Gravity Falls Day 14: Creature I’d like to see

Like I start almost ALL my Gravity Falls challenge entries… this one had me a bit in a pickle. Creature I’d like to see… that’s a tough one. I mean, Alex evidently has no trouble coming up with any kind of creature, so just trying to think about all the possible things he could come up with are difficult as it is already.

But I guess I’d like to see some sort of companion to Bill, I guess. Another demon of sorts, not as a lover or anything, more like a business partner. Like, they conquer Bill and OH NO, another demon lurking and destroying things or just co operating. What kind of demon he would be, and what he’d look like though, that’s hard for me to come up with right away right here.

But yeah. Another dream demon who is in it to win it with Bill. I’d like that.

// Sara

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