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The Sims Challenge: Day 8

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8. How are the Pleasants doing?

The Pleasants… at first I didn’t even realize what sims you were talking about, and I can’t say I remember the Pleasants from The Sims 2, however I do remember them from The Sims 1, so I will answer this question for TS1.

Well… What happened. Not a lot. After I was done with the try-outs, I kinda gave them up. I think I remember that I did indeed get them a baby, at some point, at some time I was playing them, but I can’t say that I played a lot on them. I’ve always been a bigger fan of making my own families rather than playing on already existing ones, Caliente being literally the exception because I liked the sims in that family too much to not play them.

So yeah. Boring answer, but not a lot. Sadly.

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 7

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Day 7: What about those Caliente sisters?


Caliente. I loved Caliente in The Sims 2, and I think there might have been something about me sometime in the future having that. Living in a flat with your best friend, and by playing Caliente you kinda got to live it through the game.

However, despite me playing the family A LOT, it was many years ago now. And I don’t remember a whole lot. I believe they had a job each, as usual, and I paired them up with some guys from the neighbourhood… fairly average The Sims game, or, average for me at the time. I hadn’t yet gotten into that competitive thing where I had to make them supersims.

I might have hooked one of them up with the Bachelor, if I remember correctly. Only because the game “introduction” said that shouldn’t happen, haha.

Well, yeah. Now you guys know!

// Sara

The Sims Challenge Day 6

Posted in 30 Day The Sims Challenge, The Sims on August 3, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

What has become of your Goths in your game?

Good question. Like, a really good question.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve touched a Goth family for about 10 years. Not Goth, not Goth the Elder, not The Sims 2, nowhere. The only thing I usually do is that I go into the Elder and remove them from the house because I want the house.

However, speaking of Goth, I might as well tell you about one of my “major” memories, which terrified me, but also made me stop downloading things to the game. Except the Magic Mirror. I don’t remember how I managed this game before Magic Mirror.

Anyway, it was probably 10-12 years ago, and I thought it could be cool to try out guns.

Yes, you heard that right. I downloaded rifles, guns, you name it. I had read about it in a The Sims magazine that came out that year, as well seen pictures on the internet, and I figured I should try. So I got them in the game, and then I was in Goth the Elder family when I tried it…

And he died on the spot.

Of course, this shouldn’t surprise me, and I guess it didn’t surprise me, but it TERRIFIED me. How quick my sim just died. After that, I re-installed the entire The Sims game and deleted the guns away from my computer. And since then, I haven’t downloaded anything that isn’t directly from the official The Sims pages. Not because I don’t trust them, but before I know it I’ll have imported guns or whatever again…

And it makes me nauseous knowing there are nations in the world who are so reckless with gun laws that this is basically a fucking reality.

// Sara

The Sims Challenge Day 5

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What about your favourite Maxis-made individual Sim?

For this one, I’m gonna go straight for The Sims 1 alone since it’s the only game where I ever cared about playing Maxis made sims, but I always liked Claire, the lady who lives in the blue/yellow house a bit down on the map and she has a couple of dogs. You get her in Unleashed obviously.

Aside her, like I said, I never really cared a lot for pre-made families and sims, since half the joy lies in making the ultimate sim to reach your goals with.

The Sims Challenge: Day 4

Posted in 30 Day The Sims Challenge, The Sims on June 29, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Who is your favourite Maxis-made family?

This was a tough one. I never really cared a lot for the pre-made families, I always made my own. But I guess Robert and his girl is a classic, as well as Ghost, both of these from The Sims 1.

For The Sims 2 on the other hand, I always had a thing for the Caliante girls. You know, the two roommates?

But really, this was a tough one. I don’t fancy playing major families at all, Cullens is really the only exception, I always grow bored once I start building families and stuff so I stay away as far as possible from families.

But yes. Ghost, Robert + his woman and Caliante girls.

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 3

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Which neighbourhood do you usually play? Why?

This should be fun.

For The Sims 1, there isn’t a lot to choose from. I usually stick to number one, else I just wind up losing all my sims, but I nearly ALMOST find myself moving my Sims to the Magic Town rather than staying in the normal neighbourhood. I also have some weird love for using the lots down the map rather than the original slots.

For The Sims 2, it varies a lot, but I find myself using Belladonna Cove, since I actually prefer to live in apartments rather than a house.

The Sims 3 on the other hand.. that changes with every game. The Cullens were big on Sunset Valley, but since I mainly play, or only play, Elsa right now Islo Paradiso is my to-go place. It’s also my favorite, since I, as most of you know, I LOVE tropical places. I have yet to try out some worlds for the Sims 3 though, so I might wanna get back to you on this one in the future.

The Sims 4 I’ve found myself playing Oasis Springs the most. I don’t even understand why, I didn’t even think about it until Jennie pointed it out that I for some reason lived in the desert. I hate the desert. And even when moving Anna, I decided against moving her to Willow Creek. So yeah, for some reason, the fucking desert.

Yeah people. There you have it. Number one / Magic Town, Belladonna Cove, Islo Paradiso and Oasis Springs. Weird selection, if you ask me.

// Sara



The Sims Challenge Day 2: Did you start out with The Sims?

Posted in 30 Day The Sims Challenge, The Sims on May 2, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

The full question is:

“Did you start out with The Sims or did you get The Sims 2 first? Do you have Sims 3? Why/why not?”

And yes. I started out with The Sims. I was given The Sims and the expansion pack “Livin’ It Up” by my mother about 15 years ago now, and I’ve basically played it ever since.

Do I have The Sims 3? Can birds fly? Of course I have The Sims 3, and The Sims 4 for that matter too. (I’m noticing the questions are a bit outdated)

Why? Well, The Sims is a big part of my life, or you know, it’s a huge interest for me, so to NOT have all the games just.. it’s like NOT having the complete discography of a band you claim to be your favorite, and not because the CD’s are sold out but because you are lazy. I can’t just go there and be like “Nah man, no The Sims 3”. I need to try it of course.

However, so far, The Sims 3 is the one where I have the most expansionpacks UNINSTALLED. For The Sims, I have all in. For The Sims 2, I’ve taken away Seasons and Bon Voyage. Not because I don’t like either of them – especially Bon Voyage, but it was running so slow, that I never actually used it. And I didn’t see the point to have it, if I didn’t use it. Seasons annoyed me with the weather after a while.

For The Sims 3, I have Fast Lane, Pets, Diesel and Supernatural uninstalled. The first three are uninstalled mainly because I currently host The Sims 3 on my laptop, and figured I’d take away the expansions I found unnecessary to keep some space. Pets… I love the horses, but if I’m not ACTUALLY playing a horses family, it’s just annoying having the animals run around all over.

Supernatural… is an expansion that I’ll probably never install again. I played it for a while, with my Sim Katie who was a witch… And considering that, despite turning off the moon cycle, I would have the entire neighbourhood to zombies… kinda made it boring you know? So it’s gone. And will be so.

I don’t have Movie stuff nor Into The Future installed as well, but that’s not because they are annoying in anyway, it’s because I wanna be “done” with Island Paradise before I get started.

// Sara

30 Day The Sims Challenge Day 1: Post a picture of your Simself.

Posted in 30 Day The Sims Challenge, The Sims on April 18, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Well okay, I thought it could be time to start up yet another challenge, and what would be more fitting than a The Sims Challenge?

So here I am on the first day without being able to post anything. I haven’t made a Simself in forever. I think I did, about 14 years ago together with a few friends, but that family, and pictures of it, are gone since long. But, hey, don’t be sad, let me introduce you to someone who’s at least a little closer to be a Simself.


This is Rose Hale, my first sim ever in The Sims 4, and I’d say she’s probably the closest that I’ve ever come to make a Simself. I don’t remember all too much about her right now, the only thing I DO know is that I originally planned for her to have made ALL the careers possible to unlock all the items, but somewhere in the middle I changed the focus and made her have a baby, and ever since they became three in the household (her husband as well you know) I lost interest in the family.

It’s fun, most people see The Sims as a game where you make a sim, get a job, build a house, get married, have kids and that’s the game. For me, it’s game over as soon as they move in with a boyfriend/girlfriend, because all of a sudden I need to take care of more sims than her.

Which is interesting, given my first family in both The Sims 1 and The Sims 3 where families with eight sims in them, and the The Sims 3 one, Cullens, is a family I still (try) to play these days. It’s still bugged, so I need to resurrect a really old version of them…

But yes! There it is!

// Sara