*** Spoiler alter ***

Today was the day for a new premiere of Gravity Falls here in Sweden, and today it was “Scary-Oke”, ironically, since this is actually the first episode of this season. Would have been good if they actually got the episodes in the right order you know…

Anyway. So, basically, what happens is that they have a re-launch of the Mystery Shack after finally imprisoning Gideon, and they start that off with a special day at the Shack and wrapping it up with a party. In the middle of the re-opening, a couple of agents shows up because of unusual paranormal activity (caused by Stan). Of course he denies, but Dipper calls them up anyway and to make a long story short, he manages to awaken the dead. After running around for a while and having Soos turned into a zombie, Stan comes to rescue and admits to the twins that he is well aware of the paranormal shit going on, and then, by singing together as a family, they managed to kill all the zombies.

Well, what can I say? THIS SEASON IS INTENSE. I LOVE this episode, especially since we finally are starting to get closer to finding out things about Gravity Falls. The revelation by Stan is a HUGE step on the  way, and seeing inside his cabinet is just amazing.

I’m a little surprised as to how, obscene the season is getting. For being a Disney series, it’s getting creepier and creepier. Zombies with eyes hanging out of the head? What a step!


I can’t wait for the next episode. Bring it on!

// Sara

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