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Sweden Rock Festival Day 4 – Saturday

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Early morning again for the last day at the festival. It’s always bittersweet, waking up the very last day of the festival, knowing that today is the last day whatsoever to be in this amazing place, waking up to the sound of music and knowing the day is, if I would do it, be filled by amazing acts.

Early in the morning I got up to catch Electric Boys in the morning.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys delivered an energetic and groovy set. I can’t exactly call myself a fan of the band as I merely just see them occasionally rather than actually listening to them on a regular basis, but everytime I’ve seen them I’ve enjoyed the show tremendously. And there was no exception for today. Conny Bloom knows how to get the crowd going, even at 12 in the morning. Thank you boys!

After Electric Boys I went around starting to pack… and I noticed my work out sweater was missing. Went to the showers by the campground to ask if they had seen it, and got the answer they had likely thrown it away. Apparently, they are the kind of people that throw away clothes rather than giving it to lost and found. Says a lot about them.

Kept packing up the camp – figured I might as well have it done, you know. I meant to see the Symphony Orchestra show, but I’ll be honest. I was really upset learning my sweater had likely been thrown away that I lost my mood. I don’t like losing my things, and even less when I can’t get them back.

Sadly, the distraction and packing sadly led me to also miss out on Rhapsody. It was when I packed the camp and heard some symphonic metal coming from the festival I realized they were on. Damn it. Damn me. I managed to see the last song though, so I guess I’ll just”redo and do right” on Graspop when it comes to them.

I took the time to do a last shopping round, picking up a piece of clothing and some other things before watching ARTCH.


The first, and so far only time I’ve ever seen ARTCH was in 2007 when they played together with Satyricon. ARTCH is the old, or well, current band of the old bassplayer from Wig Wam, so seeing him this year was a way to see some people that I once loved so much in the flesh again.

And it was emotional. It was very emotional seeing Bernt, or Flash, in action again on stage with this band. And Eirikur Hauksson on vocals is just incredible – I love him as a vocalist.  It was a great and small show, real cozy inside the tent. I loved every moment.

After ARTCH, I went to pick up some late night dinner and watching Venom while doing so. I had not planned to see this band at all, but I was happily surprised actually. I really enjoyed it. I will try to pick up on them somehow some day.

After this, I went out, picked up my folding chair, a bag of popcorn and a drink and sat down far way back at the site to watch In Flames from afar eating popcorn and drinking good Pepsi. After this, I went to bed and got ready for the long journey home tomorrow.

Thank you so much Sweden Rock for this year, and all the bands for being amazing. Thank you so much.

// Sara


Sweden Rock Festival Day 3 – Friday

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Today I got up early in the morning and headed off down to the car, the computer and internet to do something very very important: Get Katy Perry tickets. It was a smooth process – no queuing or anything. It’s going to be good to see her again – first time I saw her was two years ago. It’s funny though – this is the second time out of two times possible that I find myself buying Katy Perry tickets while at Sweden Rock. How great is that? And even better – we’ll be leaving for Katy Perry right after, and right from, Sweden Rock.

After doing such and returning to the camp, I got ready, had nice breakfast and then started searching for albums. You see, I have a little book with CD’s I’m supposed to get – because most of the time, I get blank. To put some perspective on this – I save up all year round for the shopping spree I go on on Sweden Rock. So once I’m here, I just kind of go blank.  Because the thing I’ve waited for all year is here and now I don’t know what I want to buy. So, I have my book to help me set me straight.

At 14.30 I headed off to Rock Stage to watch the old heroes in KIX.


I have never been a superbig fan of KIX, but I do like some of the stuff they’ve made, and was excited to see them. What I really like with these “old” bands is that nothing has changed. They are still the same, looking the same, acting the same. Most of them – not all. They put on a really good show, I enjoyed every moment of it. Half way through I had dinner / lunch while watching, and I seriously love these little moments.

The next band on the other hand, was the big one for me today.


I went off to Festival Stage in wait for this band that I saw the last here at Sweden Rock in fact five years ago, which was the first time I saw them with Nic. I remember how hard it was, hearing the songs, but also happy to see them with a singer that takes so good care of them vocally.

When the intro started, which consisted of old Gotthard songs merged together like when tuning a radio (similar to what Amaranthe has) it hit me like a fist right in the gut. I haven’t listened to Gotthard for so long because of the pain, and hearing it like this just remembered me about it all. Just like a kick in the gut.

The band came on stage and opened up with “Silver River”. And it was like no time had passed. “Electrified” was next on the list before they went for an old school favorite in “Hush”. The audience was pretty good actually – about what I’d expect for them playing in the midst of the heavy sun. “Stay With Me” was the next song on the list before continuing on with another big favorite – “Mountain Mama”.

Something that has always got me with Nic, is that whenever they sing older songs, songs from Steve’s era so to put it, if you close your eyes, you could almost believe it was him. He both sounds similar, and if anything makes himself sound very similar to Steve. “Feel What I Feel” was next song on the list, quickly followed by the very beautiful ballad “Remember it’s Me” from “Firebirth” album. “Sister Moon” and “What You Get” was next, and then something very special, and most importantly, very heavy, happened.

On the screen, the big screen on the Festival Stage, as they started playing “Heaven”… Steve Lee appeard. And a recording of his voice echoed out in the speakers, as the band played and sang along to it. The video displayed Steve singing. It was as if he was there. I can assure you – my eyes were not dry, and I don’t think any eyes were. Here’s to another gut punch, but it was so beautiful to see him being with them still, in a way.

After this gorgeous moment it was time for some old hits – “Top of the World” and “Lift U Up”, “Anytime Anywhere” being absolutely amazing as per usual, and then they wrapped the whole set up with “Come Together” and “All We Are”. The band thanked for themselves and walked off the stage.

Seeing Gotthard again was so amazingly good. Like a blast from the past, without actually being from the past. I’ve missed this band, I have to admit.

After this, I headed over to the signing session with Gotthard. I waited in line for some time, figured it was for the best to just get it over with. Went back to the car to dump off some things before getting back to the site and witnessing RATT.


RATT… the last time I saw them was on Sweden Rock 2008. I was really excited to see them again, seriously. It feels like all these bands I once saw like once or twice are just coming back for me to see once again. I said it to my friends – the bands on Sweden Rock kind of rotates a lot, and they always end up coming back if they haven’t stopped all in all.

The band was good. It was an energetic set, and a very very very energetic crowd if anything! It made me extremely happy to see that they got so well recieved. Really good show, thank you RATT!

As per usual, I needed to rest my legs – I don’t know what has happened in the later years, but my legs get extemely worn out in to the muscles and bones, and it gets painful to walk. So I sat in my car and lazily watched Scorpions on the big screen and listening to the music. It could be worse, right? And then, I headed in to see the last band of the night, Running Wild.

Running Wild

So, I have a friend who really loves Running Wild. Like, he REALLY REALLY loves them. Sadly, he was not present at Sweden Rock this year, so as any good friend would do, I streamed the whole show as good as I could to him over messenger.

The show was very very good. I had listened a little bit prior to the festival, but I was completely sold during the show. A pirate band, again. Are you even surprised? Probably not. There was a good vibe all through the crowd, and the band was performing well. A perfect ending.

After Running Wild, I headed back to my camp and went to bed. Electric Boys went on early, so it had to be done.

// Sara






Sweden Rock Festival Day 2 – Thursday

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Okay so something seems to be up with my matress. I’m not entirely sure yet, but fucking hell, it deflates. Perhaps I just didn’t stick it in properly. Uh. Started the day off in the recordstore – I had finally gotten my tax refund, so it was time to get some albums. I picked up on Alestorm’s “No Grave but the Sea” vinyl and album, as well as Gotthard’s most recent and Adrenaline Rush’s “Soul Survivor”. After this, I met up with Sofia, Johanna and Malin for some lunch at Holy Smoke Bar and Grill, Sweden Rock’s own restaurant. I’ve always wanted to try it.

And it was good, like, well good. So good I actually didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day, haha. Convenient.

After this, I headed off to Steel Panther’s signingsession. It was really good actually to see them and meet them again, after all this time. It’s been way too long now already. After that, I headed back to the car, dropped off the merchandise and to chill out and rest abit for the upcoming heavy evening. And soon enough, it was time for Steel Panther.

Steel Panther

They opened up the show with “Eyes of a Panther” as per usual, and quickly followed up with “Going in the Backdoor”. It amazes me to see how this band has grown, fanbase wise. Like, they’ve always been somewhat big, but not on this scale. And it’s fun to see how it’s happening slowly – they aren’t a one night sensation, they just grow bigger and bigger. I wasn’t a very big fan of “Lower the Bar”, but I still… they are my boys, you know?

“Just Like Tiger Woods” off “Balls Out” was next on the list before what seemed to become a big moment – “Fat Girl”. Seriously, this is still one of my all time favorite songs with this band. “Death to All but Metal” followed suit, and it was so good to see them again. So many trips down the memorylane, you know? “That’s When You Came In” was next on the list, “Poontang Boomerang” followed.

“Community Property” was next on the list, and the whole crowd kind of exploded. It’s so good to see you know? They barely had to sing the song themselves. The jokes told on stage by the way, are pretty much the same old. A little bit new, and this time I actually chuckled instead of being slightly annoyed.

“17 Girls” was next song, followed by “Gloryhole” before wrapping up the entire set with “Party All Day”.

It was so, so so, SO GOOD to see the boys again. My boys. My Steel Panther. I enjoyed the show a lot, thank you guys!

Right after this, I turned the other way and watched Aerosmith.


Ahh Aerosmith. I have sadly, never seen them before. The train was canelled in 2010 when I was meant to see them, so I was beyond happy to see them this year, and their supposed aero-vederci tour! Steven Tyler and the gang delivered an amazing set, I am at loss for words. It was good seeing a band that are really quitting at the top of the game, you know?

Thank you, Aerosmith!


Right after Aerosmith, it was time to head back to Rock Stage, and as I did so, I thought to myself “why don’t these band have pyros, I’m so fucking cold”.

Little did I know Tobias Sammet would have me covered.

As they opened with “Love Tyger”, the band set off enough fireworks and various kind of pyros to put a smile on everyone’s faces, to heat me up and for the rest of the entire festival. Holy shit, it kept on for some time. The rest of the set however had no pyro whatsoever, ironically.

With that said, it was a great show. Tobias is quite the entertainer, and he’s very generous I’d say when joking about himself. It was the perfect way to end the night – thank you!

After this, I headed back to the camp and went to bed… tomorrow was a big day…

// Sara

Sweden Rock Festival: Day 1 – Wednesday

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So finally. The most wonderful time of the year is about to start. Finally, it is what we call, time to go home. I was going rather late this year – last year, I went up already on Monday, and this year, not until Wednesday. The original plan did though include me going up already on Tuesday in fact, but life happens.

I went on a bit of a deadline seeing Art Nation, one of the bands I pretty much came here to see was performing somewhat early. Not super early, but early enough to stress me. After a few ifs and buts, I finally made it onto the road and blasted some old mix-CD’s I made when I was younger. Seriously, I made them like six or seven years ago, and I still love them today. I guess it’s because it reminds me of old songs, don’t you think?

I was on a pretty good time schedule. It wasn’t perfect – I was set to arrive about an hour or so before Art Nation was about to go on stage, but it could most deffo be worse. I had the oppurtunity to stop by a beautiful stop-place, and I really need to try to make it a thing to stop here. Maybe use a disposable grill?

At 16.50 I had finally parked and gotten out of my car, and said good bye to the little bug that kept me company in the car for the last hour. It was a bit too heavy for him to crawl out, so he held on tight. I went to exchange my ticket first thing, where I met up with Sofia, Johanna and Malin. Sooner than expected, would you know! Already at 17.15 we had our bracelets, yellow and blue, which felt ironic to me considering “The Lion From The North” has been one of my most played songs on a daily basis.

Art Nation

But! With that said, we made it in, we made it to Art Nations stage and I was stoked, beyond stoked to get to see them for the first time as a fan. I saw them, as you guys might know, at Skogsröjet last year and I fell in love with them on an instant.

They opened their set with “One Nation” which for me, seemed to be quite odd for an opener, I had expected it to be something more you know… up beat? The song was quickly followed by “I’m Alive”. The first single of the album, “The Real Me” was next on the list, and I was happily surprised to discover how much heavier it is live! I loved it. I was followed by what I personally thought would be the opener, “Need You To Understand”.

The band was pretty energetic, but I felt that some, or may I say, most of the memebers, seemed to be a bit nervours or holding back a bit. But Alexander was slaying it. The crowd was… so so I’d say. Probably die hards at the front, but that’s about it.

“Kiss up and Kick Down” was next, and I really love this one. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I just do. “Paralyzed” was next on the list, followed by “Don’t Wait for Salvation”. Alexander spoke of how important it is to enjoy yourself, to dance, to have fun. And for this, they used “Start a Fire”… and you know… I like the song, not gonna lie, but on the same time this choice surprised me. It’s not a that fun of a song, in all honest. “All In” was next on the list, before they wrapped the whole set up with “Ghost Town”.

It was such a good show. It was so good seeing them again, and like this, and seeing a band being on the rise. It makes me happy. Til next time!

After this, I went back to my car to have dinner and to set up my tent at the camping. The weather here is pretty shitty not gonna lie – it’s been a bit small rain, but fuck. After getting some help from Sofia to get up some of my stuff, I joined them in their tent for some hanging out before going to see Grave Digger. In the POURING RAIN. Like, waterfall kind of pouring.

Grave Digger

I must admit, I have never really listened to this band, but I was intrigued to see them. They had quite the crowd, and they delievered a really, really good set. I enjoyed every minute of it, despite being caught in the rain from hell. Really cool to see Axel Ritt in action as well!

After Grave Digger was done, I hit up some of the recordstores to check out the supply. I was looking for “No Grave But The Sea”, but didn’t find the edition I wanted. I was so disappointd it’s almost patethic, but hey. What can I say?

I did managed to find some things to. The second Powerwolf box – “History of Heresy” and Sabaton’s “The Swedish Empire Live”, DVD the latter. It was a nice find, and a small start. I need to get the money to my bank, but I have my eyes on a lot of things…

Now, I’m sitting here in the car hoping the rain will calm down eventually so I can go back to the camping and cuddle down in my tent. As if, right?

// Sara

Sweden Rock: The Aftermaths

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Wow. So I’ve fallen out of shape of blogging quite a lot. It’s been three weeks now. I’m quite frankly sorry for that, and I don’t really have a good excuse for any of it. I’ll just hope I’ll be able to pick it up a notch starting from here.

So basically, this is going to be a short and quick little blog about Sweden Rock. It’s been a few weeks since the fest really, and I… haven’t had any inspiration to write anything, so this will become what it will become really.

Todays fest has been… a big mixture of emotions, I guess you could say. It’s been by far the weirdest festival I’ve ever been to on many levels and because of everything that happened, but it’s also been euphoric.

Mobilbilder 11048 Mobilbilder 11057 Mobilbilder 11062 Mobilbilder 11064 Mobilbilder 11068 Mobilbilder 11072 Mobilbilder 11077 Mobilbilder 11079 Mobilbilder 11080 Mobilbilder 11084 Mobilbilder 11167

I’ve been up earlier than I have ever been on Sweden Rock because of Epica and Lordi’s early play times, I’ve always been up longer than ever because of Avantasia. I have never in my life spent so much time on the campgrounds as I did on Sweden Rock this year, and for the first of possibly ever I got to practice my intense engineering skills when rebuilding a dying party tent about ten times before letting it die.

Mobilbilder 11092   Mobilbilder 11459 Mobilbilder 11456 Mobilbilder 11454  Mobilbilder 11189 Mobilbilder 11186Mobilbilder 11535Mobilbilder 11531

We’ve for the first time ever been down to the beach in Norje and chased each other around with seaweed. It’s been a time for new friendship and old, it’s been the time for mishaps such as missing out on Sabaton’s signing session (gladly, I was actually watching Lita Ford and then Foreigner, so at least I was doing something important!) or forgetting your camera in the camp for Epica, but I also got to meet Lita Ford which is… I can’t even put words to it. I’ve gotten to meet one of my biggest role models and heroes in life, and I don’t even know how to put words to it. Lita Ford, what a woman.

Mobilbilder 11386

I’ve seen so many good things. Amaranthe as the opener of the fest for me… I witnessed Queen together with good friends I only see when they tour with their band, I’ve seen Sabaton perform “The Lost Battalion” for the first time, I got to witness our fanclub’s logo as the backdrop for “Karolinens Bön”. I’ve screamed my heart out to songs like “I wanna know what love is” and “Jukebox Hero”. I’ve witnessed the epicness that is Avantasia – which also holds the discovery of the festival. I’ve witnessed my friend participate in championships in air-guitar, I’ve seen Twisted Sister say goodbye… I saw Sixx AM tear things apart… I’ve witnessed Finntroll… I don’t even know where to start or end anymore. Epica… I can’t even tell you, not even begin to tell you how much I love this band. Simone, what a godess. I also beat my own record – this year I came home with 22 albums and five vinyls, what a record!

160611graverobertnorje 160610twistedsister2

Mobilbilder 11724160610litafordnorje1 160611finntroll1 160608sixxamnorje 1600608queennorje1 160611sabatonnorje2 160608amaranthenorje1 160610twistedsisternorje1 160611sabatonnorje1 160610foreignernorje1 160608amaranthenorje2

160608queennorje2 160611sabaton3

And Lordi… First and foremost, seeing Lordi again on Swedish soil was extremely…. odd. It was weird. As someone who’s seen them more abroad and made it a bit of a sport and see how many countries I can see them in, it was weird seeing them at home. And at Sweden Rock. I can honestly admit, I never thought I’d see Lordi at Sweden Rock. But here it was. And… what makes it even more special is the fact that they played “My Heaven is Your Hell”. That particular song was my first ever favorite Lordi song (before “Deadache” and “Hate at First Sight” came along.) And… it was… At first, I couldn’t even connect what song they were playing because I’ve only heard it once live before, but then… I just stood there. It was like the world disappeared under my feet.

160608lordinorje2 160608lordinorje1

We’re here. At the best festival in the world. With the best band in the world. And they are playing the best song they ever made.

What could possibly be better?

Mobilbilder 11837 Mobilbilder 11834

// Sara

Sweden Rock Festival 2015: Thursday

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So, because of various mishaps like with my knee, I got to bed extremely late. Around 6-7 in the morning. For all of you partypeople, this may not seem late, but to me it is, since I had been up since 7 the day before. But some things, like cleaning an open wound full of stones and filth, is something you have to do. Which is bad for me, because I cannot deal with my own blood. I can fix other people easily, but get dizzy and nauseous by my own blood and wounds.

My plan was to catch Delain in the morning, but had to give it up because of the knee. I need a certain amount of sleep to function, or more, to function without having my brain whining about too little sleep. I can’t enjoy things properly if I’m tired, you see.

So, I stayed in the tent a bit longer and once I was up and running, or well, not running, no running on this little leg, I first hit the pharmacy store for proper sterile compresses and proper cleaning fluids and bigger bandaids, and I was back in the tent to keep clean and disinfect the wound, and in all honesty, aside Delain my first band for the day was Toto at 19, so I had plenty of time.

When all was done with the wound I hit the streets and dashed immediatley for the festivalarea. Not because I was late, not because I had a band I wanted to see… but because I had to get to the one place I’ve been waiting the entire YEAR to visit….

Hot Shot Records.

I can honestly say that is my number one favorite record store in the entire world. I could fucking pay to go to SRF only to visit that store, I shit you not.  So finally, after a year of waiting, I was in the little piece of heaven on Earth. The biggest mistake on my part though, was that I had forgotten the long list of rare bands and CD’s I was looking for, but it didn’t matter. In my desperate tries to find and Delain CD’s I stumbled upon a very familiar name.


My heart started to beat a little faster. The album I had found was NOT “Anima Mundi” which was the album that was on my list, but I picked it out anyway. I kept on looking through the Dionysus albums, but “Anima Mundi” was nowhere to be found. Damn. Well, Dionysus is good anyway so I might as well take their other albums.

Then I noticed, that “Fairytales and Reality” was a little bigger, I figured it was some limited super duper deluxe including a DVD version, and you know, why not? Why not get the best? But then I noticed it wasn’t a super deluxe edition, it was actually just a bundle of two Dionysus albums. And when I turned it over about 90° to check what the other CD was…. my heart practically stopped, and my eyes teared up.

“Fairytales and Reality” was bundled with no other album than my long lost friend, “Anima Mundi”.

I am not, under any circumstances exaggerating when I say I literally teared up when I finally found the album I’ve been looking for for so long, that I’ve longed so much to have. Oh god. The relief. Seriously, I can’t even properly explain the relief.

When most of the shock had laid down, I looked through some other sections and stumbled upon a few Nostradameus albums, which I remembered I was looking for. Same here as with Dionysus, I first found and album I was not looking for, but hey, I like the band so who cares? Gladly, I managed to find “Words of Nostradameus” as well after a bit of looking. So. Three Dionysus albums and two Nostradameus albums later I left Hot Shots for the first time this year in favor of getting something to eat before Toto. And I took the opportunity to catch the last few songs of Slash while eating, nice company.


I went down to the parkinglot (and did not get lost this time!) to drop off my newely bought CDs and made it back LITERALLY on the SECOND that Toto’s intro started. Talking about making it just in time, huh? I got pretty good spots on the side of the stage, so I’m more pleased than ever.

They opened the show with “Running out of Time” and was well recieved by the audience. The continued on with “I’ll supply the Love” and the show was on.

Since these entries will cover an entire day of concerts, I’ll keep all the reviews pretty short. But what I can say is that the set was close to perfect. And it’s not really all about the band on stage, but also the atmosphere. You can say what you want about pits with headbanging and jumping around and stuff like that, but nothing beats the calmness and the epicness of witnessing a band like this, in the sunset. I’m talking about “Africa” in the freaking sunset. By that time, the knee and the broken fridge was all forgotten and it was all worth it.

That’s the effect music should have on you. Thank you Toto, for the most epic first gig of the festival.



Right after Toto, I headed over the Rock Stage which is opposite side of Festival to catch up with the templars in HammerFall. I had spots pretty far in the back, but that’s what you get. I’ve come to notice I’m ALWAYS in the back when it comes to festivals. Why is that.

Anyway, they started off on time with “Hector’s Hymn” and continued down the same setlist, more or less, they had had throughout World Wide (r)Evolution tour, to my dismay if I may add. It’s really the same old story – same songs over and over, just changed the opener to “Hectors Hymn” and replaced “One More Time” with “Bushido”. Aside that, all the same old goodies are there – “Bloodbound”, “Any Means Necessary” (I do love this one though) and so on. But what can you expect from a festival gig?

But aside this, they were really good. Good energy on stage, despite having the sun straight in their eyes.



So, from Rockstage, back to Festival stage. When it was time for Def Lepard to hit the stage, the darkness had started to lay its cover over the festival, which was absolutely perfect considering their massive light show. They opened the whole set with “Rock! Rock! (’til you drop)” and continued on with “Animal” and “Let it Go”. They were planned to have  a greatest hits set of the night, but I must admit… I was almost to mesmerized by the lightshow to think too much about the setlist.

It was like a big crossover between Katy Perry’s Prism tour and Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster Ball. The lights from Katy, and the stage set from Lady Gaga. Different road signs and various animation on big screens accompanied with well designed lights made this show a delight, not only musically but also visually.

Thanks you, Def Lepard!



After Lepard it was run time deluxe. Or no running, like I said, but fast walking over to Sweden Stage which on the other side is a bit further away from Festival stage. While passing Rock stage I asked myself if I shouldn’t see Ghost instead. They were about to start 15 minutes after Michael, so I figured I could see how I felt about it once Michael got on stage. I’ve seen Michael Monroe, and Hanoi Rocks for that matter, quite a few times, as recent as last year, but I’ve never seen Ghost. And since my platypus in crime wasn’t there, I figured I could perhaps go see them for her.

Sadly, for Ghost, once Michael Monroe hit the stage I kinda forgot all about it. Michael… he has this certain kind of energy that is just so contagious it almost makes you wonder what he’s on, and I assume he’s like me, high on life.

The set was as good as a Michael Monroe show always is. High energy, good tunes, well played and all that. And of course yes, the mister was climbing high in the stagebuildnings this time as well. He really did this already in the Hanoi Rocks days.


But. I can’t deny, that I kept looking over my shoulder to see the distant lights of Ghost. And still pondering. Should I stay or should I go? My love for Michael kept me there for quite the time, but as it got closer and closer to the end, I dashed in the middle of the last song in favour of catching Ghosts last song, to at least snap some pictures of Papa Emeritus III, which I had planned to have printed for my platypus.


I made it pretty much in time for “Monstrance Clock” to begin, and I realized I knew the lyrics. And why did I know the lyrics? Because this is the same song Lordi kept playing when setting up their stage during Tour Force One. Who would have thought! It was a good ending, thanks for that Ghouls and Papa.


With all of this being said, I hit the tent and hit the bed immediatley. Never before have I had to stay up this long at Sweden Rock. What just happened.

// Sara