Fangirls and Favemembers

While cleaning today I came across this old piece:

kita 002

I actually had to check my photo with Lordi from 2006 to see when I got this, and yes, I got this already back in 2006. I thought it was later, but appears not. I got it at Oxhälja, a market we have here close to where I live.

This brings back a lot of memories, not specific ones, but it just brings back all those memories, you know, from back in the day when you were a fangirl. Not a crazy, screaming obsessed one, but you know, that kind of fangirl when everything your band, or that bandmember did, mattered so much. Or you know, when you met up with other people who loved that specific member and you’d just sit there and discuss how awesome or not awesome s/he was, how you’d admire the ground s/he walked up on and so on.

Sure, I have my favorite members in some of my bands today as well – it all depends a bit on how close I get to the band, but in my bigger ones as Lordi, Steel Panther, Wig Wam, The Poodles and even SlipKnot, I have them.

But it’s not the same. I’m not running around with bracelets that says Lexxi Foxxx, hell, he’s barely featured at all here at home. I don’t meet up with Lexxi, yes LEXXI, fans only to discuss how great his hair is. Sure, once in a while I come across a Lexxifangirl, but it’s still not the same.

And I miss that. I miss that thing where you cared you know. I have two Kita shirts nailed to my wall, next to Frozen poster and concerttickets, sort of in the middle. It’s a signed Faceshirt alongside the logoshirt, and around them, are photographs, large and normal sized ones and postcards of Kita, and I even wrote out “Sweet Killing Machine” with it and his japanese symbols.

But that was then. And I’m glad I cared long enough to do that, because it warms my heart. To see it, and remember how much he meant, and he still means. It remembers me of the time when I’d sit with Axa and Maddy until the break of dawn and just discuss how awesome Kita was. And it remembers me of the time when he and Lordi was all that mattered. 

How do I go back to that?

// Sara

5 Responses to “Fangirls and Favemembers”

  1. Oh I absolutly know what you mean!!
    I have been thinking about those days a lot lately. Everything was still so great back in the days, at least when it comes to a certain monster band.
    Maybe we should do some kind of a revival party for those days? 😀

  2. That would be really awesome if we could do that!
    But I’m not even sure if I can still fangirl like that.. I’m too old for this shit 😀

    • HAHA same here! I spent a couple of days on a tumblr blog called “Joey Fucking Jordison” and despite last post being made 2 years ago, and despite me prefering James Root, it was just so fucking great to dive into that fangirls-ness they had over the blog, and I was like TAKE ME BACK PLS. (And hey! Kitty who had the blog was 25 😀 We can do it! We might just need to find something to fangirl over…)

      • I lately had this fangirlishness too when I got a little more into Powerwolf and Hämatom. This very first enthusiasm about everything is just so great!
        So, then we just have to find something that we can go crazy about. 😛

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