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SlipKnot @ Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 20/1-16

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When we woke up in the morning, quite early, receiving a message from Robert that he’d left his residence in Stockholm towards Gothenburg, we simply laid there and didn’t really feel like going up. But you know, out of all the days I’ve used “XIX” to get myself to do shit, I guess this was the day it fit better than ever seeing we were going to see SlipKnot. “But I have to – so it might as well be today”. We still overslept a bit, but a little bit before noon we were on our way to Gothenburg and the second and sadly last date on this tour for us.

It was quite a nice ride. We put on some stupid old 90’s music, that isn’t really 90’s music, but people refer to it as, and discussing future plans that won’t probably ever happen, stopping by McDonalds in Säffle on our way down. It was a smooth ride until we reached Gothenburg and learned there had been a huge accident right on the road we were supposed to go, but gladly, we took the wrong turn and managed to dodge it all by a breath. We got to Focus, painted on our faces and then we went down to Scandinavium.

Robert had already left for the meet & greet once we made it, and when we got there we got numbers on our hands for the queueing system and then… we stood there. SlipKnot has this weird habit of always coming in the winter, and we always have the habit of being underdressed. Or actually, that is on purpose because I don’t wanna deal with the whole wardrobe thing. But it’s not so fun when it’s like -15 degrees or whatever.


While waiting in line, there was this one guy who kept walking off and about, in and out of the line before he remained behind us in line. I observed him for a while, stared at him, narrowed my eyes to my fox-face and then I took a turn around Michelle and asked him if he was here alone. For the moment he was, but his friends were about to come. And this is the story on how we met an amazing person called Fritiof. Thanks to us starting to talk to him the hours passed by very quickly, and he held our spots while we got some hot chocolate to warm up. After a while his friends Sebastian, My and Jesper joined us as well and we had a hella good time before they let us in.

So.. at the gates I learned I may not be able to take my wallet-chain in. And the security must be a joke, because I asked him what the hell this was about, and he said “it’s new rules, all over the world!” so I made a snide comment about this not being the rules in Finland, in which he responded “But that’s Finland..” and I thought to myself, but hey, you said the world?! Isn’t Finland included? FOOL! Anyway, they let me in with the chain regardless, but I think they’ll want to have better information on what you can and cannot bring.

We went right into the venue and saw that all front rows were taken, but we figured we’d say hi to Robert at least. Then we met up with our newely-found friends, but we said good bye because we wanted to look at the merchandise and then we got popcorn and drinks and went back to our new friends and spent what must have been the most pleasurable wait for Suicidal Tendencies, which began right on time at 19.30.


I must admit, I was feeling it a bit more this time around. Maybe it is because I already saw them once and therefore were a little bit more familiar, or if it simply was because they seemed to be in a better mood, I don’t know. They still delivered a good set, and the crowd was feeling it as well. There were even a couple of wall of death’s in the midst of everything! Says a lot I guess.


After this, the wait for SlipKnot began which also went by very quickly. Due to the amount of moshpits and wall of deaths that had occurred already during Suicidal, we decided, Michelle and I, that we’d head back a bit in the venue like we did last year in order to not be stuck like packed fish. So once “Be Prepared for Hell” began, we head off backwards.

They opened up strongly with “The Negative One” and seriously. This is one of the best songs they have, I shit you not. Once this songs comes on it’s like I’m electrified right through the body. The build up, the heaviness… Seriously this song. I’m so happy it’s back in the set, but also a bit bummed that it’s the first track! When not being taken so much by surprise, I enjoyed it more as an opener!

“Disasterpiece” was the next song on the list and it was just as powerful as in Helsinki. The one major different thing is the crowd. The crowd was like… so much better than in Helsinki. No offence my amazing finnish friends, but seriously, it wasn’t… quite the same.

“Eyeless” and “Skeptic” – my two lovebirds on this tour was next on the list. Seriously, I’ve been so lucky with getting “Eyeless”.  “I am Hated” followed by the ever so melancholic “Killpop”. But seriously… the venue… hearing the crowd… it gave me chills. Hearing the crowd do the chorus of “Killpop”… seriously, the chills!

By the way. I don’t remember exactly where in the set this happened, but today was no other than Sid Wilsons birthday! So we all got together and sang Happy Birthday to him while he was running around on stage doing his thing. He’s seriously my spirit animal, and exactly the kind of show-person I strive to be, would I ever be on stage.


“Dead Memories” again, it’s good you know, makes up for Michelle missing out on it last year. “Everything Ends” followed by “Psychosocial” my lord, what a rush! I don’t understand what was different – perhaps the band was in a better spirit, or perhaps it was the crowd, but something just simply made it so much better.

And then there’s “Wait and Bleed”. Now look – “Wait and Bleed” was actually cool already in Helsinki… but in Gothenburg. With this crowd… Oh my fucking God man, as Corey Taylor would put it. I’m amazed the roof is still on top of Scandinavium. It was followed by “Duality” which got the same treatment from the crowd.

“The Devil in I”, “Metabolic” and “(sic)” wrapped up this amazing set before the band left the stage and that Going to Hell dance-y hippity hoppity song came on which made pretty much everyone around us dancing and bouncing around.

The band came back on stage and started off with “Surfacing”. Ahh, the arena went wild. “Left Behind” was ripped off before the last, and the best part, of the entire show started “Spit it Out”.

Seriously, I am not lying to you when I tell you this – “Spit it Out” is my favorite part of the entire SlipKnot show, and I think you all know exactly what part I’m referring to. Seriously, you just feel the blood pump in your veins when you are sitting there and Corey is going down the verse before everyone in the arena just explodes all on the same time when the chorus hits off… And of course, this would be better if everyone actually sat down. Fucking hell, I don’t get people some times.

After this, the band said good night and left the stage for good. And with that said, the tour was officially over.


We reconnected with Robert after the show, also said hi to Janie again which we had met earlier in the day before going to pick up our car. Focus closes at midnight, and we figured it’d be better if we moved it outside just in case. Robert drove us there, and when we got back to the parking lot I found this weird little muffin staring at me through the window of the door next to us. Seriously, Robert is that kind of weirdo we really need in our life.


We went to McDonalds where we met up with our newely-found’s and sat down for a late night snack talking about music, life, everything, and Robert went over how the meet & greet had gone down and showed us his signed leg.


One by one did out company start to drop out, and about half past midnight we also decided to start going home. It was insanely cold outside for someone so lightly dressed as me, and then began our ride home.

This was an amazing night. I’ve said this many times before, but seriously. I love the bands I have in my life, and I love the people I get to meet and have in my life thanks to these bands. Thank you SlipKnot for everything, thanks Fritiof, My, Jesper and Sebastian for the company and to Michelle and Robert. I love you all.

// Sara


SlipKnot @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland 18/1 -16

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January 18th marked the first concert of the year, and it would be by no other band than SlipKnot. Ironically – Amaranthe was the first concert of the year last year, and it was only a by a breathe that Amaranthe didn’t become first gig this year. Hadn’t Amaranthe been first last year, SlipKnot would have been first. Isn’t it fun how faith works sometimes?

We woke up… way too late. Like, I don’t even fucking know what went wrong. We were supposed to go up around 12, seeing we came so late in with the flight that we got to bed really late and all of that. Despite this, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and headed out. We had planned to make a quick visit to Music Hunter to look for some hard found Epica albums. Despite being a recordstore that is filled from floor to roof with CD’s, those two albums were nowhere to be found. What a shame.


We got back, picked up pizza at the pizzeria next to the hotel and started getting ready for the show. Called a taxi just to be sure to get there in time and all of that, and despite this, because of trafficjams, we didn’t get there and registered exactly two minutes before closing time. So, we got in, rushed to the cloakroom to leave our jackets and were then rushed to the room the meet&greet was going to happen.


We stood in a little half circle around the hostess told us a bit about how this meet&greet would go down. We’d first take the picture with the band, since most, if not all, of them would attend, and afterwards we’d get our stuff signed. I thought to myself, sounds good, after all, this is how Lordi used to do it back in the days. So she asked us to form a line, and Michelle and I wound up first in line. Since I won’t really accept at all being first in line, haha, we moved ourselves backwards in the line. I’ve met many bands throughout the years, but I’ll always be a bit scared the first time around with a new band.

So, then, the band arrived, and to my surprise there were eight people joining us today. Corey, Clown, Alex, Jim, Sid, Jay, Chris and Mick. Our meet and greet had originally said only 3-4 would appear, so I guess this was an upgrade!

So the line moved on pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was our turn. Unlike the rest of the people we decided to go together, because why the hell not? And also, timesaving. Once we came up there about half the band cheered at the fact we were two, and Jim made some comments about two girls and one Corey. It was a fairly quick little session and then we got back in line for the signing.


For the signing, they actually lined up, sort of like a table, like an actual signing session. Fast than you’d think we were already at the start, with Corey being first. Jim second. Clown third, and Sid fourth.

Sid was the only one of the members in SlipKnot I actually gathered up the courage to actually talk to. While Jim and I shared a laugh about something, Sid was the only one I dared to say something to. And do things to, all in all. I had barely looked at the other members, but with Sid I even leaned in and focused real hard in order to see through his sunglasses and meet his eyes. Sid is “my man” you see, he’s the one in SlipKnot if we say so. However, the only thing I actually said to him was that I liked his Mickey Mouse pants. He told me Mickey was cool. That was cool.

It was followed by Alex, Mick, Jay and Chris. See, I always had a bit of a problem with Jay, because of the impression I got of him from online, so imagine my surprise when he turned out to be extremely friendly. Alex was too, but that was no surprise really.


After all was said and done, the band left the scene and we were allowed to go and leave our signed stuff in the cloakroom. Oh, right! The ‘special tour gifts’ was a lighter and a poster. I must admit I thought it’d be something different, but you know. I won’t complain!

We were taken down undergrounds to some secret entrance to the venue, where we were let in before everyone else together with the people who had early entrance tickets. Despite the entry and everything being a bit delayed, I was surprised to see Suicidal Tendencies entering the stage exactly at 20 sharp.

So, I haven’t really listened a lot to Suicidal Tendencies prior to this gig, and I never had a very good impression of them, and well… It didn’t really change either. The band was absolutely fine and delivered very well on stage, but this really isn’t my kind of music. It’s something about that style that just doesn’t work for me. BUT, they did a good job warming up!


After this, the wait for SlipKnot began. And it was held pretty short. Of course, not without making jokes about how early Korpiklaani would go on stage, but still. About a minute late, “Prepare For Hell” started, and the band came out and opened with “The Negative One”.

Well… That’s a first I guess. That surprised me, like, so much. I was very happy, that “The Negative One” was back since I thought it was a big mistake not including it at Graspop, but I had really thought “Sarchastrophe” would be the opener. They continued on with “Disasterpieces”… and sadly… the arena… Damn. At least on our side, it was fucking dead man. I don’t even get it. Why do you get front row if you are just going to.. stand there? Oh well. “Eyeless”, my personal favorite was next in line before something… almost magic happened.

They played “Skeptic”.

This marks one more song I always wanted to hear live from “The Grey Chapter” that finally happened. Fuck… that was magic. Corey Taylor spoke a bit about it being 15 years since “Iowa” was released, and then they continued the set with “I Am Hated”.


The tour this time was very scaled down. On “Prepare for Hell” tour, they had this big goat head in the background, fire and pyrotechnics until no end. But not this time. A normal television screen, sort of, playing various videos and backdrops and some lightbulbs here and there. And that’s it.

Next on the list was “Killpop” and I was as happy as ever to hear this beautiful piece of music again, and it all went so atmospheric. Blue and purple lights, toned down… It was magical.

And then… a big moment for Michelle to say the least, when the tones to “Dead Memories” started. I shit you not, she got completely silent. It was truly her night, song wise.


“Dead Memories” was followed by “Everything Ends” which was strongly followed by “Psychosocial” and “Wait And Bleed”. Despite these two songs, the crowd, at least on our side, was still dead as hell. “Duality” and “The Devil in I” continued the set, followed by “Before I Forget” and then… this special little thing happened.


“Metabolic” FUCKING HAPPENED. Who would have fucking thought? Need I tell you all how insane we went? Oh god. What a rush it was! They wrapped up the set with “(sic)” before they left the stage.

An interesting little song started, it was like, a folksong about going to hell, and the members came back on stage. They blew off “Surfacing” and “Left Behind” before, what for me is the best moment of an entire SlipKnot show – “Spit it Out”.


Seriously. There is something truly special about the whole “sit the fuck down” moment, and this would be the first time I did it in the front row. I must admit, it was fucking tight to sit down, but the guy behind me and I managed to sort it out so that he sat around me, almost having me in this lap and then he could have his arms around me on the fence as well. And you know… how it’s pumping. How it builds up. And then how you all JUMP THE FUCK UP!

I thought it’d fuck up our spots, but it didn’t!

With that being said, the band thanked for the night and left the stage.

It was a really good show, they had great energy and I enjoyed seeing them so much. But on the same time… there was something lacking. Like, “Custer” for instance. And “People=Shit”. But most importantly… it felt so… intimate. Being so close to them… and the show being so scaled down… it almost felt like seeing them in a small club environment. It was… pretty sweet in a way. A band you consider an arena band, a band you have usually seen in a distance, now seemed to intimate, and so close… so… reachable.

And that is what made it all so worth it. I love this band so much.


Right after, we hit the merchstand to pick up a tourshirt, and then we hooked up with one of the people from the Meet&greet, and then got home.


This has, despite some mishaps, been one of the most amazing days in my life. I really needed this right now. Thank you SlipKnot, Live Nation and Michelle for this amazing day.

// Sara



Graspop Metal Meeting – Day 2

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So, last night ended pretty late because of Marilyn Manson, but it was sooo worth it! Got up a bit later the next day, and I took it fairly slow, seeing my first band wasn’t until Korpiklaani, but no rest until your dead, right, so I got up and figured I’d spend the day checking out the metal market and the shopping. I had a few CD’s, or well, a lot of CD’s I was looking for, so why not?

W went around a bit looking for Kittie albums, met up with Robert and Mie and then headed over to Exodus. It was nice seeing the guys again, despite not calling myself a fan.

Right after this, I headed over to Korpiklaani.


So, here’s the deal. Without being fully informed of every band in this world, I believe there are two bands, no matter what band you put up next to them, no matter how much you love or hate them, you will, wheter you want it or not, have fun. The first band is Alestorm, and the second one, is Korpiklaani.

The set lasted about an hour, but seriously, it felt like it was shorter. I’m not sure exactly what it is with this festival, but it feels like everything just ends faster. Gladly, unlike Butcher Babies the crowd had a lot better energy and like I said above… Ultimate partyband. I don’t regret going for them over Lacuna Coil.

After Korpiklaani, I wandered off to the market in order to first of all pick up some pins, one Ghost one for Michelle and Alestorm, Sabaton and Steel Panther for me. I sent my mother a picture on Facebook of the SlipKnot t-shirts as I couldn’t make up my mind.

You see, I went to the merch booth so determined to get the Korpiklaani tanktop and the yellow (so to put it) SlipKnot shirt, but once at the barrier I noticed this other shirt that wasn’t freaky-freaky, with all their masks in the shape of an S AND a skull, which wasn’t a tour shirt (opens up possibilities) and with that, my brain was messed up, so I got at first only the tanktop and uploaded the picture. I can’t send actual photo messages with my phone, so uploading is the best option. Only annoying thing is that everyone and no one keeps liking the pic. And I’m like, people. It’s just shirt. A bunch of them.

But, like Johnny Depp once said, “If you are torn between two women, always go for the second one. If you loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one”, said and done. I went for the S / Skull shirt and I’m pretty pleased with my choice. I already have a tour shirt for Prepare for Hell so I’ll live.

This took longer than you think it would, and I headed back to Mainstage 2 to catch God himself play, with other words, it was time for my annual Alice Cooper show.

Alice Cooper

The started off the entire set to big cheers with “Department of Youth” before continuing with “No More Mr Nice Guy” and was quickly launched into “Under My Wheels”. Alice Cooper shows progress pretty quickly thanks to the lack of mid-speaking. I love mid-speaking when it’s Ola Salo doing it, but most other bands could really just shut up since most of them don’t have anything worthy to say anyway.

The show was just as fun and eventful as usual, but I need to highlight one particular event.

Which is “Welcome to my Nightmare”. I LOVE, maybe it’s me who have forgotten, but I love, love, love how he’s brought back the… how do I put it? The Welcome to my Nightmare costume? The big hat and everything. All I need now is the dancers with the bloodfilled bag on their heads, and the song will be perfect. But it is just as good right now.

I’m not gonna go over this much more, due to me wanting to keep these entries somewhat short, but I can only say two things – Alice Cooper never fails to impress nor entertain, and Nita Strauss is a queen.


After Alice Cooper we headed over to the Metal Dome to see Alcest. I must admit I was a bit torn between Alcest and Korn, but feelings decided against Korn in favor of Alcest.

While I do have quite a few friends who enjoy Alcest, I can’t say I’ve myself ever been a fan, but I did enjoy the show. Atmospheric, and despite being metal, there was this certain kind of calm over everything. It was very nice.


After Alcest was done, I headed over to Mainstage 1 to wait for what was the band I looked forward the most to see, SlipKnot, and thanks to Graspop’s good taste in stage-placing, we could catch Judas Priest from where we stood.

I was really worried. I sat down for most of the Priest set, feeling really tired, and tried to drink in case it was because of dehydration, but it didn’t help. And it pissed me off a bit, since I hate when I don’t sleep properly so I end up tired for the things I’m excited for. But when Judas Priest started playing “Jawbreaker” I kind of woke up a bit, and after that… I couldn’t stand still.


I just kept jumping around in small jumps to the point Antoine even pointed out to me that SlipKnot hadn’t even started yet, but you know, that doesn’t stop me. Once I’m up I’m up, you know?


BUT, then, “XIX” started and internally, I kind of exploded. I guess this is what it truly feels like being REALLY exicted for something. Most of the time, I feel excited, but it has been some time (last time was probably Madrid or even Prepare For Hell tour itself) where I’ve felt like my organs were about to explode. And when “Sarcastrophe” began…

First of all, it took me all up to now to realize the song is actually called “SARcastrophe” and not “SCARcastrophe”, so I’ve basically spelled it wrong for over six months. Nice.

But aside typos, I kind lost it. Like you always do at SlipKnot shows. Or at least the two I’ve been with before. Since I completely owned my company I sort of half assed teamed up with some other guys and just you know… like the guy said “You’re in the headbanger zone!” And yes, they were. My hair even got stuck in a guys backpack. Oh dear.

Oh right, the show. After “Sarcastrophe” they continued, just as previously with “The Heretic Anthem”, “Psychosocial” and “The Devil in I” before the first surprise of the evening came – “AOV”.

Like… I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of that particular song, but it was cool to hear live. Not the best, but it’s fine, you know? And then….. DING DING DING DIIIIIINGGG


The horrible part of me wished for this NOT to be “my” setlist, because I didn’t wanna give Antoine that satisfaction, but I’m also very very very very secretly happy they did “my” setlist. When I’m saying “my” setlist, it means they play “Vermilion”, “Eyeless”(these two are my two fave songs of SlipKnot) and “Wait and Bleed”. Michelle’s setlist is the one that includes “Dead Memories”, “Disasterpieaces” and “Opium of the People”.

After “Wait and Bleed” Corey started talking about some new video they made. And that is basically what made my eyes pop. The only, ONLY SONG I missed during Prepare for Hell Tour earlier this year was “Killpop”, and hearing Corey say in an interview that Clown dislikes playing slow songs, I didn’t ever see them actually playing this piece of art live. But as soon as that man started talking about a new video clip, I knew what was coming.

The moment, the only moment I missed earlier this year happened now.


And by this, right here right now, the festival was complete. I didn’t need anymore than that, but again, who am I to complain for some more? “Before I Forget”, “Duality” and my personal favorite “Eyeless” (seriously, how can you not go batshit to that song?) followed by “Spit it Out”, and as you guys know, “Spit it Out” is my favorite moment of the entire show. Wrapped it up with “Custer” and left the stage.

(This is literally the only decent shot I have, haha)

For encore they did the “(sic)”, “People = Shit” and wrapping up the entire set, and for my part, the festival with “Surfacing”. I’m not gonna lie when I say I was SO TEMPTED to go in the mini moshpit that was behind us. Maybe next time.

And with that, they left the stage and I left the arena. Or actually, I bounced. I’m running on pure adrenaline after a show like that, and even thought I can’t recall actually SEEING anything off the show, more than my own hair and a few dots moving on the stage, I can’t help myself but to keep bouncing around. I need to get rid of the energy, you know? Oh, I also said goodbye to the two guys who just for the moment became my SlipKnot brothers. A shame I never caught their names. Bummer.

Got back to the camp, ate a bit and fell asleep with Dionysus in my ears. Even though I never liked the idea of going home on Sunday, SlipKnot helped me feel content.

// Sara


Slipknot @ Jäähalli, Helsinki, Finland 15/2 – 15

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Everything has a beginning, but everything also has an end. And this was the final date on what we refer to as the “SlipKnot” week, even though it was a bit all over the place. It was a bittersweet taste in my mouth when I woke up that morning, and the reality hit me even harder when Argo left to go home to Estonia.

But, fear not! As I was sitting in my dismay, in my beautiful room at Omena Yrjönkatu, which was very messy because it’s me, the lovely Jasmin hit me up for dinner before I headed over to Jäähalli. Said and done.

I had been thinking a LOT about what to wear. And with that said, I mean I had no clue at all in what so ever. I thought maybe a Lordi shirt and some pants, but then I figured I’d just go with a stripped down version of what I was wearing in Stockholm. Said and done.


So, Jasmin and I met up outside the hotel and headed down to McDonalds for a sweet dinner. And it was sweet already. Lots of talking, catching up, laughter and gasps and just pure epicness. Eventually of course, I had to leave as Jasmin guided me to the trams that would take me to Jäähalli.

Because of the awesome company, I was actually getting pretty late to the venue! Not my kind of style huh? Shows you how much good company can do! But just as I got into the bathrooms, the LONG intro of King 810 started so you could say I made it just in time! Ran downstairs and didn’t miss a second of King 810.


Well, there isn’t a lot more to say about King 810 that hasn’t already been said. I assume it was the same setlist, and the band was on top, just as in Stockholm. Still miss that little cameo of the crew member of course but you can’t get everything!

So, after they left the stage it was time for the fairly short wait for SlipKnot. I had checked on the events page – SlipKnot would start at 20.20 (odd time anyone?) and precisely 20.24 did “XIX” start echoing from the speakers. And as it did so, I felt some people pushing from the side. I was like “Oh come on, not back here?” and then I realized what was going on.

They were preparing for a moshpit.

And I was basically the star of the show.

So I basically, in true “Wait and Bleed” mannor yelled out a “GOOD BYE!” and ran the opposite direction. Some time in the future, you WILL see me in a moshpit to “Surfacing”, but not today. Not here, not now.

With that said, the curtain raise up and they hit it off with “Scarcastrophe”. Within the first few sounds of the guitar, the arena pretty much exploded. Had this been a 2-floor building, the floor would have broken. They continued on with “The Heretic Anthem” just as in Stockholm, tightly followed my “My Plague”. Damn. You could cut the tension with a knife you know? You could sense that this was something special.


Which it kinda was, you know. It was the tour finale of the Prepare for Hell tour in Europe. But on the same time – there isn’t a whole lot to say. The band was on top – just as they were back in Stockholm, perhaps a little more on the edge. They followed suit with “The Devil in I” and “Psychosocial” and later on “The Negative One” – and I tell you.

Being in the arena, regardless of arena really, when these three songs are being blasted… Well, they call the tour prepare for hell, right? Because it is. But it’s a good hell. The kind of hell one would commonly refer to as heaven. At least if you’re a hyper, jumping, headbanging metalhead that is. And I am all of this. So hell, nah, more heaven.

But it was right here it happened. When it was supposed to have been “Three Nil” we instead heard the lyrics telling us “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound…”

And in all honesty, at first I didn’t even realize what happened. I sang along to all the lyrics, jumped at the right spots, and headbanged and what not. But I never realized what happened. Neither did I when “Eyeless” was exchanged for “Opium of the People”.

I didn’t realize what was happening until they started playing “Dead Memories” were there was supposed to be “Vermillion”. And at first I froze.

And then my eyes grew big. So big they almost popped out of my head. Grabbed my camera quick, need to record this shit for Michelle. Halfway in the verse I realize NO I SHOULD FUCKING CALL HER. Started digging for my phone, managed to call her. My bill is going to be sky high, but it’s worth it if you let your best friend hear her favorite song live.


Afterwards they continued on as “normal” – meaning “Dead Memories” was followed by “Before I Forget” and “Duality” before the next surprise of the night came – Where there was expected, from my side, to be “Wait and Bleed” we instead got “The Blister Exists”. Hello mindfuck. And after this… hihihi. My favorite moment was here.

Sure. I’ve only seen this band two times now. But already after the gig in Stockholm did “Spit it Out” become my favorite moment of the entire show you. And I guess you all know what I’m talking about. Yep. That’s right. According to Corey, the Helsinki crowd was the fastest in all of Europe to get the fuck down on the fucking ground. Doesn’t even surprise me. AND GOD DAMN THIS MOMENT PEOPLE. If you ever have the chance to experience a SlipKnot show, do so from the middle of the crowd. Might seem a little… speaking against myself, but seriously, there’s nothing like being in there, sitting down with all these people around you, and all of you, ON THE SAME TIME just jumps the fuck up. Oh my fucking god man, as Corey’d say.

This piece of action was of course followed by their, I suppose new, jumpfest “Custer”. Seriously, if the arena wasn’t already blown up, this was the moment when it happened.


After “Custer”, they left the stage, leaving us all chanting wanting more, and of course, like the good band they are, they returned. Starting off with “742617000027” and then driving RIGHT into “(sic)” just made your inner organs kind of explode. I’ve used that word a lot in this entry, I do realize, but how else am I to explain an explosive show?

“(sic)” was followed by “People=Shit” before they wrapped the whole thing up with the moshers little favorite “Surfacing”. Like I said in the beginning, ONE DAY I will be in the mosh, but it’s gonna take some time. Like, I need to get Iron Man’s costume first. And a few pillows. And a sumi-wrestlers outfit. But until then, have fun people.

After “Surfacing” they thanked for the night and left the stage and soon we were all ushered out of the arena by Geoff, their right hand, if you like.

It was with a fairly heavy heart I left Jäähalli. It was a bittersweet taste in your mouth, when this one week you’ve looked forward to for SO LONG is just over. Just like that. Gone. Away. No more.

As the loser I am, I didn’t find the tram-station so I end up walking all the way back to the hotel. Which was pretty sweet, it only took about half an hour and it was kinda nice to walk home and calm down a little bit from the extreme amount of endorphins that had just been released inside the ice hall.

Seriously though, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you SlipKnot, for these two shows. They were amazing, and I can’t even wait for Graspop to come now. NOW. NOW.

// Sara

“It takes like pop and rap to keep these labels going because those are the only people that are buying records anymore.”

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I have already written about this on my personal Facebook page, but I’m going to bring it up here as well, but more evolved.

The quote in the title is a quote by no other than Jim Root to MorningCall magazine he made recently, and the quote had me stunned for several minutes and then it had me almost burning up.

Since when, SINCE WHEN, do metal heads not buy records?

On the contrary – Metalheads are precisely the people who still buy records. I remember an article from a few years back about a girl opening a recordstore selling metal music with the reason “Metalheads will always buy records”. When I go to Sweden Rock, there’ll be a record tent around every corner. I have yet to see this phenomenon at a mix-festival, because Peace&Love sure as hell did not have it. Why? Probably because the average pop and rap fans are NOT as likely to buy records. I personally have yet to meet a person outside the metal community that is as passionate and and true to their genre. Metalheads are collectors. They won’t batch an eye about getting all your various deluxe and special and collectors edition of your CD’s.

Sure – let’s talk about it quickly. There are plenty of metal heads who download illegally (why?) and there are metal heads who use Spotify more than CD’s for some reason, of course, and there are rap and pop people who are the same as metal heads – but you cannot deny that metal heads are one of a kind when it comes to dedication.

Perhaps what Jim Root meant to say was “Rap and pop are what is sold better commercially”. That, on the other hand is a whole new story. Pop and rap are generally more popular, and thus selling more albums. The problem is rather that he’s comparing his band to artists that are way, WAY ahead of them popularity wise. Lady Gaga has no problems selling out Ericsson Globe, and SlipKnot has yet to sell out Hovet. Metal as a sub genre is STRONG in it’s passion and dedication, but it isn’t as widespread popularity wise.

Another problem I can see with this is Spotify. And not Spotify per se – but how the band uses it. I pre-ordered “The Gray Chapter” in order to get it a little before hand – here in Sweden, the companies always ships the CD’s a bit before releasedate to make sure you have the CD in your hands on the release date, but in 99% of the times, the CD’s comes to you a day or two before the release.

Can you guys imagine my disappointment and resignation when I learn that they have decided to release the entire album almost a week before original releasedate on Spotify. Sigh. So what was the point of me preordering it, when I don’t get it “before” everyone else anyway? And it’s not like they make any money off Spotify, as we’ve started to learn lately.

I assume “The Gray Chapter” didn’t meet the expectations this band had for it in success, but here’s an idea – DO NOT RELEASE THE ALBUM FOR FREE A WEEK BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE AND PERHAPS MORE WILL BUY IT. Or wait all in all.

Sometimes I just get so fed up with some of the members of this band. At times it feels like they are pissing all over their fans. Ruining their phones, making it unsafe for them and now this shit. It feels like they have some inner frustration with each other and now they are taking it out on the fans. Seriously, could someone shoot them off their large horses? What sour stone as Jim Root been living under? Or is this phenomenon Europe exclusive? I don’t know, but I’ll quote Fredrik Strage:

There are only three things that would survive a nuclear war: bacteria, cockroaches and metal heads“.


// Sara



Knotfest Day 2

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My friends! This morning I went up at 4:30 to catch SlipKnot’s second livestream from Knotfest in California. First of all, I apparently went up an hour too soon. With my calculations, it was supposed to being at 5am, and even the official page had written so. But when checking the timezone site, it was indeed at 6am it should begin. Damn it. I could have used that extra hour of sleep!

But no worries – I took the oppurtuniy to move around everything in my room, switching my computerchair for my more comfortable sparebed so I could at least have a cozy place to sit at while watching the stream.

Eventually, it began AND THANK GOD – THEY OPENED WITH “XIX“! My only complaint from last night was the fact that they didn’t open with “XIX”. I loved the song on the album, and as I said to my friend – it’s the ultimate song of doom, basically, and would cut it perfectly as an entrance song. Gladly, they finally did it.

Over all, I’m pleased. I’m a lot more pleased with the setlist for this night than the previous, and I noticed Corey didn’t have to adjust his mask as often as he did yesterday, which is good. On the other hand, his voice seemed a bit sore. I guess it happens. And while I loved the selections of songs, the energy seemed a bit missing. I wonder why.

Regardless – I’m glad I went up to see the stream, and I’ll spend a few days being bitter over not being there in person.

Here’s the full show, for all of you who didn’t get to see it this morning:

// Sara

Bonus Tracks

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So folks! Today I’ve finally taken myself the time to sit down and really go through all the extra tracks on both my new Olly Murs album as well as The Gray Chapter. I figured I’d tell you a bit about them.


So, let’s start off with SlipKnot. First of all – it made me very uneasy seeing they had three extra “bonustracks” on the album than what was written on the cover, and they had these “odd” titles as “-Silent-” “-Talk-” and “-Funny-” and while I’ve been a metalhead for a very long time, things like this still creeps my mind. I know they are harmless, but yeah.

But, starting off with “Override“, the first of the two original bonustracks. The song is somewhat similar to “Killpop”, or at least in the verses. I like the song a whole lot though, Perfect amount of heavier beats, enough melody and good arrangements. I want to write about the lyrics, but I’m gonna have to confess something. I had gotten the lyrics for “The Devil in I” sooooo wrong, so I rather not speak too much about it before I actually see it written down, because for all I know he might be singing something completely different…

The next song is “Burden” which starts off a lot heavier than the previous one, heavy riffs and beats, and then they have this thing in the verse where it sounds as if the vocals go up in the sky or something… It’s haunting, in a way. Similarly to XIX. It’s pretty good, but I prefer “Override” of the two.

So… let’s talk about the three mystery songs. Or songs. They are literally what they are named – -Silent- is two minutes complete silence. -Talk- is starting off with Sid and the gang working some piece, and eventually changes to a conversation between some guy bragging to either Clown or Corey or them both. Maybe Jim too, not sure. -Funny- is a clip of someone playing some instruments, not sure if I can identify them all, and Corey singing a little something in the background. Funny? Yes, haha.



So, let’s continue on to Olly Murs.

The first song off the bonuses is “Stop Tryna Change Me“, which I fell for immediatley. It’s a very typical Olly song. Positive, honest song about breakups (I still wonder what would happen if Olly and Taylor Swift dated and broke up…). The melody in the chorus is just… ahh. I love it. Just love it. Good start!

That’s Alright With Me” is the next song, and it reminds me directly of The Ark’s “All I Want Is You”. Same kind of thing going on in the verse.  Cute love song, but it’s a bit overshone by the previous one.

The third song is actually a christmas song, “I wish it was Christmas Everyday” that he performed at BBC at some point. The song immediatley makes me think of Christmas. It brings me that Xmas feeling, and I just… ahh. This will be played a lot this Christmas.

Inner Ninja” is a little funkier song. It’s amongst his littler more cocky songs, but seriously, the RYTHM! THE RYTHM PEOPLE! This is one of the tunes you’ll find me ugly dancing to. Love it. Love it. It’s a collab with Classified.

As the fifth song, we find “Did I Lose you?” which he did as a duet with Giorgia. Again, about a break up or how to put it. About how they lost each other, or did they? Well that’s the question. The song is sweet though, but no favorite.

The 6th extra track is a alternate version of “Dear Darlin‘” which he turned into a duet with Alizée. I was excited to hear this version, and imagine my surprise when I heard that her parts are sung in French! Never did I think you’d hear this song in French… But I really liked it. It added a whole new feeling to the song, like, not only did they break up, but it’s also distance related… Sorry. My storytelling brain kicked in there.

The last track on this extra CD, is the radio version of my all time favorite Murs song – “Hand on Heart“. The choirs in the beginning…. damn. I love it. The thing with this song is that, or perhaps this is the case with ALL of Ollys songs – the lyrics are what matters the absolute most. While I love the choirs in the beginning, I don’t care too much for the upbeat tempo in the verses. Not that it’s going faster, just the beat itself. BUT. The additional strings… ahh. This song NEVER EVER fails me. It’s still his best song to date. Regardless of version.


Well, that’s a bit about that. Now I’m gonna go and dry my tears after listening to “Hand on Heart”.

// Sara


All Hope Is Gone – A closer look at SlipKnot’s new masks

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Well well! Wasn’t the timing perfect or what? Just a day or two after me discussing Lordi’s new costumes, SlipKnot releases a video where you can CLEARLY see their masks, and I figured we’d for the third time go through them. Apparently this videoclip is actually hidden, so instead of embedding it, I’ll link it right here for you.

But okay, let’s talk masks, shall we? I’ll start with Corey, because he freaks the hell out of me so I just want to get it over with. ALL footage below are taken from the video, and are the property of SlipKnot / Roadrunner Records.


Goddamnit. I’ve seen this mask now for the 347238472th time, and it STILL TERRIFIES ME TO DEATH. I just can’t get used to this. It’s something inside of me that is just dead scared of this. I’m not sure what the hell it is, but jesus almighty. I can’t look at it. I guess the job is somewhat done if I can’t even look at it.


The new bassplayer, rumored Alessandro Venturella. This closeup allows you to see the texture a lot better, and it kinda feels like a plastered version of Paul, and I think it’s specifically the nose that makes me think of Paul. I love the detail with the 9-star at the forehead too. Kinda enhances the idea of them standing out as replacements instead of getting their own individual characters.


Let’s move on immediatley with the new drummer, rumored Jay Weinberg or possibly Roy Magora(commentfield). Up and close I have to take back my previous statement about the masks being not so similar, because they are dead similar. I still feels like this could be a plastered version of Joey, but it might be my mind that are playing me tricks. Maybe it’s the hair. I don’t know really.


Sadly, #6 are covering most of his face in this shot, but it still shows off some details I hadn’t paid attention too before, like the “burnt” off skin on the side, or the scar over the eye. While I still find him a bit scary due to my fear of clowns, I still think this is probably his least terrifying of masks he’s had throughout the years.


#3. Can I just say something crazy? (I LOVE CRAZY!) No ok. But anyway – I can not tell you enough how much I’m in love with Chris’ eyes. Like. HIS EYES. GODDAMNIT. HE HAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF EYES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Perhaps his mask enhances the effect of his eyes, I don’t know, but seriously, I can’t, masked or not, stop staring at his gorgeous eyes. Anyway, like I’ve said previously, it’s a steelmask, at least to the look of it, rather than the green/red/beige/whatever he had before. I like the details with the seam right over the face. Love it. This is nothing but an improvement!


133 #5. YES. THE SPIKES ARE LONGER. I’ve noticed a lot of people have commented this, so it wasn’t only in my head! I love how they in a way are in the shape of a pyramid. Or like sunrays. I don’t know. Aside that, I think it’s pretty much the same as the previous eras. Silent little 133.


#0. I still think he looks like a fly. A cute, bondage fly. However, this screenshot confirms that the steelplate IS Indeed removable, juast as I thought. Apart from the fact it isn’t a full gasmask anymore, I wouldn’t say it’s a too big of a difference from last. But I do like the update.


#7. Now, can we please, please talk about Mick’s mask? Like, I already talked about how the extra “wrinkles” around his mouth makes me think it adds so much intensity, but hey, can we talk about the crack? OR PERHAPS THE YELLOW STAINS? It’s like someone hit him in the head with a brick (most likely thrown by Clown) and cracked his skull and now there’s a lot of pus coming out of the wound. And it’s making it’s way down to his eyes, infecting his eyes so he cries blood (inside of his mask) leaving even more pus coming out of the eyes.

Ok – joke aside. LOVE THIS. Just fucking love this. This could possibly be my favorite mask out of the bunch, just by these details.


Last but not least – loveydovey #4. Seeing it up close we can conduct one thing – This is going back to “All Hope is Gone” but keeping a BIG self-titled vibe to it with the wrinkles. I’m sort of glad they took away the red parts, I always prefered him with only the black marks. Can we, on the other hand, just discuss the beard? Or you know, love the beard? Like. I absolutely LOVE how they made the mask fit the beard for ultra-epic-beardness! Adds a lot to this jokerimage.

Well, that’s that I guess. It’s only a little more than a month left ’til the new album and I’m getting sooo pumped, like I’ve said millions of times by now. But god. While I do not want time to go faster, I sure as hell can’t wait for time to go faster.

// Sara
2 days ’til “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”
13 days ’til Lady Gaga
34 days ’til “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE”
34 days ’til “Vol 5: The Grey Chapter”
44 days ’til “Scare Force One”
45 days ’til Lordi


The Devil in I – New video from SlipKnot

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Like, I said yesterday, today was going to be exciting. SlipKnot’s new musicvideo for “The Devil in I” was released earlier today.

Well, what can I say?

FIRST OF ALL. I’m gonna start off here with saying that at the MERE SIGHT of Corey’s new mask made me move as far away from the computer as I possibly could. I shit you not, NEVER EVER have I instinctively moved away the way I did now. And when I couldn’t move anymore I started crying. THAT is how much his new mask terrifies me. I don’t even know why, but JESUS. I sat here shaking and crying because of COREY(#8), not Clown(#6) (terrified of clowns). God. I don’t even know.

Anyway, aside the fear of Corey, I love pretty much everything that’s going on in this video. I’ve previously stated I’m not a too big of a fan of the song, and while that still stands, I am a HUGE fan of the video. It’s grotesque, it’s gory and while making no sense at all, it makes perfect sense. This is pretty much something I’d expect from them.



Let’s start off discussing the masks. This is #8’s new. As you can see, it’s technically not that scary or advanced, but it’s something about it that just freaks the hell out of me. I think it’s the leatherface kind of thing – that he has this extra layer of skin as he can rip off (as you can see in the images). And perhaps it’s the fact he is still so human, but yet not, unlike the others who are more “monster” like, or how to put it.


Next up is my loveydovey and #3. I can’t exactly say there has been done any major changes, aside changing #3’s green mask for a steel silver one, which looks awesome. #4’s mask has gone back to the “All Hope is Gone” era, which I LOVE because I thought his mask was the absolute best at that point. I also love how they made sure to make it fit the beard also.  This was is just perfect.


#6 and #5. #5 has barely had any changes at all, besides having the spikes made longer. Or maybe it’s just me? No. They have definitely been made longer. It’s another story with #6 though. The first thing that came to mind when I saw him pop up in the video was Chucky the Doll, and the first thing I said when I saw him was “Euuuuuuuuuhhhwwww”. But for some reason I adjusted pretty quickly. Still terrifying to some extent though.


#7 and #0. God, some of these screencaps are just so bad, but this was the best I could muster. The crack in the skull and the extra wrinkles are a nice update of #7’s mask, and makes the mask… more intense, if you like. Not sure how to put it better. The shot of #0 is so bad, but I hope you can see a bit. He still has his gasmask, but he’s got an additional steel-plate to cover his mouth (I think this one is removable). He reminds me of a fly when I see him like this, haha. But yes. Love the updates.

Then my friends, we have the two newbies. I’m not sure at all who these people are but, we’ll give them some room!


Unnamed drummer (Weinberg?) and unnammed bassplayer (Donnie?). Their masks are pretty similar, which is why I didn’t put all my life into finding a perfect shot of the drummer. The masks makes me think of some mixture between Paul Gray’s Iowa mask and Kalmas mask, for some reason. Fits them both though, and they mix in well with the bands image.

I must admit, I kinda like the idea of them having identical masks. Like, SlipKnot talked a lot about being “the nine guys” and once they start dropping off for various reasons, their spots are being filled, but they are never replaced. And I kinda like the idea that they’d continue this way. Like, in case Jim leaves, they take in a new guitarists and put on an exact kind of mask that these two has, like, in a way to separate the newbies from the oldies. It sounds a bit harsh putting it this way, but I just like the image of it, that you can literally SEE what people are not original members.

So people, have any opinions on the mask or the video or any comments in general? Up to discussion people!

// Sara

(Screenshots are taken directly from the musicvideo and the images are property of SlipKnot)