Eien No Melody

This is the song that brought all these thoughts to me, the song who set the mood.

I’m finally home from Italy. Even though this trip has been fun, it hasn’t been the easiest. We lived at complicated places that made things complicated for us, simple things as eating or sleeping properly. We didn’t eat more than once a day, and barely even that, especially at the concert-day in Rome, where we had a quarter of a crisp-bag and a pizza-slice for the whole day (from 10am to 3am). During the trip I also managed to first injury my left knee after a bad fall in a staircase made of stone, and during the concert I got a few additional bruises. During the Milano concert I injured my right knee, so both my knees are injured. To round this off, the day after the concert we got really sick with fevers and colds and what did we not get. Injured and really sick we are starting our journey home, a journey that went everything but good.

We get up at 4 am in the morning after an hour of sleep only to learn we can’t order a taxi, and may, with our 30 kilos luggage, per person that is, injuries and sickness, have to walk all the way from Lancetti to Bovisa. It’s “only” about 3 kilometers, but with all mentioned above, plus bad weather, it wasn’t all that exciting news. Gladly we found a taxi on stand by half way to Lancetti train station, and got to Bovisa without any struggle. We also got to the airport without any bigger troubles. Even though things went slow on the airport, even there and the plane-ride went fine. The troubles really began when we had reached Copenhagen and was gonna get home. First of all, the train was delayed about 10 minutes to start with. After that, we got stuck for 30 minutes before Lund because of an accident, before they decided to take the train back to Malmö, and get us on buses.

Complete chaos broke out at around the buses at Malmö, and the bus Michelle and I managed to catch of all the replacement buses, was of course the one who wouldn’t go directly to Lund, but to all destinations in Malmö. So once we reach Lund, we go in and ask the staff what track the train will go from, and they tell us track number 5. Sadly, we realize pretty soon that this was the wrong information, and we had missed the train.

After this we spend almost an hour fighting with two train-companies (the local one and the one that our train was provided from) until we get the message we have to go to Gothenburg, stay at a hotel for the night and get home early in the morning instead. By this time the sickness had reached the level were barely me or Michelle could even stand, and now we had to get somewhere else.

I think it was then, when sitting at a the luxury hotel in Gothenburg, close to tears with injured knees, skin that ached if I so touched it with a blanket and a head that almost burned up because of the fever, I realized what kind of things we out ourselves through for Lordi, or bands in general. It’s not only a question of money or time anymore. It’s a question of living conditions, it’s a question of health. That no matter what, no matter if you have to starve yourself for days, no matter if you can barely walk on your injured knees, you still go. You’re dead tired out of lack of sleep, but you still get up and go to that concert, because that’s just how much you love them. It kinda made me think of marriage, or what the preacher says during the ceremony.

Fan, do you take this Band to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love it, comfort it, honor and keep it in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to it as long as you both shall live?

This is kinda how it is. You devote your life to the band you love. Lordi shall know that I love them with all my heart, and despite this trip being what it has been, especially the last part of it, I won’t even hesitate to do it all again. More like, I can’t even wait to do it all again. Because I love them. With all my heart. And I would do anything, anything, for them. Anytime, Anywhere.


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