Charmed Life

So, played a bit with Aria today, but I must admit, not a whole lot of progress. I guess this is, and I’ll admit it right away, that I have a bit of a hard time really sitting down PLAYING The Sims. For some reason I always feel the need to do several things all at once, not sure why. I need to change this veeery soon, and actually sit down and PLAY it. Perhaps then will I finally be able to move on.

Anyway, what has happened anyway is that she’s moved forward in her career. Not a whole lot obviously, as I’m still trying to get a hang of everything once again, but it’s slowly getting there. She moved up two steps on the career ladder, however.


Hopefully, if I perhaps sit down with one of the million albums I have just recieved to review, perhaps I can actually get through a proper session. I should probably try that. Like, sit down and just listen through the past discographies of bands I have to review and perhaps even bands who play festivals, and thus fooling myself into doing several things at once. Who knows.

Well, we’ll see when I decide to continue this! Until then!

// Sara

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