Water under the Bridge

So, I’ve finally taken up on The Sims again! It’s been some time since I actually played, or well, it sure as hell feels like it, but inbetween I’ve managed to get to it!

What has happened since last is that I figured out I had the Outdoor Retreat expansion pack. I honestly did not know I had it. See, this is what is so problematic with digital copies rather than physical. Because, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out HOW Aria had gotten the herbal collecting skill, but then, well, yeah, I figured it out. And with that, I actually sent her and her boyfriend Travis off to Granite Falls for their first couple vacation.


They had a good run. It was quite necessary I believe, seeing I always focus too much on Aria’s careers to pay any sort of attention to her boyfriend, so this was well needed. Sadly, they only went for two days so not a lot happened, more than some bonding and some games.


After this vacation, it was time for Aria to start a new career. She is finally done with all the careers that were available, and has now started on her first Get To Work career – and I’m starting off with Scientist, as I already played through that career with Anna once.


It’s going ok. A bit slow, because I had forgotten how these careers actually work and found myself running around having no idea what to do – but we are now back on track.

So, with that said, I’ll check in with you later with more updates on Aria!

// Sara

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