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Today was an exciting day! Or perhaps not, but the morning sure as hell was! Brand new episode from the brand new season of Gravity Falls. Yes, yes, I know you Americans have had this out for like A LONG time, but we are a little behind here in the North, ok?

I’m not sure if this is the first of the new episodes we air here in Sweden, my schedule has been pretty cray cray making it difficult to keep up with new premieres – hello, I even missed out on “The Night of the Living Pharmacists” with Phineas&Ferb… Anyway. Gravity Falls.

So, basically, what happen is that the crew (Dips, Mabes, Wends, Soos) goes out to seek for the author of the books, and end up in a crazy shapeshifiting scientists hideout.¬†Originally they were only snooping around until Mabes pushed Dips into a desinfection kind of chamber with Wends in order to “force him” to tell her he loves her. Obviously, shit got real after this. The ultimate moment of the whole thing is hwne the Shapeshifter takes on the form of Wendy and eventually has her fighting herself. And in the midst of that, Dipper ALSO managed to confess his feelings for her. They weren’t mutual, but they are still good friends. Oh yes, they killed the monster too.


One thing that I really like about Gravity Falls is that it ain’t really like any other Disney series. Alex has this mysterious way of getting his way – and making it a lot more violent than the average series. And now I’m not just talking about the fights, I’m talking about showing blood, paranormal things, legit monsters and things like that. Things that even I as an adult can be a bit “heh” over.

I loved the episoded though. I need to catch Scary-Oke soon enough, or else I’ll go mad. But it’s possible that, again, DisneyChannel in Sweden has turned it around. We’ll see we’ll see. And I’m excited about the new codes to crack. Ahh!

// Sara


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