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Our leader’s heart is made of gold

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So, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that just mere two days ago, I was in Frankfurt, Germany enjoying six amazing live shows. Serious Black, Orden Ogan, HammerFall, SinHeresY, Palace and Lordi.

And not only that. But this could possibly the best trip that I have ever done. That I have ever been on. Together with my two best, and most pathetic I might add, friends, going to the scared land of Metal (yes, Germany is because you guys get all the concerts!) to catch some of the best bands in the entire world live.

I still can’t comprehend what happened during HammerFall – how Stefan literally locked eyes with me, stuck with me for the majority of the gig and made sure I got a pick after the show. Like, since when did this happen? Or Serious Black, where do I even begin with these amazing people? Down to earth friendly kind of people. People are seriously missing out on something fantastic.

And then we have the monstars. The best band in this world, that award will always go to Lordi. I don’t want to know how much money I have spent on this band, but I sure as hell know that it’s worth it. It’s worth it, for everytime we’re there and raising our Swedish flag with pride, most certainly during “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Would You Love A Monsterman” because yes, we would love a monster. Or would, we do.

Some people don’t get it. Why we do it. Who the hell travels to Frankfurt, to catch the opening act of a show? Who travels to Frankfurt to see some stupid Eurovision band? Well. I can only say one thing.

Passion. It’s the passion for music, the love for music that drives us. The long days outside the venues, despite the minus degrees. It’s the moments when a bunch of Lordi fans stands together in a pile to keep warm, it’s the moment when you sit outside the doors at Neue Stadthalle and people ask you if you are really there all the way from Sweden.

It’s about the adrenaline rush that hits you when the doors open and it’s a game of life and death to hit the first row. It’s about the moment when Mana hits the drums after the keyboard to set off “Blood Red Sandman”. It’s the moments when you are all there singing “Ooooh Ooooh Ohhh HAMMERFALL!”. When you come home and see that the amazing people you met want to stay in touch with you.

And you know everything was worth it, when you get home and find these kind of messages waiting for you.


Our leader’s heart is made of gold. It sure as hell is.

I can’t wait to get on the road again. I seriously can’t.

// Sara

“It takes like pop and rap to keep these labels going because those are the only people that are buying records anymore.”

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I have already written about this on my personal Facebook page, but I’m going to bring it up here as well, but more evolved.

The quote in the title is a quote by no other than Jim Root to MorningCall magazine he made recently, and the quote had me stunned for several minutes and then it had me almost burning up.

Since when, SINCE WHEN, do metal heads not buy records?

On the contrary – Metalheads are precisely the people who still buy records. I remember an article from a few years back about a girl opening a recordstore selling metal music with the reason “Metalheads will always buy records”. When I go to Sweden Rock, there’ll be a record tent around every corner. I have yet to see this phenomenon at a mix-festival, because Peace&Love sure as hell did not have it. Why? Probably because the average pop and rap fans are NOT as likely to buy records. I personally have yet to meet a person outside the metal community that is as passionate and and true to their genre. Metalheads are collectors. They won’t batch an eye about getting all your various deluxe and special and collectors edition of your CD’s.

Sure – let’s talk about it quickly. There are plenty of metal heads who download illegally (why?) and there are metal heads who use Spotify more than CD’s for some reason, of course, and there are rap and pop people who are the same as metal heads – but you cannot deny that metal heads are one of a kind when it comes to dedication.

Perhaps what Jim Root meant to say was “Rap and pop are what is sold better commercially”. That, on the other hand is a whole new story. Pop and rap are generally more popular, and thus selling more albums. The problem is rather that he’s comparing his band to artists that are way, WAY ahead of them popularity wise. Lady Gaga has no problems selling out Ericsson Globe, and SlipKnot has yet to sell out Hovet. Metal as a sub genre is STRONG in it’s passion and dedication, but it isn’t as widespread popularity wise.

Another problem I can see with this is Spotify. And not Spotify per se – but how the band uses it. I pre-ordered “The Gray Chapter” in order to get it a little before hand – here in Sweden, the companies always ships the CD’s a bit before releasedate to make sure you have the CD in your hands on the release date, but in 99% of the times, the CD’s comes to you a day or two before the release.

Can you guys imagine my disappointment and resignation when I learn that they have decided to release the entire album almost a week before original releasedate on Spotify. Sigh. So what was the point of me preordering it, when I don’t get it “before” everyone else anyway? And it’s not like they make any money off Spotify, as we’ve started to learn lately.

I assume “The Gray Chapter” didn’t meet the expectations this band had for it in success, but here’s an idea – DO NOT RELEASE THE ALBUM FOR FREE A WEEK BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE AND PERHAPS MORE WILL BUY IT. Or wait all in all.

Sometimes I just get so fed up with some of the members of this band. At times it feels like they are pissing all over their fans. Ruining their phones, making it unsafe for them and now this shit. It feels like they have some inner frustration with each other and now they are taking it out on the fans. Seriously, could someone shoot them off their large horses? What sour stone as Jim Root been living under? Or is this phenomenon Europe exclusive? I don’t know, but I’ll quote Fredrik Strage:

There are only three things that would survive a nuclear war: bacteria, cockroaches and metal heads“.


// Sara



I wanna slit your throat, and fuck the wound

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A lot of metal music, far from all of it, but a lot of it, has pretty… what people would say, violent lyrics. Angry lyrics. Lyrics like “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound” and similar things, and the music if anything pumps up your adrenaline even more, and when looking at metal shows, and you see all these mosh-pits and what not, it’s not too hard to understand why people assume that metal music would make people violent.

And it’s discussed a lot. The impact metal music has on one persons violence, how many people have been assaulted as a result of people listening to metal music, especially after events like the one where a kid went to school dressed as a member of SlipKnot with a sword killing one person, or where some people had gone graverobbing and leaving behind a piece of lyrics, or Columbine High shootings where they blamed bands such as Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.

I came across a youtube interview with Clown and Joey Jordison where they talked about the matter, and it was actually not what either one of them said that caught my attention, but a comment that was either below or at another video, but it read…

“When are we gonna start talking about how many lives was saved by heavy metal?”

This. THIS. THIS A HUNDRED TIMES. This is something I’ve thought to myself so many times.

Because that is the point, especially with most of the lyrics. I remember I sat down and listened to “Disasterpieces” and the first thing that came to my mind was that this is a song that has to have been written about a bully, or something similar, and when looking up the facts, Corey Taylor stated indeed that it was written about a bully he had in school.

And this is how you get out the rage. If I’m pissed at someone, damn right I am putting out that song, cranking it up to ten and basically yelling out the lyrics ’til I’m out of air in my lugns, and afterwards, it feels a lot better. Because mentally, I’ve been acting it out. I’ve been acting out that I slit someone throat.

And thus, I don’t feel the need to do it in real life. Because I already acted it out in my music. That I killed that guy. That I set that girl I fucking hate on fire. That I set the whole fucking world on fire. That my supermonstars came and killed everyone. I did it, in the moment when I was in reality just closing my eyes and singing along to the lyrics of my favorite songs. And this is exactly why the lyrics are so violent. To act it out, without acting it out. Like writing a book, or making a movie.

So no. Metal music doesn’t make anyone more violent. If anything, metal music has saved so many lives, not only of it’s fans, but of all those people who would have been killed if we didn’t have our music to turn to. Another thing that it also do, is to help find our people, so to put it. To find other people with the same interest, and perhaps even the same background, and helps us bounding together. HammerFall sang in 1997, “A metal heart, is hard to tear apart“. And that is fucking true. I haven’t seen any people being closer and more true to each other than metal heads. With that being said, I of course realize that this isn’t metal exclusive, but I think you all get the point.

And to all of you who still are stuck at the people I spoke of in the beginning, I’ll just refer to the 2000 Alice Cooper song “Wicked Young Man

“It’s not the games that I play, the movies I see or the music I dig, I’m just a wicked young man”

So yes. When are we going to start to talk about all the lives that were saved my heavy metal?

// Sara

“Rock is already dead” – Filesharing

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Wow, while sitting here waiting for my new The Sims 4 game to install, while being enraged by certain events of the evening, I come across an interview with Gene Simmons I really liked. I usually don’t pay too much attention to what he man says, but seriously, THIS. THIS PEOPLE.

The masses do not recognize file-sharing and downloading as stealing because there’s a copy left behind for you — it’s not that copy that’s the problem, it’s the other one that someone received but didn’t pay for. The problem is that nobody will pay you for the 10,000 hours you put in to create what you created. I can only imagine the frustration of all that work, and having no one value it enough to pay you for it.

It’s very sad for new bands. My heart goes out to them. They just don’t have a chance. If you play guitar, it’s almost impossible. You’re better off not even learning how to play guitar or write songs, and just singing in the shower and auditioning for The X Factor. And I’m not slamming The X Factor, or pop singers. But where’s the next Bob Dylan? Where’s the next Beatles? Where are the songwriters? Where are the creators? Many of them now have to work behind the scenes, to prop up pop acts and write their stuff for them.” – Gene Simmons

And this is just a fragment. They are talking a lot more about this in the interview, and I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to get it through their heads.

Don’t. Fucking. Download. Albums. Illegally.

You are LITERALLY killing the bands you love by doing this. LITERALLY. If you buy the CD physically or through iTunes – I don’t care. As long as you fucking PAY for it. People need to fucking understand that this is STEALING. And you are STEALING not from a big corporation, but from people who have given up their LIVES to do this. And you need to get it through your head, that without CD sales, the band isn’t gonna get any gigs. So don’t come here with the gigs drama shit. Because without recordsales, no gigs.

So GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD you people who download album illegally.

You. Are. DESTROYING. For. The. Band. You. Love.

What weirds me out even more is when aspiring musicians do it. Like, you wanna be in the industry, and you want to work with this, but you ain’t willing to pay for the others who do the same thing? And this crap about “I want to check it out before I buy it”… Am I the only one who actually likes the sort of roulette thing that it is to buy an album by a band you don’t know, and just see how it goes? I have albums I rarely listen to. But I tell you one thing.

I do not. NOT. NEVER. EVER. regret buying a CD. Not even if I didn’t like it that well. Because regardless if I don’t like it, there is STILL people – producers, engineers, photographers/graphics and most importantly – the musicians who made it, who at least GETS PAID.

That’s the most important thing.

Jesus, I can go on and on and on about this subject, and I probably will. This subject is close to heart.

And I will be so fucking proud to die amongst my huge recordcollection

// Sara
(Note: This is about illegal downloading only. Using streaminsites such as Spotify, is another thing.)

Fangirls and Favemembers

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While cleaning today I came across this old piece:

kita 002

I actually had to check my photo with Lordi from 2006 to see when I got this, and yes, I got this already back in 2006. I thought it was later, but appears not. I got it at Oxhälja, a market we have here close to where I live.

This brings back a lot of memories, not specific ones, but it just brings back all those memories, you know, from back in the day when you were a fangirl. Not a crazy, screaming obsessed one, but you know, that kind of fangirl when everything your band, or that bandmember did, mattered so much. Or you know, when you met up with other people who loved that specific member and you’d just sit there and discuss how awesome or not awesome s/he was, how you’d admire the ground s/he walked up on and so on.

Sure, I have my favorite members in some of my bands today as well – it all depends a bit on how close I get to the band, but in my bigger ones as Lordi, Steel Panther, Wig Wam, The Poodles and even SlipKnot, I have them.

But it’s not the same. I’m not running around with bracelets that says Lexxi Foxxx, hell, he’s barely featured at all here at home. I don’t meet up with Lexxi, yes LEXXI, fans only to discuss how great his hair is. Sure, once in a while I come across a Lexxifangirl, but it’s still not the same.

And I miss that. I miss that thing where you cared you know. I have two Kita shirts nailed to my wall, next to Frozen poster and concerttickets, sort of in the middle. It’s a signed Faceshirt alongside the logoshirt, and around them, are photographs, large and normal sized ones and postcards of Kita, and I even wrote out “Sweet Killing Machine” with it and his japanese symbols.

But that was then. And I’m glad I cared long enough to do that, because it warms my heart. To see it, and remember how much he meant, and he still means. It remembers me of the time when I’d sit with Axa and Maddy until the break of dawn and just discuss how awesome Kita was. And it remembers me of the time when he and Lordi was all that mattered. 

How do I go back to that?

// Sara

“We worked our fucking ass off to get here, this was no free ride man, whatsoever so, everything I’ve wanted to achieve I have achieved”

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“We worked our fucking ass off to get here, this was no free ride man, whatsoever so, everything I’ve wanted to achieve I have achieved” – Joey Jordison

So, well, this quote is really about SlipKnot and their way to success, I guess. However, it kinda applies to something that has been on my mind lately. I’m right now sitting here outside my house here in a semi-big town in Sweden with a severe leg injury that I got myself at Boda Borg worrying a little bit about how this nights work are gonna turn out, as I have to ride a bike and run in staircases. Fri-Sat night worked out fine, althought it took me a couple of extra hours. And I couldn’t walk on my leg for whatever it was worth either.

I also spent the whole last night on my 2nd job (that is actually my 1st, but oh well) standing up all night on my sore leg. Today the leg has been killing me, and I’m genuinely worried about tonight, but it has to be done. I have to go to work, I have to work through the pain.

Because that’s what we do. Or, that’s what we have to do.

This sadly happens more often than not. Whenever me and some of my friends go to concerts, festivals, exhibitions, or even when I go interview bands, people tend to ask me – “How do you get to do it?” “Why do you get to do it?”, “You guys have it so easy”, “You guys must be rich”. Normally I don’t batch an eye about it, and don’t care too much about it, but it’s come to the point where I’m just SO FUCKING FED UP WITH IT.

Why do we get to do all of this? Because we work. We work so fucking hard. I personally pick up any job I can. I currently have two jobs, starting a third soon. For now, I’m in the nightclubscene + a newspaper deliverer. But my resumé goes beyond that.  In my resumé you’ll find EVERYTHING. From stable duties, to building stores, working in stores, advertisement, working as Disney-princesses, to janitorial to journalistic work.  As you can see, I’m not exactly nitpicky when it comes to job, and neither are my friend.

THIS. Is why we can afford it. And then we have the next thing – we sell our stuff, we recycle SHITLOADS of cans, we refrain from buying unnecessary things, we reuse as much as possible, in order to be able to go see, but also support our favorite stars in all what buying CD’s and merch is.

I begin work in four hours. With a sprained leg. But it’s the kind of thing you do for the bands that you love. You put in your everything to be there, to support them and to do this. This is not about “luck” this is not about “being rich” or “have it easy”. And sure as fucking hell do we deserve to go to all the shows and what not we do. Because we, as Joey put it:

“We worked our fucking ass off to get here, this was no free ride man, whatsoever so, everything I’ve wanted to achieve I have achieved”

lol 012

// Sara

(By all means. I do not hate on you if you happen to be lucky or rich, I’m just tired of people telling ME I have it easy, when I did really work hard)



Eien No Melody

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This is the song that brought all these thoughts to me, the song who set the mood.

I’m finally home from Italy. Even though this trip has been fun, it hasn’t been the easiest. We lived at complicated places that made things complicated for us, simple things as eating or sleeping properly. We didn’t eat more than once a day, and barely even that, especially at the concert-day in Rome, where we had a quarter of a crisp-bag and a pizza-slice for the whole day (from 10am to 3am). During the trip I also managed to first injury my left knee after a bad fall in a staircase made of stone, and during the concert I got a few additional bruises. During the Milano concert I injured my right knee, so both my knees are injured. To round this off, the day after the concert we got really sick with fevers and colds and what did we not get. Injured and really sick we are starting our journey home, a journey that went everything but good.

We get up at 4 am in the morning after an hour of sleep only to learn we can’t order a taxi, and may, with our 30 kilos luggage, per person that is, injuries and sickness, have to walk all the way from Lancetti to Bovisa. It’s “only” about 3 kilometers, but with all mentioned above, plus bad weather, it wasn’t all that exciting news. Gladly we found a taxi on stand by half way to Lancetti train station, and got to Bovisa without any struggle. We also got to the airport without any bigger troubles. Even though things went slow on the airport, even there and the plane-ride went fine. The troubles really began when we had reached Copenhagen and was gonna get home. First of all, the train was delayed about 10 minutes to start with. After that, we got stuck for 30 minutes before Lund because of an accident, before they decided to take the train back to Malmö, and get us on buses.

Complete chaos broke out at around the buses at Malmö, and the bus Michelle and I managed to catch of all the replacement buses, was of course the one who wouldn’t go directly to Lund, but to all destinations in Malmö. So once we reach Lund, we go in and ask the staff what track the train will go from, and they tell us track number 5. Sadly, we realize pretty soon that this was the wrong information, and we had missed the train.

After this we spend almost an hour fighting with two train-companies (the local one and the one that our train was provided from) until we get the message we have to go to Gothenburg, stay at a hotel for the night and get home early in the morning instead. By this time the sickness had reached the level were barely me or Michelle could even stand, and now we had to get somewhere else.

I think it was then, when sitting at a the luxury hotel in Gothenburg, close to tears with injured knees, skin that ached if I so touched it with a blanket and a head that almost burned up because of the fever, I realized what kind of things we out ourselves through for Lordi, or bands in general. It’s not only a question of money or time anymore. It’s a question of living conditions, it’s a question of health. That no matter what, no matter if you have to starve yourself for days, no matter if you can barely walk on your injured knees, you still go. You’re dead tired out of lack of sleep, but you still get up and go to that concert, because that’s just how much you love them. It kinda made me think of marriage, or what the preacher says during the ceremony.

Fan, do you take this Band to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love it, comfort it, honor and keep it in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to it as long as you both shall live?

This is kinda how it is. You devote your life to the band you love. Lordi shall know that I love them with all my heart, and despite this trip being what it has been, especially the last part of it, I won’t even hesitate to do it all again. More like, I can’t even wait to do it all again. Because I love them. With all my heart. And I would do anything, anything, for them. Anytime, Anywhere.



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So. This is something I’ve thinking about a lot lately. The concept of gaming, and what defines a gamer? I’ll argue a bit about it.

So what I’ve been thinking about is the concept, or perhaps, definition of being a gamer. Technically, and by just listening to the word, we can all agree it’s about someone who plays games, easy enough. The general person you think about when you say gamer is a person who plays games as “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” or “Skyrim”, and of course, similar games.

But after long hours playing “The Sims” and having deep conversations with my platypus, I started to wonder if someone who plays “The Sims” is a gamer? She, among others, had this clear opinion that The Sims is a mainstream game, and not generally a gamers game, but after seeing the way I, and some of my friends play it, started to doubt it.

I had a small argument, no big one, just a small one, on Facebook today about The Sims be or not to be, where he stated that ” And please, if we call sims a “game” what should we call Skyrim or Mass Effect or Limbo.

But I’d say, The Sims is a game, or, what makes it less a game than the others? Because of it’s lack of plot?

This isn’t entirely true, that it lacks a plot. First of all – you have the Stories series. Life Stories, Pet Stories and Castaway, which all are based on a story, where the game tells you what to do next, and what to achieve to get to the next level. My personal fave is Castaway, because of it’s tropical environment and Robinson-kind of plot. Out of the three, this is the one most complex. Isn’t that a game, then?

And then we got the regular The Sims, and if we begin on The Sims 3 for a while, no, unlike Stories, these games hasn’t got a specific plot, the plot is what you make it. Most people think, and perhaps the general audience playing The Sims only make this “make sim, get married, get kids, die”. but I don’t.

I don’t just make a sim, get it married and get kids and that’s that. Any family I make, I make for a purpose. Cullens first purpose for instance, was to try out The Sims 3, obviously, but as more expansions came, their “plot” changed. At first, they were just a random family, I guess you could say. But then “World Adventures” occurred, and then Rosalie became Indiana Jones going on stressful (for me) quests seeking and digging graves like an idiot. I don’t even know anymore how many times she’s been burned or electroshocked.

Then “Ambitions” came out, and the plot changed again. Not only was Rosalie an adventurer, but now she was also a stylist, and on the same time, Edward got a proper “job” by becoming a self-employed painter, and this changed the plot further. However, somewhere here The Cullens story “ends” in plotchanges, as their locations made it impossible to continue.

I have after this created families to try out certain expansion – We have one Rosalie (I have no imagination, alright?) doing the “Late Night”, we have another Rosalie who got a horsefarm in “Pets” and we got a Candace trying out the world in “Showtime”. All of these sims have a cause, a plot – perhaps not a very complex one, Late Night-Rosalie only had for a goal to become a famous director and hitting the full famebar, Pets-Rosalie to make it to level 10 as a horsebreeder (and winning all the races) and Showtime-Candace to become a superstar.

And apart from Pets-Rosalie, they all have aquired their goals and purpose, and from now, you either leave it there, or you evolve their plot further. This is all on how you decide to play it, and the same goes for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2.

His next argument was ” playing only ONE game many hours doesnt make you a gamer. Its like watching Incepton 50 times and calling yourself a “cinefil” or whatever.”

On this one, I can agree. But then the question arises. Is The Sims “one game”? Is them all together “one game”?

I would say not. The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims Stories varies A LOT from each other. The basics are the same, you make a sim. (this does not go for Stories though). It’s just like The Elder Scrolls series (or not EXACLTY like, but you get what I mean), it follows up each other, but it ain’t the same. Not in the slightest, and people who play The Sims, knows this. The Sims is the basic little brother, who introduces you to the game, where you get the idea and get’s to try it out.

When The Sims 2 comes along, it’s like a whole new world with new cities, new worlds to explore, and new “things” to explore, such as more complex characteristics, Universities, Businesses and even living in apartments.

And then The Sims 3 comes along, and all of a sudden it’s not “down town” anymore – it’s once again a whole new world, were you can access downtown by only zooming out, even more complex characteristics, you got horses to explore, you get to go on heavy adventures, you even get the ability to travel to your friends game and perform or just see the other sim! (this is something I wanted already during The Sims 1 era)

The Sims stories has NOTHING to do with the others except from the concept of Sims, as you actually get a storyplot where you are told how to reach the next level and after a while “winning” the game, which you never do in the actual game.

But if we leave The Sims for a while, my next question arises.

What games counts as gamers games?

As you have understood, I play The Sims. But even if it may so seem, I don’t only play The Sims. Apart from The Sims, my favorite game is the myst-like game Atlantis( in this case, both 1 & 2). I also play  fantasybased horsegames such as the Starshine Legacy (four pieced), the fantasybased game Star Academy Legacy (four pieced), strategy games as Svea Rike and Journalist, and also games based off movies/books as The Harry Potter series, The Pirates of The Caribbean, “sports”games as Quidditch and on occasion, I play PlayStation games such as “Riding Star”, “Disney’s Hercules”, “Barbie Sports”, “The Little Mermaid 2”, “Spyro: The Dragon” and “Kingsley”.

So, is these gamers games? Except from Atlantis, none of these games are specifically “complex”, maybe even considered childrens game (and some of these are) but still.

So I leave the question open to you.

What actually defines a gamer?


What games qualifies as gamers?


Based on what you read, would you qualify me as a gamer?

And before I wind this up, I’ll put in Meljanz once again so you get this straight.

// Sara

The ones and only.

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So, yeah, today one of my favourite bands totally screwed me over, publicly on a pressconferance. I’ve never hated them this much in my entire life than I did right after this. Seriously, it was hate-love towards them.

But even though they did this, they are the sweetest. Cause right before this, and right after this, they were the kindest to us. Sad part is I couldn’t say a word. “I remember you by your pretty face“. I’m not even sure I said thanks, or anything. Just smiled. Next time I’m gonna hug him and tell him how much he and his band means to me.

And this doesn’t only apply to this band. It applies to all the bands I’ll ever meet in the future. I’m gonna make sure I tell them I love them, Not like a hysteric-Justin-Bieber fan, more like hugging them and telling them you love them while you do. I need to get better at this. Now I somewhat regret I never did it to him, but this was certainly not the last time I met him.

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, just that something started right here for us.

So you asked me if there is a man or boyfriend present in my life. Well, this are the men in my life. Simon, Satchel, Lexxi, Martin, Stix, Peter, Michael, Sampsa, Eric, Erik, Eric, Dave, Jona, Crash, Sampsa, Mr L, OX, Amen, Dee Snider, Jocke, Cans, Dronjak, Mark, Dana, Timothy, Jeff, Leo.. and so on.

I love you all. For eternity. Thanks.

I love you.

Also, this picture belongs to me alone, so no unathorized use.

This about respecting yourself with the way you dress.

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Kay, I got inspired for some reason to write about this earlier today so I sure as hell will now.

Once in a while, topics get trended on twitter, and I recall, maybe just about a week ago, a trending topic was “#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat” and then, alot of (girls) had said stuff such as “ShoutOutToAllTheGirlsThat respects themselves by not wearing miniskirts” (or any other kind of ‘revealing’ clothing).

I wonder though… where in hell is it disrespecting yourself in wearing ‘revealing’ clothes? Isn’t it kinda, the other way? Why does it instantly make one a slut because they wear cleveage and miniskirts? I myself where alot MINI-MINI skirts, that usually just covers my ass, and that with a cut open tshirt, some nice stilettos and black make up.
Does this make me a slut?

So, even when I tell you that I never party unless it’s around a concert, I barely drink alcohol at all when partying, I don’t engage in one night stands and I currently don’t have a boyfriend, AND that I’m on top of that is a universitystudent, stableworker, journalist and also works on surveycompany, Am I still a slut? Really? Just because of the short skirt? Really? I thought it was the behaviour and not the clothing.

So why do I wear short skirts. Well, they are comfortable, and considering them being so short, they never inhibit on my legs. I can walk, run, jump or even do splits, and the skirt will still be in place. Usually though, I personally always wear some kind of hotpants or tights under, I guess the TT is really reffering to those who don’t, but after all, it’s their decision, right?

But actually, I don’t think wearing covering clothes is disrespecting either. I actually think that, when you wear a ‘type’ of clothing because you are somewhat forced, THAT is disrespecting yourself. When you let other people tell you what to wear and how you should dress, that is just completly… out of box. Everyone should wear whatever they want, without being called either a slut, nerd, gay, prude or whatever!

The only way to respect yourself, is to be who you wanna be.

So take it to the stage in the multicolored jacket
Take it jackpot crackpot
Strutting like a peacock
Nailvarnish arkansas
Shimmy Shammy Featherboa
Crackpot haircut
Dye your hair in glowing red and blue
Do do do, what you wanna do
Don’t think twice do, what you have to do.
Do, do, do, do, let your heart decide
// Sara