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Sweden Rock Festival Day 2 – Thursday

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Okay so something seems to be up with my matress. I’m not entirely sure yet, but fucking hell, it deflates. Perhaps I just didn’t stick it in properly. Uh. Started the day off in the recordstore – I had finally gotten my tax refund, so it was time to get some albums. I picked up on Alestorm’s “No Grave but the Sea” vinyl and album, as well as Gotthard’s most recent and Adrenaline Rush’s “Soul Survivor”. After this, I met up with Sofia, Johanna and Malin for some lunch at Holy Smoke Bar and Grill, Sweden Rock’s own restaurant. I’ve always wanted to try it.

And it was good, like, well good. So good I actually didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day, haha. Convenient.

After this, I headed off to Steel Panther’s signingsession. It was really good actually to see them and meet them again, after all this time. It’s been way too long now already. After that, I headed back to the car, dropped off the merchandise and to chill out and rest abit for the upcoming heavy evening. And soon enough, it was time for Steel Panther.

Steel Panther

They opened up the show with “Eyes of a Panther” as per usual, and quickly followed up with “Going in the Backdoor”. It amazes me to see how this band has grown, fanbase wise. Like, they’ve always been somewhat big, but not on this scale. And it’s fun to see how it’s happening slowly – they aren’t a one night sensation, they just grow bigger and bigger. I wasn’t a very big fan of “Lower the Bar”, but I still… they are my boys, you know?

“Just Like Tiger Woods” off “Balls Out” was next on the list before what seemed to become a big moment – “Fat Girl”. Seriously, this is still one of my all time favorite songs with this band. “Death to All but Metal” followed suit, and it was so good to see them again. So many trips down the memorylane, you know? “That’s When You Came In” was next on the list, “Poontang Boomerang” followed.

“Community Property” was next on the list, and the whole crowd kind of exploded. It’s so good to see you know? They barely had to sing the song themselves. The jokes told on stage by the way, are pretty much the same old. A little bit new, and this time I actually chuckled instead of being slightly annoyed.

“17 Girls” was next song, followed by “Gloryhole” before wrapping up the entire set with “Party All Day”.

It was so, so so, SO GOOD to see the boys again. My boys. My Steel Panther. I enjoyed the show a lot, thank you guys!

Right after this, I turned the other way and watched Aerosmith.


Ahh Aerosmith. I have sadly, never seen them before. The train was canelled in 2010 when I was meant to see them, so I was beyond happy to see them this year, and their supposed aero-vederci tour! Steven Tyler and the gang delivered an amazing set, I am at loss for words. It was good seeing a band that are really quitting at the top of the game, you know?

Thank you, Aerosmith!


Right after Aerosmith, it was time to head back to Rock Stage, and as I did so, I thought to myself “why don’t these band have pyros, I’m so fucking cold”.

Little did I know Tobias Sammet would have me covered.

As they opened with “Love Tyger”, the band set off enough fireworks and various kind of pyros to put a smile on everyone’s faces, to heat me up and for the rest of the entire festival. Holy shit, it kept on for some time. The rest of the set however had no pyro whatsoever, ironically.

With that said, it was a great show. Tobias is quite the entertainer, and he’s very generous I’d say when joking about himself. It was the perfect way to end the night – thank you!

After this, I headed back to the camp and went to bed… tomorrow was a big day…

// Sara


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So! Today has been an eventful day in music – Epica’s released their album “The Holographic Principle”, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s been a lot of other releases today from Sumo Cyco, Civil War and Steel Panther. In fact, Alestorm and Skálmöld also released their collaboration single today, but I have decided to postpone writing about that one for now. However, lets return to three aforementioned.

So, I guess all of my blog readers know what Sumo Cyco is by now. A Canadian band with Sever in the lead that I fell unconditionally and unrevokably in love with earlier this year, they even became the REASON I went to the Butcher Babies show in the end. Today they released their first single of their upcoming album “Opus Mar”, “Anti-Anthem”. As a pledger, I got access to the song a little bit before the public, and I love it.

It’s very typical Sumo Cyco – energetic, in your face kind of song, yet I’d say it’s a little more melodic than we got used to on “Lost in Cyco City”, though that might be just me. The lyrics are also very typical Cyco – outcast kind of song, but “we got no Anthem”… question is though, did they just get themselves an anthem?

So, secondly, Steel Panther.

Today they announced that their new album, “Lower the Bar” will be released on February 24th next year, and along with it, they released the first single and a music video, which is no less than a cover of Cheap Trick’s “She’s Tight”

I think the video is fun. I guess it wasn’t until I actually saw this that I realize how much I miss them, in a way. I don’t regret not seeing them when they were here, but it’s good to see that they are back. I enjoyed the song, I also enjoyed the video a lot. It was a lot scaled down compared to older videos, but the humor is still on top. Love it. I can’t wait for the new album!

And lastly for today, Civil War.

So, on November 4th Civil War will release their new album, “The Last Full Measure”, and today, as the two others, they released their first single “Road to Victory” and a lyricvideo together with it . (Video can be seen here)

So, well, this is very typical Civil War, but I like it, a lot. And what I love about this song in particular is the pre-chorus. Like the “Dogs of War, no one can tame us”, I don’t know exactly what it is about that part that speaks so much to me – perhaps it’s the word “utopia” and “euphoria”, but I think it’s more about it being headbang friendly. The whole song really is, but just.. I love when there comes certain extra heaviness in songs you know? And this one has it.

So, that was a little bit about some of the new releases. Like I said, I’ll get back to you regarding Skálstorm, because else I’d could be sitting here forever writing.

// Sara


Steel Panther @ AB, Brussels, Belgium 2/4 – 15

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So! The day is here! Finally. FINALLY would I see The Lounge Kittens again. Seriously, you don’t understand. When we were to see Steel Panther in Oslo, both me and Michelle were in a real bad mood, missing the monsters and me being anxious about Katy Perry, and now we had to go through ANOTHER show – and we had been on the road for a week, this was the third country for me this week and… We were in a bad mood.

Then we came in and saw nothing but a piano on stage. What the heck? Some bitches came and was well, bitchy, so yeah the mood was LOW. Oh right, all the catcalls too! But then. Then these three amazing ladies from Southampton got on stage and BLEW OUR HEADS OFF. They got us in a good mood, and in all honesty, we weren’t even sure if we were gonna stay for Steel Panther. That’s how good they were!


I went to McDonalds for breakfast/lunch/dinner and then made it right in time to AC for the doors to be opened. The first thing I did when we got inside was to dash for the merchstand to pick up The Lounge Kittens EP and a shirt, thank you very much! After that we went into the arena and took spots on second row on Satchel’s side, and before we knew it, The Lounge Kittens started their set.

They were just as good and energetic as I remember them, and they performed more or less the same set as they did in Oslo. However, the crowd was a lot less welcoming and warming as the Oslo one. Shame on you people! I always thought the norwegian crowds were the worst, but I guess not!


They thanked for the night and left the stage, and the eager wait for Steel Panther began.

Of course, this is when my heart decides to have a seizure. Or what you wanna call it.

I’m not sure how many of you knows this – but I’m born with a heartcondition. Basically and shortly, I’m born with holes in my heart and despite two surgeries, it’s not entirely fixed. This has forced my heart to occasionally have “drops”. The heartrythm goes very very fast, and then completely stops. This makes me completely numb, and sometimes it passes me out (because my heart stops you know?) so for that sake, I had to take a little easy during the show. This happens from time to time, but I think this might be the first time it happens BEFORE a show. Usually after.

Anyway, before we knew it, the intro to “Pussywhipped” started coming out of the speakers and they opened the show. Gladly, the crowd DID awake a bit for this – but I guess there’s always gonna be a problem with this for Steel Panther, for obvious reasons. I’m not gonna go in here and start generalizing and bashing certain people, but I think the average metalhead knows what I mean.


They continued on with “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World”, which offered quite the sing a long. Maybe not so energetic (I shouldn’t complain, because I didn’t do anything either but…) but hell yeah! Not Oslo style just yet though. Some new, or well, not new since Oslo, but new since last tour middle talk before they started “Fat Girl”.

“Tomorrow Night” and “The Shocker” followed suit and it was time for Lexxi’s little time in the spotlight. With his new, improved, brand new, hairsolo. The leaf-blowers were brought out and Lexxi’s hair flewed high and long. Haha, seriously, I’ve already told you about this so I’m running out of words.

“17 Girls” was up, and they brought a lot of chicks. What I again, find very hilarious with this is how people behave. Like, we were standing in like, second row, and we have girls plowing to the front only so they could get on stage. What is this obsession of getting on stage, and how come I never felt the need to do so? I must admit I always smile a little when a girl tries her hardest and is denied access. Jesus Christ. Come on time next time, and maybe you’ll be there!


This was followed by “Gloryhole” and “If I Was the King” before Satchel showed off his skills before a fairly cheering audience. “Ten Strikes You’re Out” wrapped up this first “part” of the show, and out came Stix little piano. “Kanye” was the first in this little acoustic set, followed by segments of “Weenie Ride”, “Stripper Girl”, “Why Can’t You Trust Me” and just as in Oslo, The Lounge Kittens were brought onstage to perform “Girl From Oklahoma” together with the band.

After this, they did something a little bit unexpected. They pulled out a Van Halen cover, more precise “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love”. Nice surprise! Didn’t see that one coming, you know? “Asian Hooker” and “Eyes of a Panther” came up before they wrapped the whole set up with “Death To All But Metal”.

You know the drill as well as I do – they left, they came back, and started off the encores with “Community Property”. And while the crowd did a good job… it’s still not Oslo standard. Oslo is still in the top for me, tightly followed by London 2012. Maybe one day.


The Lounge Kittens were brought out on stage one more time, this time a bit in the back, and they ended the whole show with the best song they got – “Party All Day”. Love it.

With that said, they left the stage. Something that has struck me a lot with Steel Panther is their setlists. I’ve always, from the start, felt that their setlist are off. Like a lot. Not particularly bad, more… unexpected. Like, where is “Burden of being Wonderful”? or “If You Really Really Love Me”? They are gone man! And the latter one I never heard live. At least not that I can remember.

On our way out, I stopped by to say hi to The Lounge Kittens that had come out to the merchstand. And I’m glad I did so! Sweetest ladies ever. I told them I was a lot more interested in seeing them rather than Steel Panther, and they said they were soo telling Satchel that. Of course they should. He should watch his back. Got the CD signed, and headed home to the hotel.


// Sara



Steel Panther @ Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway 21/3 – 15

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So… we woke up around 9 in the morning and we were both like “WAIT. WHAT TIME IS IT” and realized we had slept ALL FUCKING NIGHT SINCE 21 LAST NIGHT. Jesus Christ, were we wiped out or not? So what did we do… well, we stayed in bed pretty much all day. We did some lazy efforts to pack, but it didn’t work out too well.

Around 16 or so we finally started dragging ourselves out of bed and getting ready for the show. Halfheartedly, and also by making a bigger and bigger mess. How big of a mess can two girls makes? Apparently a lot.


Love my frillskirt. Seriously, it’s the best. Anyway, we headed down to the venue, and by walking only for about 300-400 metres, we managed to be catcalled like three times. I mean, yeah, I figured it’d happen, but that was just RIDICULOUS.

We thought we’d get lost looking for the venue, gladly, we weren’t! We found it sooner than we ever thought we would, and that makes me beyond happy.

So, we entered the venue (and got ripped on our ticket, like seriously Norway, what is your obsession with ripping tickets?!) and then we first hit the merchstand… And didn’t find anything, so we went inside the venue instead. And this is something very interesting. This same thing happened last time I saw Steel Panther as well, also at Sentrum Scene, and that is the fact that no matter if you come before the doors open, right when the doors open, or as in this case, like half an hour after the doors open, you WILL end up pretty close to stage. Not front row (damn you early entrance) but second row is just as good, at least for Steel Panther.

The warm up for this show, or tour perhaps, is the trio The Lounge Kittens. I wasn’t aware of them from before, but basically, what it is, is a group of three stunning ladies that makes their own takes on some of the more famous metal tunes, but in a lounge/show kind of music. The Lounge Kittens, get it?

I loved it. I FUCKING LOVED IT. I’m not sure anymore which was the better act this night – The Kittens or the Panthers, but seriously, I LOVED THIS. The concept, the songs EVERYTHING about it. And I might have a little crush on the keyboard player. She’s amazing.


After they were done with their WAY too short set, they left the stage and the wait for Steel Panther began. And you know… I understand that it’s fun to be front row. Even I love it. But if you come late, then you come late. There’s no point to bitch about it, there’s no point to fight about it.

And I don’t understand what it is about Steel Panther that makes girls tell the guys up in the front that they’d do “anything” to get their spots in the front row.

Sure, this may not be SP exclusive, but I have only seen this happen at Steel Panther. Like, girls are literally so fucking desperate to be front row, and I don’t even understand WHY. Jesus fucking Christ, it’s… WEIRD.

Anyway, before we knew it, the lights went out and they opened the show first slowly, and then strongly with “Pussywhipped”.

The arena… didn’t really explode. I had hoped it would, but it didn’t, at least not as far as I could see. Which is very sad. Bands deserve that you give this to them, and it especially sucks if you’re front row and just stand there like a hypnotized I don’t know. And of course, the girl I spoke of above, is one of these. God.

Depsite this, they continued on with “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” and the ever so loved “Fat Girl”. I’m always gonna have highly cherised memories with that song, because of Copenhagen 2012 (it’s really been three years, it’s hard to believe) but aside that, it’s just an amazing song on top of that.  Gladly, the crowd awoke a bit.


After “Fat Girl” it was time for the ever so appriciated “Tomorrow Night” followed by “The Shocker”. And what happens now?

Well, Lexxi’s hairsolo.

Previously, Lexxi’s hairsolo has contained of him posing in the middle of the stage with Michael and Satchel standing on the side blowing his hair upwards. But this time around, they elevated it a bit and brought out LEAFBLOWERS! I promise you , this made the hair solo even better, the hair was really FLOWING. Ahh the lucious hair. (Yes I know, you do not need to tell me people)

After hairsolo it was time to bring some girls on stage, and this is where the jokes is on the girl I’ve spoken about. Directly when they started taking girls on stage, she jumped over the fence, but the guards told her to get back because they will come and pick her up. So she jumped back and waited. And waited. And they never came. JOKES ON YOU, KARMA’S A BITCH AND EVERYTHING. And no, I wasn’t on stage, because I don’t want to be on stage. Trust me, Michael has tried a couple of times, but I’ve declined every time. Could be fun and games, but what, am I supposed to give up my spot for that? HELL NO.


But, sine they were bringing up chick, I guess we all know what it was time for. Yup, that’s right. “17 Girls”. The only thing that is a bit shame is that the girls they pick up on stage, most of them (not all) just stand there. Like, COME ON! Do something! The band however, was as good as always.

The big hit “Gloryhole” was next on the list, and NOW, NOW the audience starts to react. Like, seriously? Only this? And “Glory hole”? Really? Am I the only one in this world who actually DOES NOT care so much for this song? Anyway, I’m glad they awoke, finally.

“If I was The King” was next on the list before it was time for Satchel to show off some of his skills, which he excelled at. He’s amazing, really. Eller ja. They all are. The rest of the band returned and they continued on with “Ten Strikes You’re Out” before calming down the set a bit. First off, “Kanye” and then…

They brought out a piano which Stix sat down by and started ripping off some songs. It all was kinda in one go – almost like a medley. The songs played were “Weenie Ride”, “Stripper Girl”, “Why Can’t You Trust Me” and last but not least, “Girl From Oklahoma”. For the last mentioned, they brought out the kittens on stage to sing with them! Thanks for that!


They got rid of the piano and got back into the energetic set with “Asian Hookers” to the audience cheers, followed by one of my personal favorites, “Eyes of the Panther”. They wrapped up the whole set with “Death to all but Metal” before they left the stage.

At this point, the girl who had been bothering us (and the guys we befriended) all night pushed us and was like “CHEER FOR THEM”. Jesus Christ lady, LEAVE US ALONE. WE ARE CHEERING. Seriously, why are people in the Nordic so fucking bothersome at concerts? Why do they feel the need to PUSH, to bother, to be so mean? I miss southern Europe (southern of Sweden). You people were amazing. And people ask me why I travel away so far for concerts…

Anyway. They did return, and they started off with “Community Property”. Just as last time I was here, it was just as magical as then. The whole crowd basically singing the song for Steel Panther, the Oslo feeling as I refer to it as. This one never fails me.

The last song for the night was my all time favorite, “Party All Day”, and despite the disappointment of lack of commitment from the audience, I loved every second of it. The band thanked for the night and left the stage for good.

We headed out of the arena and went to McDonalds for late night snack with our newfound friends before it was time for us to go split ways and get back to the hotelroom to try to pack. TRY. I can’t really pack unless it’s last minute, so I failed. Got to bed too late, but shit happens.

Thank you Steel Panther, and most of all, The Lounge Kittens for an amazing show! Can’t wait to see you soon again.

// Sara



Le Jour D’Amour

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Haven’t been blogging since the bad news but I guess I’ll be getting back on track now.

Hunchback of Notre Dame is as usual running on the television, not the sequel as my headline indicates, but the first one actually. I had a Disney weekend with Michelle and many more to come. We managed to go through Hercules, Mulan, Notre Dame (1, 2), Tarzan, The Prince of Egypt, Aladdin -The Return of Jafar – King of Theieves, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story (1,2), Treasue Planet, Basil of Baker Street (?), A Bugs Life.

Finally the Steel Panther-Denmark trip is done, I found a train which was cheaper than the bus home from Stockholm, so we got a pretty darn cheap soloution for that. As soon as I get my pay, I’ll finish the booking of hotels and shit. And then start booking Stala&SO trip. Always something coming, but I fucking love it!

We also just planned another festival this summer in Finland in July, Lordi was confirmed to play there, so we are most likely going. We just want to make sure first that Lordi is really playing. Now I shall finish this thing, because Court of Miracles is coming up on the TV, and I just can’t miss out on the hot gypsyking.

NP: A Guy Like You – Hunchback Of Notre Dame
// Sara
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EDIT: HAHAHA. I didn’t realize! I started to write this five hours before I published it, and I didn’t realize ’til now that the picture at the end goes together with the title! Didn’t think of the fact I had LJD’A as title, just posted it because CoM was coming up.. HAHAHA…. Oh my.