Sweden Rock Festival Day 4 – Saturday

Early morning again for the last day at the festival. It’s always bittersweet, waking up the very last day of the festival, knowing that today is the last day whatsoever to be in this amazing place, waking up to the sound of music and knowing the day is, if I would do it, be filled by amazing acts.

Early in the morning I got up to catch Electric Boys in the morning.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys delivered an energetic and groovy set. I can’t exactly call myself a fan of the band as I merely just see them occasionally rather than actually listening to them on a regular basis, but everytime I’ve seen them I’ve enjoyed the show tremendously. And there was no exception for today. Conny Bloom knows how to get the crowd going, even at 12 in the morning. Thank you boys!

After Electric Boys I went around starting to pack… and I noticed my work out sweater was missing. Went to the showers by the campground to ask if they had seen it, and got the answer they had likely thrown it away. Apparently, they are the kind of people that throw away clothes rather than giving it to lost and found. Says a lot about them.

Kept packing up the camp – figured I might as well have it done, you know. I meant to see the Symphony Orchestra show, but I’ll be honest. I was really upset learning my sweater had likely been thrown away that I lost my mood. I don’t like losing my things, and even less when I can’t get them back.

Sadly, the distraction and packing sadly led me to also miss out on Rhapsody. It was when I packed the camp and heard some symphonic metal coming from the festival I realized they were on. Damn it. Damn me. I managed to see the last song though, so I guess I’ll just”redo and do right” on Graspop when it comes to them.

I took the time to do a last shopping round, picking up a piece of clothing and some other things before watching ARTCH.


The first, and so far only time I’ve ever seen ARTCH was in 2007 when they played together with Satyricon. ARTCH is the old, or well, current band of the old bassplayer from Wig Wam, so seeing him this year was a way to see some people that I once loved so much in the flesh again.

And it was emotional. It was very emotional seeing Bernt, or Flash, in action again on stage with this band. And Eirikur Hauksson on vocals is just incredible – I love him as a vocalist.  It was a great and small show, real cozy inside the tent. I loved every moment.

After ARTCH, I went to pick up some late night dinner and watching Venom while doing so. I had not planned to see this band at all, but I was happily surprised actually. I really enjoyed it. I will try to pick up on them somehow some day.

After this, I went out, picked up my folding chair, a bag of popcorn and a drink and sat down far way back at the site to watch In Flames from afar eating popcorn and drinking good Pepsi. After this, I went to bed and got ready for the long journey home tomorrow.

Thank you so much Sweden Rock for this year, and all the bands for being amazing. Thank you so much.

// Sara


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