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The Sims Tuesday | Aria Progress

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 24, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, since I last wrote about Aria a LOT has happened. She’s been promoted a couple of times – she’s currently in the level of “Pioneer within New Technics”. I’m going to admit right away – I play this game in Swedish so I’m not too sure about the english titles of the job.

I was surprised to see how highly level-wise she actually is in the profession, seeing she hasn’t visited Sixam yet. I think I recall Anna doing it fairly early. I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m just somewhat happy that the career is over. It’s a fun career, but it’s getting tedious.


I’ve started to work more on her personal life as well. Her boyfriend comes over nearly every weekend now, mostly to do some yoga, but they get some time together. I really need to care more for the relationship of her, especially since she’s doing the popularity ambition as we speak.

The weekends she doesn’t spend with her boyfriend, she spends in Granite Falls, taking a serious note at her Herbalism skill. She only skills, so far, she has yet to complete is Herbalism and Photography, and the latter one I’ll work on slowly because of how… boring it is to complete.


I love being in Granite Falls though. Maybe it simply is because it’s something new, I don’t know, but I just love it. And even more so that her best friend is a bear. For better and for worse, I guess.


// Sara



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Day two on my current The Sims streak, and seriously, this time a little bit actually happened.

Firstly, she was promoted I believe on her job, and moved forward quite a bit in her career. While I do enjoy the scientist career, I cannot wait for it to be over. So I can start the Doctors career and start off pretty much where I left it with Anna, which again is a stupid thing to say, as I have actually reached further than Anna with Aria. Oh well.

So, she has done small steps forward in her careers, I don’t think she’s been promoted since last time I wrote about her, but she has spent some nice quality time with her boyfriend.


I have been so caught up in setting up her store that I never really bothered to maintain the relationship with the boyfriend. But that is about to change. I’m making him her priority.

Another interesting thing that has gone down though, is that she’s been abducted by aliens. I guess it comes with the territory when she keep on contacting them through her work, what did however provoke me a bit is the fact that she was abducted TWICE in one week. Like, she was about to eat and then go to bed because she was dead tired, but nope. Abduction first, apparently.


Who knows how many times I’ll find her being taken away. Well, soon enough I guess her career will be over… and all will be well again.

// Sara

Charmed Life

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So, played a bit with Aria today, but I must admit, not a whole lot of progress. I guess this is, and I’ll admit it right away, that I have a bit of a hard time really sitting down PLAYING The Sims. For some reason I always feel the need to do several things all at once, not sure why. I need to change this veeery soon, and actually sit down and PLAY it. Perhaps then will I finally be able to move on.

Anyway, what has happened anyway is that she’s moved forward in her career. Not a whole lot obviously, as I’m still trying to get a hang of everything once again, but it’s slowly getting there. She moved up two steps on the career ladder, however.


Hopefully, if I perhaps sit down with one of the million albums I have just recieved to review, perhaps I can actually get through a proper session. I should probably try that. Like, sit down and just listen through the past discographies of bands I have to review and perhaps even bands who play festivals, and thus fooling myself into doing several things at once. Who knows.

Well, we’ll see when I decide to continue this! Until then!

// Sara

Water under the Bridge

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So, I’ve finally taken up on The Sims again! It’s been some time since I actually played, or well, it sure as hell feels like it, but inbetween I’ve managed to get to it!

What has happened since last is that I figured out I had the Outdoor Retreat expansion pack. I honestly did not know I had it. See, this is what is so problematic with digital copies rather than physical. Because, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out HOW Aria had gotten the herbal collecting skill, but then, well, yeah, I figured it out. And with that, I actually sent her and her boyfriend Travis off to Granite Falls for their first couple vacation.


They had a good run. It was quite necessary I believe, seeing I always focus too much on Aria’s careers to pay any sort of attention to her boyfriend, so this was well needed. Sadly, they only went for two days so not a lot happened, more than some bonding and some games.


After this vacation, it was time for Aria to start a new career. She is finally done with all the careers that were available, and has now started on her first Get To Work career – and I’m starting off with Scientist, as I already played through that career with Anna once.


It’s going ok. A bit slow, because I had forgotten how these careers actually work and found myself running around having no idea what to do – but we are now back on track.

So, with that said, I’ll check in with you later with more updates on Aria!

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 3

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Which neighbourhood do you usually play? Why?

This should be fun.

For The Sims 1, there isn’t a lot to choose from. I usually stick to number one, else I just wind up losing all my sims, but I nearly ALMOST find myself moving my Sims to the Magic Town rather than staying in the normal neighbourhood. I also have some weird love for using the lots down the map rather than the original slots.

For The Sims 2, it varies a lot, but I find myself using Belladonna Cove, since I actually prefer to live in apartments rather than a house.

The Sims 3 on the other hand.. that changes with every game. The Cullens were big on Sunset Valley, but since I mainly play, or only play, Elsa right now Islo Paradiso is my to-go place. It’s also my favorite, since I, as most of you know, I LOVE tropical places. I have yet to try out some worlds for the Sims 3 though, so I might wanna get back to you on this one in the future.

The Sims 4 I’ve found myself playing Oasis Springs the most. I don’t even understand why, I didn’t even think about it until Jennie pointed it out that I for some reason lived in the desert. I hate the desert. And even when moving Anna, I decided against moving her to Willow Creek. So yeah, for some reason, the fucking desert.

Yeah people. There you have it. Number one / Magic Town, Belladonna Cove, Islo Paradiso and Oasis Springs. Weird selection, if you ask me.

// Sara




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So. This is something I’ve thinking about a lot lately. The concept of gaming, and what defines a gamer? I’ll argue a bit about it.

So what I’ve been thinking about is the concept, or perhaps, definition of being a gamer. Technically, and by just listening to the word, we can all agree it’s about someone who plays games, easy enough. The general person you think about when you say gamer is a person who plays games as “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” or “Skyrim”, and of course, similar games.

But after long hours playing “The Sims” and having deep conversations with my platypus, I started to wonder if someone who plays “The Sims” is a gamer? She, among others, had this clear opinion that The Sims is a mainstream game, and not generally a gamers game, but after seeing the way I, and some of my friends play it, started to doubt it.

I had a small argument, no big one, just a small one, on Facebook today about The Sims be or not to be, where he stated that ” And please, if we call sims a “game” what should we call Skyrim or Mass Effect or Limbo.

But I’d say, The Sims is a game, or, what makes it less a game than the others? Because of it’s lack of plot?

This isn’t entirely true, that it lacks a plot. First of all – you have the Stories series. Life Stories, Pet Stories and Castaway, which all are based on a story, where the game tells you what to do next, and what to achieve to get to the next level. My personal fave is Castaway, because of it’s tropical environment and Robinson-kind of plot. Out of the three, this is the one most complex. Isn’t that a game, then?

And then we got the regular The Sims, and if we begin on The Sims 3 for a while, no, unlike Stories, these games hasn’t got a specific plot, the plot is what you make it. Most people think, and perhaps the general audience playing The Sims only make this “make sim, get married, get kids, die”. but I don’t.

I don’t just make a sim, get it married and get kids and that’s that. Any family I make, I make for a purpose. Cullens first purpose for instance, was to try out The Sims 3, obviously, but as more expansions came, their “plot” changed. At first, they were just a random family, I guess you could say. But then “World Adventures” occurred, and then Rosalie became Indiana Jones going on stressful (for me) quests seeking and digging graves like an idiot. I don’t even know anymore how many times she’s been burned or electroshocked.

Then “Ambitions” came out, and the plot changed again. Not only was Rosalie an adventurer, but now she was also a stylist, and on the same time, Edward got a proper “job” by becoming a self-employed painter, and this changed the plot further. However, somewhere here The Cullens story “ends” in plotchanges, as their locations made it impossible to continue.

I have after this created families to try out certain expansion – We have one Rosalie (I have no imagination, alright?) doing the “Late Night”, we have another Rosalie who got a horsefarm in “Pets” and we got a Candace trying out the world in “Showtime”. All of these sims have a cause, a plot – perhaps not a very complex one, Late Night-Rosalie only had for a goal to become a famous director and hitting the full famebar, Pets-Rosalie to make it to level 10 as a horsebreeder (and winning all the races) and Showtime-Candace to become a superstar.

And apart from Pets-Rosalie, they all have aquired their goals and purpose, and from now, you either leave it there, or you evolve their plot further. This is all on how you decide to play it, and the same goes for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2.

His next argument was ” playing only ONE game many hours doesnt make you a gamer. Its like watching Incepton 50 times and calling yourself a “cinefil” or whatever.”

On this one, I can agree. But then the question arises. Is The Sims “one game”? Is them all together “one game”?

I would say not. The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims Stories varies A LOT from each other. The basics are the same, you make a sim. (this does not go for Stories though). It’s just like The Elder Scrolls series (or not EXACLTY like, but you get what I mean), it follows up each other, but it ain’t the same. Not in the slightest, and people who play The Sims, knows this. The Sims is the basic little brother, who introduces you to the game, where you get the idea and get’s to try it out.

When The Sims 2 comes along, it’s like a whole new world with new cities, new worlds to explore, and new “things” to explore, such as more complex characteristics, Universities, Businesses and even living in apartments.

And then The Sims 3 comes along, and all of a sudden it’s not “down town” anymore – it’s once again a whole new world, were you can access downtown by only zooming out, even more complex characteristics, you got horses to explore, you get to go on heavy adventures, you even get the ability to travel to your friends game and perform or just see the other sim! (this is something I wanted already during The Sims 1 era)

The Sims stories has NOTHING to do with the others except from the concept of Sims, as you actually get a storyplot where you are told how to reach the next level and after a while “winning” the game, which you never do in the actual game.

But if we leave The Sims for a while, my next question arises.

What games counts as gamers games?

As you have understood, I play The Sims. But even if it may so seem, I don’t only play The Sims. Apart from The Sims, my favorite game is the myst-like game Atlantis( in this case, both 1 & 2). I also play  fantasybased horsegames such as the Starshine Legacy (four pieced), the fantasybased game Star Academy Legacy (four pieced), strategy games as Svea Rike and Journalist, and also games based off movies/books as The Harry Potter series, The Pirates of The Caribbean, “sports”games as Quidditch and on occasion, I play PlayStation games such as “Riding Star”, “Disney’s Hercules”, “Barbie Sports”, “The Little Mermaid 2”, “Spyro: The Dragon” and “Kingsley”.

So, is these gamers games? Except from Atlantis, none of these games are specifically “complex”, maybe even considered childrens game (and some of these are) but still.

So I leave the question open to you.

What actually defines a gamer?


What games qualifies as gamers?


Based on what you read, would you qualify me as a gamer?

And before I wind this up, I’ll put in Meljanz once again so you get this straight.

// Sara