Gravity Falls: Day 7 – Scariest Moment

Oh wow. Scariest moment…. That was a bit tricky. I tried thinking through what moments it could be, but I have come down to a few.

It’s split between the chase in Stan’s brain and the moment Gideon destroyed the Myster Shack. These moments are found in episodes “Dreamscaperers”.

The chase – I wasn’t sure what to get from it, but basically, they are being chased by Bill, and I think that’s enough for me to find it uneasy. The showdown… Were they going to get stuck, were they to be killed? Who knows.


The destruction – Mystery Shack is kind of a symbol of safe, you know. Especially for the twins, but you think of the Shack and you think of home. And to see it be shred to pieces… Jesus fucking christ.


These are the moments I’d call the scariest ones.


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