Sweden Rock Festival Day 3 – Friday

Today I got up early in the morning and headed off down to the car, the computer and internet to do something very very important: Get Katy Perry tickets. It was a smooth process – no queuing or anything. It’s going to be good to see her again – first time I saw her was two years ago. It’s funny though – this is the second time out of two times possible that I find myself buying Katy Perry tickets while at Sweden Rock. How great is that? And even better – we’ll be leaving for Katy Perry right after, and right from, Sweden Rock.

After doing such and returning to the camp, I got ready, had nice breakfast and then started searching for albums. You see, I have a little book with CD’s I’m supposed to get – because most of the time, I get blank. To put some perspective on this – I save up all year round for the shopping spree I go on on Sweden Rock. So once I’m here, I just kind of go blank.  Because the thing I’ve waited for all year is here and now I don’t know what I want to buy. So, I have my book to help me set me straight.

At 14.30 I headed off to Rock Stage to watch the old heroes in KIX.


I have never been a superbig fan of KIX, but I do like some of the stuff they’ve made, and was excited to see them. What I really like with these “old” bands is that nothing has changed. They are still the same, looking the same, acting the same. Most of them – not all. They put on a really good show, I enjoyed every moment of it. Half way through I had dinner / lunch while watching, and I seriously love these little moments.

The next band on the other hand, was the big one for me today.


I went off to Festival Stage in wait for this band that I saw the last here at Sweden Rock in fact five years ago, which was the first time I saw them with Nic. I remember how hard it was, hearing the songs, but also happy to see them with a singer that takes so good care of them vocally.

When the intro started, which consisted of old Gotthard songs merged together like when tuning a radio (similar to what Amaranthe has) it hit me like a fist right in the gut. I haven’t listened to Gotthard for so long because of the pain, and hearing it like this just remembered me about it all. Just like a kick in the gut.

The band came on stage and opened up with “Silver River”. And it was like no time had passed. “Electrified” was next on the list before they went for an old school favorite in “Hush”. The audience was pretty good actually – about what I’d expect for them playing in the midst of the heavy sun. “Stay With Me” was the next song on the list before continuing on with another big favorite – “Mountain Mama”.

Something that has always got me with Nic, is that whenever they sing older songs, songs from Steve’s era so to put it, if you close your eyes, you could almost believe it was him. He both sounds similar, and if anything makes himself sound very similar to Steve. “Feel What I Feel” was next song on the list, quickly followed by the very beautiful ballad “Remember it’s Me” from “Firebirth” album. “Sister Moon” and “What You Get” was next, and then something very special, and most importantly, very heavy, happened.

On the screen, the big screen on the Festival Stage, as they started playing “Heaven”… Steve Lee appeard. And a recording of his voice echoed out in the speakers, as the band played and sang along to it. The video displayed Steve singing. It was as if he was there. I can assure you – my eyes were not dry, and I don’t think any eyes were. Here’s to another gut punch, but it was so beautiful to see him being with them still, in a way.

After this gorgeous moment it was time for some old hits – “Top of the World” and “Lift U Up”, “Anytime Anywhere” being absolutely amazing as per usual, and then they wrapped the whole set up with “Come Together” and “All We Are”. The band thanked for themselves and walked off the stage.

Seeing Gotthard again was so amazingly good. Like a blast from the past, without actually being from the past. I’ve missed this band, I have to admit.

After this, I headed over to the signing session with Gotthard. I waited in line for some time, figured it was for the best to just get it over with. Went back to the car to dump off some things before getting back to the site and witnessing RATT.


RATT… the last time I saw them was on Sweden Rock 2008. I was really excited to see them again, seriously. It feels like all these bands I once saw like once or twice are just coming back for me to see once again. I said it to my friends – the bands on Sweden Rock kind of rotates a lot, and they always end up coming back if they haven’t stopped all in all.

The band was good. It was an energetic set, and a very very very energetic crowd if anything! It made me extremely happy to see that they got so well recieved. Really good show, thank you RATT!

As per usual, I needed to rest my legs – I don’t know what has happened in the later years, but my legs get extemely worn out in to the muscles and bones, and it gets painful to walk. So I sat in my car and lazily watched Scorpions on the big screen and listening to the music. It could be worse, right? And then, I headed in to see the last band of the night, Running Wild.

Running Wild

So, I have a friend who really loves Running Wild. Like, he REALLY REALLY loves them. Sadly, he was not present at Sweden Rock this year, so as any good friend would do, I streamed the whole show as good as I could to him over messenger.

The show was very very good. I had listened a little bit prior to the festival, but I was completely sold during the show. A pirate band, again. Are you even surprised? Probably not. There was a good vibe all through the crowd, and the band was performing well. A perfect ending.

After Running Wild, I headed back to my camp and went to bed. Electric Boys went on early, so it had to be done.

// Sara






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