” to get myself to do shit, I guess this was the day it fit better than ever seeing we were going to see SlipKnot. “But I have to – so it might as well be today”. We still overslept a bit, but a little bit before noon we were on our way to Gothenburg and the second and sadly last date on this tour for us.

It was quite a nice ride. We put on some stupid old 90’s music, that isn’t really 90’s music, but people refer to it as, and discussing future plans that won’t probably ever happen, stopping by McDonalds in Säffle on our way down. It was a smooth ride until we reached Gothenburg and learned there had been a huge accident right on the road we were supposed to go, but gladly, we took the wrong turn and managed to dodge it all by a breath. We got to Focus, painted on our faces and then we went down to Scandinavium.

Robert had already left for the meet & greet once we made it, and when we got there we got numbers on our hands for the queueing system and then… we stood there. SlipKnot has this weird habit of always coming in the winter, and we always have the habit of being underdressed. Or actually, that is on purpose because I don’t wanna deal with the whole wardrobe thing. But it’s not so fun when it’s like -15 degrees or whatever.


While waiting in line, there was this one guy who kept walking off and about, in and out of the line before he remained behind us in line. I observed him for a while, stared at him, narrowed my eyes to my fox-face and then I took a turn around Michelle and asked him if he was here alone. For the moment he was, but his friends were about to come. And this is the story on how we met an amazing person called Fritiof. Thanks to us starting to talk to him the hours passed by very quickly, and he held our spots while we got some hot chocolate to warm up. After a while his friends Sebastian, My and Jesper joined us as well and we had a hella good time before they let us in.

So.. at the gates I learned I may not be able to take my wallet-chain in. And the security must be a joke, because I asked him what the hell this was about, and he said “it’s new rules, all over the world!” so I made a snide comment about this not being the rules in Finland, in which he responded “But that’s Finland..” and I thought to myself, but hey, you said the world?! Isn’t Finland included? FOOL! Anyway, they let me in with the chain regardless, but I think they’ll want to have better information on what you can and cannot bring.

We went right into the venue and saw that all front rows were taken, but we figured we’d say hi to Robert at least. Then we met up with our newely-found friends, but we said good bye because we wanted to look at the merchandise and then we got popcorn and drinks and went back to our new friends and spent what must have been the most pleasurable wait for Suicidal Tendencies, which began right on time at 19.30.


I must admit, I was feeling it a bit more this time around. Maybe it is because I already saw them once and therefore were a little bit more familiar, or if it simply was because they seemed to be in a better mood, I don’t know. They still delivered a good set, and the crowd was feeling it as well. There were even a couple of wall of death’s in the midst of everything! Says a lot I guess.


After this, the wait for SlipKnot began which also went by very quickly. Due to the amount of moshpits and wall of deaths that had occurred already during Suicidal, we decided, Michelle and I, that we’d head back a bit in the venue like we did last year in order to not be stuck like packed fish. So once “Be Prepared for Hell” began, we head off backwards.

They opened up strongly with “The Negative One” and seriously. This is one of the best songs they have, I shit you not. Once this songs comes on it’s like I’m electrified right through the body. The build up, the heaviness… Seriously this song. I’m so happy it’s back in the set, but also a bit bummed that it’s the first track! When not being taken so much by surprise, I enjoyed it more as an opener!

“Disasterpiece” was the next song on the list and it was just as powerful as in Helsinki. The one major different thing is the crowd. The crowd was like… so much better than in Helsinki. No offence my amazing finnish friends, but seriously, it wasn’t… quite the same.

“Eyeless” and “Skeptic” – my two lovebirds on this tour was next on the list. Seriously, I’ve been so lucky with getting “Eyeless”.  “I am Hated” followed by the ever so melancholic “Killpop”. But seriously… the venue… hearing the crowd… it gave me chills. Hearing the crowd do the chorus of “Killpop”… seriously, the chills!

By the way. I don’t remember exactly where in the set this happened, but today was no other than Sid Wilsons birthday! So we all got together and sang Happy Birthday to him while he was running around on stage doing his thing. He’s seriously my spirit animal, and exactly the kind of show-person I strive to be, would I ever be on stage.


“Dead Memories” again, it’s good you know, makes up for Michelle missing out on it last year. “Everything Ends” followed by “Psychosocial” my lord, what a rush! I don’t understand what was different – perhaps the band was in a better spirit, or perhaps it was the crowd, but something just simply made it so much better.

And then there’s “Wait and Bleed”. Now look – “Wait and Bleed” was actually cool already in Helsinki… but in Gothenburg. With this crowd… Oh my fucking God man, as Corey Taylor would put it. I’m amazed the roof is still on top of Scandinavium. It was followed by “Duality” which got the same treatment from the crowd.

“The Devil in I”, “Metabolic” and “(sic)” wrapped up this amazing set before the band left the stage and that Going to Hell dance-y hippity hoppity song came on which made pretty much everyone around us dancing and bouncing around.

The band came back on stage and started off with “Surfacing”. Ahh, the arena went wild. “Left Behind” was ripped off before the last, and the best part, of the entire show started “Spit it Out”.

Seriously, I am not lying to you when I tell you this – “Spit it Out” is my favorite part of the entire SlipKnot show, and I think you all know exactly what part I’m referring to. Seriously, you just feel the blood pump in your veins when you are sitting there and Corey is going down the verse before everyone in the arena just explodes all on the same time when the chorus hits off… And of course, this would be better if everyone actually sat down. Fucking hell, I don’t get people some times.

After this, the band said good night and left the stage for good. And with that said, the tour was officially over.


We reconnected with Robert after the show, also said hi to Janie again which we had met earlier in the day before going to pick up our car. Focus closes at midnight, and we figured it’d be better if we moved it outside just in case. Robert drove us there, and when we got back to the parking lot I found this weird little muffin staring at me through the window of the door next to us. Seriously, Robert is that kind of weirdo we really need in our life.


We went to McDonalds where we met up with our newely-found’s and sat down for a late night snack talking about music, life, everything, and Robert went over how the meet & greet had gone down and showed us his signed leg.


One by one did out company start to drop out, and about half past midnight we also decided to start going home. It was insanely cold outside for someone so lightly dressed as me, and then began our ride home.

This was an amazing night. I’ve said this many times before, but seriously. I love the bands I have in my life, and I love the people I get to meet and have in my life thanks to these bands. Thank you SlipKnot for everything, thanks Fritiof, My, Jesper and Sebastian for the company and to Michelle and Robert. I love you all.

// Sara


SlipKnot @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland 18/1 -16

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January 18th marked the first concert of the year, and it would be by no other band than SlipKnot. Ironically – Amaranthe was the first concert of the year last year, and it was only a by a breathe that Amaranthe didn’t become first gig this year. Hadn’t Amaranthe been first last year, SlipKnot would have been first. Isn’t it fun how faith works sometimes?

We woke up… way too late. Like, I don’t even fucking know what went wrong. We were supposed to go up around 12, seeing we came so late in with the flight that we got to bed really late and all of that. Despite this, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and headed out. We had planned to make a quick visit to Music Hunter to look for some hard found Epica albums. Despite being a recordstore that is filled from floor to roof with CD’s, those two albums were nowhere to be found. What a shame.


We got back, picked up pizza at the pizzeria next to the hotel and started getting ready for the show. Called a taxi just to be sure to get there in time and all of that, and despite this, because of trafficjams, we didn’t get there and registered exactly two minutes before closing time. So, we got in, rushed to the cloakroom to leave our jackets and were then rushed to the room the meet&greet was going to happen.


We stood in a little half circle around the hostess told us a bit about how this meet&greet would go down. We’d first take the picture with the band, since most, if not all, of them would attend, and afterwards we’d get our stuff signed. I thought to myself, sounds good, after all, this is how Lordi used to do it back in the days. So she asked us to form a line, and Michelle and I wound up first in line. Since I won’t really accept at all being first in line, haha, we moved ourselves backwards in the line. I’ve met many bands throughout the years, but I’ll always be a bit scared the first time around with a new band.

So, then, the band arrived, and to my surprise there were eight people joining us today. Corey, Clown, Alex, Jim, Sid, Jay, Chris and Mick. Our meet and greet had originally said only 3-4 would appear, so I guess this was an upgrade!

So the line moved on pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was our turn. Unlike the rest of the people we decided to go together, because why the hell not? And also, timesaving. Once we came up there about half the band cheered at the fact we were two, and Jim made some comments about two girls and one Corey. It was a fairly quick little session and then we got back in line for the signing.


For the signing, they actually lined up, sort of like a table, like an actual signing session. Fast than you’d think we were already at the start, with Corey being first. Jim second. Clown third, and Sid fourth.

Sid was the only one of the members in SlipKnot I actually gathered up the courage to actually talk to. While Jim and I shared a laugh about something, Sid was the only one I dared to say something to. And do things to, all in all. I had barely looked at the other members, but with Sid I even leaned in and focused real hard in order to see through his sunglasses and meet his eyes. Sid is “my man” you see, he’s the one in SlipKnot if we say so. However, the only thing I actually said to him was that I liked his Mickey Mouse pants. He told me Mickey was cool. That was cool.

It was followed by Alex, Mick, Jay and Chris. See, I always had a bit of a problem with Jay, because of the impression I got of him from online, so imagine my surprise when he turned out to be extremely friendly. Alex was too, but that was no surprise really.


After all was said and done, the band left the scene and we were allowed to go and leave our signed stuff in the cloakroom. Oh, right! The ‘special tour gifts’ was a lighter and a poster. I must admit I thought it’d be something different, but you know. I won’t complain!

We were taken down undergrounds to some secret entrance to the venue, where we were let in before everyone else together with the people who had early entrance tickets. Despite the entry and everything being a bit delayed, I was surprised to see Suicidal Tendencies entering the stage exactly at 20 sharp.

So, I haven’t really listened a lot to Suicidal Tendencies prior to this gig, and I never had a very good impression of them, and well… It didn’t really change either. The band was absolutely fine and delivered very well on stage, but this really isn’t my kind of music. It’s something about that style that just doesn’t work for me. BUT, they did a good job warming up!


After this, the wait for SlipKnot began. And it was held pretty short. Of course, not without making jokes about how early Korpiklaani would go on stage, but still. About a minute late, “Prepare For Hell” started, and the band came out and opened with “The Negative One”.

Well… That’s a first I guess. That surprised me, like, so much. I was very happy, that “The Negative One” was back since I thought it was a big mistake not including it at Graspop, but I had really thought “Sarchastrophe” would be the opener. They continued on with “Disasterpieces”… and sadly… the arena… Damn. At least on our side, it was fucking dead man. I don’t even get it. Why do you get front row if you are just going to.. stand there? Oh well. “Eyeless”, my personal favorite was next in line before something… almost magic happened.

They played “Skeptic”.

This marks one more song I always wanted to hear live from “The Grey Chapter” that finally happened. Fuck… that was magic. Corey Taylor spoke a bit about it being 15 years since “Iowa” was released, and then they continued the set with “I Am Hated”.


The tour this time was very scaled down. On “Prepare for Hell” tour, they had this big goat head in the background, fire and pyrotechnics until no end. But not this time. A normal television screen, sort of, playing various videos and backdrops and some lightbulbs here and there. And that’s it.

Next on the list was “Killpop” and I was as happy as ever to hear this beautiful piece of music again, and it all went so atmospheric. Blue and purple lights, toned down… It was magical.

And then… a big moment for Michelle to say the least, when the tones to “Dead Memories” started. I shit you not, she got completely silent. It was truly her night, song wise.


“Dead Memories” was followed by “Everything Ends” which was strongly followed by “Psychosocial” and “Wait And Bleed”. Despite these two songs, the crowd, at least on our side, was still dead as hell. “Duality” and “The Devil in I” continued the set, followed by “Before I Forget” and then… this special little thing happened.


“Metabolic” FUCKING HAPPENED. Who would have fucking thought? Need I tell you all how insane we went? Oh god. What a rush it was! They wrapped up the set with “(sic)” before they left the stage.

An interesting little song started, it was like, a folksong about going to hell, and the members came back on stage. They blew off “Surfacing” and “Left Behind” before, what for me is the best moment of an entire SlipKnot show – “Spit it Out”.


Seriously. There is something truly special about the whole “sit the fuck down” moment, and this would be the first time I did it in the front row. I must admit, it was fucking tight to sit down, but the guy behind me and I managed to sort it out so that he sat around me, almost having me in this lap and then he could have his arms around me on the fence as well. And you know… how it’s pumping. How it builds up. And then how you all JUMP THE FUCK UP!

I thought it’d fuck up our spots, but it didn’t!

With that being said, the band thanked for the night and left the stage.

It was a really good show, they had great energy and I enjoyed seeing them so much. But on the same time… there was something lacking. Like, “Custer” for instance. And “People=Shit”. But most importantly… it felt so… intimate. Being so close to them… and the show being so scaled down… it almost felt like seeing them in a small club environment. It was… pretty sweet in a way. A band you consider an arena band, a band you have usually seen in a distance, now seemed to intimate, and so close… so… reachable.

And that is what made it all so worth it. I love this band so much.


Right after, we hit the merchstand to pick up a tourshirt, and then we hooked up with one of the people from the Meet&greet, and then got home.


This has, despite some mishaps, been one of the most amazing days in my life. I really needed this right now. Thank you SlipKnot, Live Nation and Michelle for this amazing day.

// Sara



Nightwish @ Annexet, Stockholm 15/11 -15

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So the start of the mini-weekend was here. It’s sort of a reversed weekend. Usually a “weekend” stretches form Friday to Sunday, but in this case it’ll be from Sunday ’til Tuesday, starting off with Nightwish.

I began the entire morning by oversleeping, but gladly I made it to the bus with a breath. I slept most of the trip over here to Stockholm, and right after we arrived we sat down to have something to eat before getting to the hotel.

Once at the hotel we mostly just… rested. Slowly starting to get ready. I had planned this really cool outfit, but since the weather (rain) was working against us, I wasn’t really feeling it so plain pants and Amaranthe t-shirt it was. We started to slowly head over to the arena where we faced the queue from hell. I mean sure, we are “late” and we didn’t plan on getting any sooner, but we barely found an end to it! But once the queue moving, it went pretty fast actually. Before we knew it we had queued for 30 minutes, but it felt like ten. Good on you, Fryshuset!

We got into the venue and chose sidespots. We figured we might as well. I’m also going to take the time here to tell you all that it won’t really be that much of a review, seeing I’m fairly new to both these bands. While waiting for Amorphis to begin, I spotted a familiar face. It was Daniel, a friend of mine from home that I had completely forgotten was actually into Nightwish. So random to run into him.

Anyway. Right on time, 19.30, Amorphis entered the stage. They put on a good show with a lot of energy. The crowd… Well I guess they could have better reception than this, but hey, they didn’t boo, so I guess that’s a plus. I really liked it though, so I guess I’ll just add a few more million albums on my albums – to -get list.


After this, the fairly short wait for Nightwish began. We barely managed to finish our drinks before the arena went dark again and the intro started.

And I can tell you this. It opened with a bam. Pyros, narrative voice and “Shudder Before The Beautiful” kicked off the evening, and the reception from the crowd was amazing. You could tell they had been waiting for this.

And this is how the entire night continued on. The show was one big narrative, from start to end. It was almost like all of the songs belonged together in one way or another, and how it could go from upbeat almost happy rhythms to melancholic speeches and songs.


Usually, when I’m at a show with a band I’m not all too familiar with, I usually get bored easily. And I really thought this was going to be the case today too, but oh boy was I wrong. I was entertained from the first moment and all the way… about an hour and a half in. I was a little taken aback by the lenght of it, I wasn’t expecting that. And on top of that, I think this has to be the most abrupt ending since Noch Ein Bier where Civil War had to leave. They played the last song, and all of a sudden it was just over, after two hours. And I was like… ok? What happened? Oh well.

Regardless – this was a night of musical enigma, a show without being a show, if you know what I mean? Arrangements beyond this world, accompanied with pyros and fireworks in all the right places. Not that you need them THAT much when you have Floor. What a frontwoman. Love her.

Anyway. The show was over, and first of all we reunited a quickie with Daniel before getting back a bit to wait for people to leave. We weren’t exactly in a hurry, so we figured we’d wait out the worst. Eventually, we got out and hit up this cute little 24/7 fast food place… which turned out to be a nightmare.

First of all, the staff seemed really stressed and then… we had to wait some time for the food. I ordered first, a kebab roll, Michelle second – a plate of fries, and Linette last – some sort of roll as well. After about 5-7 minutes, Linette gets her food. After 15 minutes, I get my food. And Michelle – who had nothing but a plate of fries, had to wait 20 minutes. And I guess this wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t for the fact people who ordered after us got their shit first… Oh boy.

And on top of that, there was also an extremely rude and intimidating guest there, saying he was going to bomb that and that and swore and threw around the furniture. God, I can’t stand people like that.

After this, we parted ways with Linette and headed back to the hotel room. Tomorrow it’s time to say good bye (we guess) to Mötley Crüe. Feelings are still mixed.

// Sara