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Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 4

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THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The girls made it to Lichtenfels and the hotel, and are now heading for the arena!

So yeah. Finally here, Stadthalle, Lichtenfels. Seriously, we’ve been planning this trip since like, May or something. And now we were here. Outside the arena… and then we entered. I mean… why the hell not. And I was expeceting this huge ass securitycheck and I was so certain we would barely be let in considering we had alotta shoes with us and all you know. But actually, no security at all!

And then.. the confusion! We were like, okay, there have to be a wardrobe. But we didn’t find it immidiatley, and it was like okay. I mean, we saw signs, but our lack in language made us like OK WTF. And the thing was, we asked a salesman (yes, they had this small cute market, a miniature of Sweden Rocks) where the wardrobe were, and he said it was upstairs, but there was nothing upstairs, so we figured we’d try out different doors. And you know what.

We end up backstage. More precisely, outside Sepultura and Exodus dressingrooms. We were like… WTF. This only happens to us, right? Either way, a roadie came and we asked if he knew where the wardrobe were, and he said next door, so we went out again, and tried it. AND THERE, we found the wardrobe! Apparently they had this platform above the whole audience were you could stand or sit during the show, so we turned in our bags and all and then just stood on the balcony looking at all the people beneath us, like a boss. We located the Lordifans, as we saw Anthas vest and went down to say hi to them.

And I love meeting up with Antha. First we freeze. Then we scream. Like fangirls. Then we, if possible, run to each other and hug each other for a while. And of course we did it today too, what else? Fucking love them. Alexander was there too, so I got to introduce Martine, Paula, Michelle and Cecilie to them finally! We also found Anushka amongst the people, and we saw Argo and waved to him, as he were… in a situation. No really, he was just holding his spot, which was a bit away from where we were.

Heathen were currently playing as we got in, and right after them it was time for the first band I wanted to see, Lizzy Borden. And OK, thing is, we were supposed to interview Otus for a project, and Otus had told us we should look for Rikk and he’d give us passes. But did we find Rikk? And how the hell were we – it’s not like we had his phonenumber or anything. So we simply went up to the Sepultura dressingroom again, and asked them for Rikk.

They told us Lordi was in the other building, so we went there, and we met this real cranky guard. Ok – I’m not gonna be blueeyed, I KNOW alotta people do that trick just to get backstage, but we actually just asked him to ask someone to go look for Rikk. After a bit cursing, we actually got a hold of Rikks number, and on the same time, we learned, he wasn’t even present at the arena! HOW GREAT IS THAT.

Not at all. So we tried call him, and he didn’t pick up, actually, he might… By the way, do you guys even know who Rikk is? Maybe not, but Rikk is Lordis tourmanager. Tall guy. REAL tall guy. Yeah, well, he didn’t answer so we were like… Ok fuck that, Lizzy Borden is up!

So we went to Lizzy Borden and… I LOVE LIZZY BORDEN!! Seriously, I’ve seen them live three times now, and sure, I may not really know their songs like a hardcore fan, but FUCK how I love their music and their shows! This is one of the bands that I’ve started to enjoy as I saw, and see, them live. They changed the theatrics a bit since I saw them on Stockholm Rock Out, so instead of “cutting” his arms with “razors” he brought a fucking axe and “cut” his tounge! INSANE!

But just as we enjoyed Lizzy Borden… As I always do, I look on the crowds. And up on the balcony. And when I reached the balcony… I saw someone I recognized. Someone special. Someone we needed to talk to. So I grabbed Martine, asked Paula to stay and watch our spots.

So who was this guy? Actually… I’m not gonna tell you exactly who it was. The people who was there knows who it was, but it was someone from the Lordi camp, I can tell you that much. So Martine and I went up there and asked him about the Otus situation, and he told us he would check it up and asked us to stay close to the wardrobe area. With that solved, we just pretty much got back to our regular positions. Or almost, Martine, Michelle and Cecilie stayed upstairs as I ran down to Paula again and updating her on the situation, and rocking out to the last Lizzy Borden songs. And yeah well… As Lizzy Borden resigned from stage both me and Paula was supposed to go upstairs and join the rest of the girls, but we took a bigger way around passing the bathrooms, and as we did so, we ran into Anushka again! Whom had gotten a good share of Mr Bordens blood all over her face…. hahaha!

So yes… The sad part is, not much happened here from. Or haha, thats a freaking lie. ALOT happened. First of all, Destruction got on and for the first time in my life, as you know, I’m not the biggest fan of heavy heavy metal, so for the first time in my life, I got to see an actual and real mosh pit LIVE! During Destruction I believe! Well… Paula and Michelle went to grab something to eat, remaining us three only. What did we do? Well, we started our own minimoshpit. It was only me and Martine in it, but apparently a few guys tried to join, sadly, we gave up pretty quickly so they never managed to do so…

Michelle and Paula came back, Anvil got on stage, we enjoyed them… getting slightly pissed that we hadn’t heard anything from the Lordicamp just yet, but it was okay. Exodus was entering after Anvil and as they did so, Martine, Cecilie and Paula decided they wanted to go downstairs to watch them for real and I think even Martine engaged in the real moshpits, it’s possible she did during Destruction… no. It must have been during Exodus. Michelle and I, as the swedish pagans we are, remained at the spot, when I guy came and asked me if I wanted to have a beer with them.

This is something I don’t understand. I said that I’d love to, but that I was waiting for someone I couldn’t leave. So they asked me who I was waiting for, and I said I was waiting for Lordi. And then he gave me the weirdest look ever and then was like “Why are you waiting for Lordi?” with a voice so full of despise it almost pissed me off. I said it was for work, and then he asked me what my favourite band was, and naturally, I said it was Lordi, since you know, it is! And then he looked at me again and was like “Why?” Well… just because!
And the thing I don’t get here is – why do people judge others by the bands they listen to, or like “how can you like that band?” – WELL. Let me like the bands I want, and then you can like the bands you like. Okay? Good, glad we settled that one.

And actually, we got a nice visit from the always so lovley germans (Antha & Alex) too! Loved it! They had these amazing Finland hats, and I even got to try on Alexanders. It was too bit though…

I told Michelle as Exodus went on stage, having only Sepultura before and then Lordi, I was giving up waiting for Lordi. At this point we had been waiting about five hours, and we figured that we could always keep an eye up there, in case, but that we would go down. So as, when we thought, Exodus was gonna end we went down to the… you know, main area. As the concert was finnished we walked towards the herd, moshing ourselves, like the Swedish pagans we are, to the… almost front row. Catching up with Paula again, finding good spots to watch Sepultura from.

I have been told, afterwards, that my friends…. apparently…. yelled…. “HammerFall SUCKS!” after Exodus was done…. What… the…. hell. They… you know. Are supposed to be my best friends. And then they do this. I’m like, WHAT THE FUCK. FUUUUU.

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 3

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THIS HAS HAPPENED: We had lunch with Exodus on the airport, and after a long but fun trainride, we are finally in Lichtenfels!

We had to stop for a moment. We were here. We’ve planned this trip since like, May. And now we were here. In Lichtenfels. We started our walk to the hotel, and as we reached the roadcrossing thing, we saw a poster. The first thing that greeted us, obviously we had to take a picture with it. We found a map over the town, and as we figured out the way and started to walk the empty streets of Lichtenfels, we, or at least I, but I guess the other ones felt it too, like they were the queens of the world. Like, WE OWN THE FUCKING TOWN. It would later show we did, but we take that another time.

I must say, it was the cutest little village I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen alot really. As we walked during the, now christmas decorated town… I felt not only like a queen, but happy too. We asked a friendly citizen for the last roadquestions and soon we found it. Markt 17. The hotel that was gonna be our home for the next days. We opened the door, and the only thing behind it was stairs.

We were like, Okay, what the fuck. And it wasn’t short stairs, it was long. We didn’t find a reception either, so we carried out luggage upstairs, one floor, and left all the luggage there and then went into the restaurant where we found the manager, and his assistant I guess. They were so kind, and they even gave us the room a little cheaper! And gladly, it turned out, we had gotten the rooms where we had carried our luggage! So we didn’t have to take it anywhere else. And the rooms… DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED! This is the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen, and you know, this hotel was cheaper than Hotel Micro in Sweden, and it was so… Luxuary! Gigantic bathroom and bed and TV and gigantic rooms! I LOVED IT! It was a moment of this when you never want to leave the hotelroom.

We settled in the rooms, Paula and Cecilie in one room and Michelle, me and Martine in one room. We all unpacked and changed into pyjamas before we all gathered in our room, opening all the snacks we had brought, put on some good music, bring up the videocamera and just fucking chill you know. It was so awesome I don’t even… We had such a good time, and it was qutie early too, only around 11pm you know. Normally this would happen, 2am or something. But we decided after a while to go to bed pretty early, considering the big day we had ahead of us.


So. We woke up at 9 – 9.30, having breakfast together on the bed. Texted a bit with Argo about the current situation at the arena, was nice to be updated! For breakfast, we had brought food from home, bread, butter, water/cola… you imagine! Anything! And after that… the preparations began. Preparations for the gig, I mean, sure, we are not like other girls, but we ARE girls and need time to get ready! I was getting in my PVC outfit, Martine was getting into her Rock Police outfit, Michelle was fixing her hair, Cecilie and Paula got all heavy metal. Eventually, after like, two hours, we were finally ready to hit the streets.

So, then the journey to the arena began. We decided to bring a pair of extra shoes for all us highheeled people so it must have looked pretty funny with our handluggage, haha! BUT… on our way to the arena, when we managed to take a too long way… we saw it.

The legendary place. Paunchy Cats Inn Bar. It’s like I wrote on Facebook, maybe it’s only Sister fans who understand why this is so epic… but yes. Paunchy Fucking Cats. Paula and I are hitting Paunchy Cats next year, but just seeing it made us all fangirl. And that it had a Crashdiet poster on it right now just made it even better!

We kept walking, singing a little, swearing over the fact we could have chosen a shorter route, but eventually… we found it. A giant parkinglot with cars decorated with their owners favourite bands logo, metalheads blasting music from their cars, drinking beer, prepartying, fixing. We found it. Stadthalle.

“Thats where I’m meeting all my friends, six hours before the concert begins, gonna drink some beer and smoke some pot, in the Heavy Metal Parking Lot”

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 2

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THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The Fantastic Five have reached Frankfurt with smaller difficulties and mishappenings, and are now heading to eat, as they realize, there is a band!

Yes. A band. We were standing there just like oh my god, a band. We didn’t really see anyone we recognized, and how could we with all the roadies and all, so we figured we would just walk in, sit down, and have lunch. But we didn’t get long, until the bands sitting there stopped us and asked what band we played in.

We all were like, what? What band WE play in? Martine tried to convince them that we didn’t play in any band, but after a while she gave up and said we played in a band called GroupieBFF’s, haha, which is kinda what we call our group from now on! We either way, sat down and had lunch until Cecilie finally got up and had the guts to ask them what band they were in.

Exodus and Heathen. Oh dear, I never forget Martines face when she heard it. It was kinda.. intense. Randomly, at Frankfurt Airport, we are having lunch with Exodus and Heathen. Would you know. But sadly, the excitement didn’t last long, as Exodus guitarist Gary Holt stands up, smiles to his bandmates, and yells pretty loudly (apparently they had a discussion about something) but what he said loudly…

“Because HammerFall….. SUCKS!”

At first I choked. Then I just yelled MEN NEEEEEJ (yes, in Swedish!). Who. The. Fuck. Does. He. Think. He. Is. Sure, he is the guitarist in Exodus, and played with Slayer and all… BUT STILL. YOU DO NOT SAY, HAMMERFALL SUCKS, WHEN I’M AROUND! As Michelle would say, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!

Either way, after a while they left, and we left… or no, we didn’t. We still had around five or four hours before our train was supposed to departure, so we sat there for a while… then we relocated on a chilly bench having a nap for an hour or so, before we, finally, could get downstairs, get the norwegians their tickets and get on that damn train to Lichtenfels. But seriously – it’s at times like this time never moves fast enough. While waiting for the train at the station Cecilie also taught me how to shuffle, so yeah, now I know that!

Eventually the train did come, and it was like.. INSANE. It was so small and all seats were like taken, and after a while a few seats got free, as we hit Frankfurt Mainstation, so me and Michelle got a seat finally, and…. HAHA, the horror! My bag was extremly heavy, because of the camerastand and the colabottles, and well yeah, all other stuff, and then we got this crazy idea that we should put that one on those shelves over the seats. OH DEAR LORD. I thought we were gonna kill someone, but Cecilie and a friendly german made it happen, without anyone being injuried!

And yes, we got seats, however, they were reserved, and Martine was sitting in someones spot but he was kind, we thought, and said Martine could sit there until he had to get a seat. But thing is, he kept staring at her like crazy, as if he were pissed at her! Sooner or later we did hit Würzburg eventually, and then we had the horror taking down the bag again… but no one was hurt!

In Würzburg we had a 30 minutes change, which was well needed! For the first, the first train were a little delayed, and for the second it took us a little while to locate the train, but as we did, we realized it was on the platform already! AND BEST OF ALL – the train was EMPTY! Or okay, there was one old lady on it, but apart from that, it was empty! So we gladly, and slowly, got on the train, put away or luggage and sit down together at a four person table and having the fifth person sittin gon the fourtable next to us.

The trainride was insane. Since we were now FINALLY on the last route to Lichtenfels, we kinda chilled down and relaxed and just… enjoyed the ride. We planned what we were gonna do, talked girly talk and… scared the hell outta the germans apparently. We had this real angry german in the seat behind us, not angry at us, he was yelling at someone on the phone, and all of a sudden both me and Martine burst out in a “DET FINNS INGET SKROT, ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER!” (Mulle Meck)… AND ALL THE TRAIN SHUT UP!  Even the angry german just, shut up! And worst part? The train was silent for the rest of the trip as well! I also managed to say “I said a glass of juice, not gas the jews” pretty loudly, just to realize, maybe not in Germany…

As time went on, we got closer and closer to our last goal, and being unsure if we missed out station, we asked a friendly german if this station was Lichtenfels, and he informed us that the next one was. We pulled down our luggage and the speaker said “Näschte, Lichtenfels“. The train stopped, we clumsly got off the train and then stopped.

We were here. We finally made it. Lichtenfels.

// Sara


Christmas Metal Meeting part 1

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Alrite, now it’s time for me to pour out the story! I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I know I’ll divide it ALOT to get it more readable.

The epicness pretty much began just as Michelle arrived to Karlstad, or as we arrived to pick her up, since we pretty instantly went to pick up Paula, and at the busstation we also managed to meet up for a shortie with Maria! When Paula arrived with her bus we ambushed her with the vidoecamera, the videocamera that have documented EVERYTHING outside the arena haha, oh the madness! We hit off for some last minute shopping before heading home for the last preparations.

Once at home the madness started already here. Me and Paula sort of invented some kind of weirdscaryinsane kind of laughter that made Michelle extremly suspicious. Suspicious Michelle shall remain suspicious! She worked a bit on her mask before we finally threw out all the luggage, which were a lot, and headed down town!

So yeah… Well, we had a nice busride I suppose. Of course it kinda snapped – three crazy maniacs in the back of a bus? And on top of that, watching the norwegian parodydub of Pocahontas? Yeah – SNAPPED. But sooner or later we did eventually fall asleep actually, and when we woke up – it was 4.30, and we had arrived to Arlanda. Seriously, Arlanda feels like my second home right now… Feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Either way, the first thing we did was to hit bathrooms and then… you know, or, Nikola knows, that I have a thing for floors. Trainfloors, airportfloors, bathroomfloors… you name it! So of course, we were having our breakfast on the infamour floor! But this time we actually turned it up a notch, and I had brought a pink lepard blanket! Suck on that one!

Well, then the chase began. Our flight, if I remember correctly, wouldn’t leave until 9 something, so we just wandered the place, picked up a few bottles of cola and water until we could FINALLY board our plane!  The planeride were fine, I guess, I kinda slept through all of it. Fun trivia is that the norwegians were gonna get there a few hours later than us, so we figured “There is no rush for us to get off the plane”, so we just sat there and waited, and all of a sudden we were the last ones standing, AS WELL as the others were waiting for us. OOPS. Oh well, it’s not like they died.

So, we picked up our luggage and went out in the lounge and looked up a restaurant we would eat in… oh the arrival! When we walked out of the arrival doors, we were greeted by probably 20-30 albanian people cheering, singing, screaming, videotaping, taking pictures with flags and flowers and what not! We were like what the hell, and then we realized that apparently an albanian family/tribe were moving there, arriving the same time as we. And we walked around for an hour, and when we crossed the point again, they were still there! This kinda inspired us.

 After this, after looking up the restaurant, the waiting began. It was still an hour or so until the norwegians would arrive, and seriously, time has never went as slow as it did at that point! But after a while, we could finally see the Oslo flight as landed, and we got ready at the arrival section. Like I said, we were inspired by the albanians, and figured we would do the same thing to Martine and Cecilie! HAHA, imagine how ridiculous it turned out as Martine and Cecilie MISSED the luggage collection and came out another way! We were like, hello, where is your luggage, and they were like OH MY GOD OUR LUGGAGE IS GONE and then they managed to get back in to get their stuff.

After this, we went to the bathrooms and then, we headed to the restaurant.

The first thing we see, is a LARGE group of hardrockers. SWEET! Hopefully they were heading for Lichtenfels!
Next thing we notice is the luggage.

I turned to the girls and said. “This is a band.”

// Sara