Day two on my current The Sims streak, and seriously, this time a little bit actually happened.

Firstly, she was promoted I believe on her job, and moved forward quite a bit in her career. While I do enjoy the scientist career, I cannot wait for it to be over. So I can start the Doctors career and start off pretty much where I left it with Anna, which again is a stupid thing to say, as I have actually reached further than Anna with Aria. Oh well.

So, she has done small steps forward in her careers, I don’t think she’s been promoted since last time I wrote about her, but she has spent some nice quality time with her boyfriend.


I have been so caught up in setting up her store that I never really bothered to maintain the relationship with the boyfriend. But that is about to change. I’m making him her priority.

Another interesting thing that has gone down though, is that she’s been abducted by aliens. I guess it comes with the territory when she keep on contacting them through her work, what did however provoke me a bit is the fact that she was abducted TWICE in one week. Like, she was about to eat and then go to bed because she was dead tired, but nope. Abduction first, apparently.


Who knows how many times I’ll find her being taken away. Well, soon enough I guess her career will be over… and all will be well again.

// Sara

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