Gravity Falls Challenge Day 13: Guest Star I’d Like To See

Okay wow. This one was a little tougher, I must admit. Guest star I’d like to see…

My first spontaneous thought would be someone from Phineas&Ferb, preferably Ashley Tisdale with her manaic-like Candace voice. I could totes see her voicing a friend of Wendy, who’s similar to Candace, you know?

But Peter Stormare could also be cool. He voiced Whiplash in Mission Marvel, and I mean, imagine him voicing a temporary villain in Gravity Falls? Wouldn’t that be pretty epic? Alongside Thorup and Alex (Gideon, Bill, respectively).

Well yes. I think that summarizes it. Ashley Tisdale and Peter Stormare are the two people I’d love to see on Gravity Falls.

But I’m in reality just hoping for a Phineas&Ferb / Gravity Falls crossover. I’m currently TRYING to write a fanfic on the matter, but it’s going slowly.

// Sara

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