This about respecting yourself with the way you dress.

Kay, I got inspired for some reason to write about this earlier today so I sure as hell will now.

Once in a while, topics get trended on twitter, and I recall, maybe just about a week ago, a trending topic was “#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat” and then, alot of (girls) had said stuff such as “ShoutOutToAllTheGirlsThat respects themselves by not wearing miniskirts” (or any other kind of ‘revealing’ clothing).

I wonder though… where in hell is it disrespecting yourself in wearing ‘revealing’ clothes? Isn’t it kinda, the other way? Why does it instantly make one a slut because they wear cleveage and miniskirts? I myself where alot MINI-MINI skirts, that usually just covers my ass, and that with a cut open tshirt, some nice stilettos and black make up.
Does this make me a slut?

So, even when I tell you that I never party unless it’s around a concert, I barely drink alcohol at all when partying, I don’t engage in one night stands and I currently don’t have a boyfriend, AND that I’m on top of that is a universitystudent, stableworker, journalist and also works on surveycompany, Am I still a slut? Really? Just because of the short skirt? Really? I thought it was the behaviour and not the clothing.

So why do I wear short skirts. Well, they are comfortable, and considering them being so short, they never inhibit on my legs. I can walk, run, jump or even do splits, and the skirt will still be in place. Usually though, I personally always wear some kind of hotpants or tights under, I guess the TT is really reffering to those who don’t, but after all, it’s their decision, right?

But actually, I don’t think wearing covering clothes is disrespecting either. I actually think that, when you wear a ‘type’ of clothing because you are somewhat forced, THAT is disrespecting yourself. When you let other people tell you what to wear and how you should dress, that is just completly… out of box. Everyone should wear whatever they want, without being called either a slut, nerd, gay, prude or whatever!

The only way to respect yourself, is to be who you wanna be.

So take it to the stage in the multicolored jacket
Take it jackpot crackpot
Strutting like a peacock
Nailvarnish arkansas
Shimmy Shammy Featherboa
Crackpot haircut
Dye your hair in glowing red and blue
Do do do, what you wanna do
Don’t think twice do, what you have to do.
Do, do, do, do, let your heart decide
// Sara

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