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HammerFall – Built To Last

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , on November 23, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

After all these years, HammerFall’s still going strong. “Built To Last” marks no less than the tenth studioalbum from the Swedish Heavy Metal crusaders from Gothenburg. As the, now, longtime HammerFall fan that I am, I was as usual looking forward to see what they could come up with this time. Ever since “No Sacrifice, No Victory” I have somewhat felt it going a bit downwards – “Infected” being a basic disaster, and “(r)Evolution” starting to pick up the pieces of a shattered era. So, will “Built To Last”, well, last?

To be honest… The album is a bit so-so. It’s still not really reaching the heights that I would want it to do. It starts off with a pretty bland song, for being HammerFall. After having albums open with songs as “Any Means Necessary” and even the more recent “Hector’s Hymn”, “Bring It!” feels very bland. It’s not exactly the punch in the face, or even the premonitions about an epic adventure that you’ve gotten used to over the years.

Right after the bland opener, it picks up the pace – and it’s essentially like all the interesting and good songs managed to find themselves chunked together in the beginning here – powerful anthem “Hammer High”, the “here I am, here I stand” in “The Sacred Wov”, the heavy, fast and anthem like “Dehtrone and Defy” as well as the beautiful, interesting and fairytale like “Twilight Princess”.

After this chunk though, the album loses its magic again and goes back to being a bit of a transport, and a bit bland. The songs melt together, no one really stands out and I find myself sitting there like “Ok.”, probably because I know they can do, and have done, better than this. But I guess it’s a good thing, on the one side, as it leads up to a very mysterious and interesting last song – that opens up with a keyboard solo, and evolves into a melancholic, yet at times aggressive dystopia kind of song. Very interesting and good end to an album that was otherwise a bit bland.

So, how do I conclude all of these shattered thoughts – while there’s a block of good songs in the beginning stretching to the middle, it’s still overall a bit bland, BUT, IT IS a step forward from “(r)Evolution”, so at least it’s going in the right direction after the painful “Infected”. So, well done in that perspective, and, still a little bit to go to get back to the REALLY good days.


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// Sara

Maximalism: Built to Last

Posted in CDs, Uncategorized with tags , , , on August 11, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So! Today has been a bit of an eventful day since not one, but TWO of my favorite bands has unveiled the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming albums!

First up, I’ll start with HammerFall‘s new album “Built To Last“, set to be released on November 4th.


So here it is guys! Makes me think of “Glory to the Brave”, colorwise, and it’s different to see Hector in such a positing! I’m not going to say too much since I can honestly say I don’t remember every single cover in my head, but he usually just stands there. The tracklisting, however, is as follows:

1. Bring It!
2. Hammer High
3. The Sacred Vow
4. Dethrone And Defy
5. Twilight Princess
6. Stormbreaker
7. Built To Last
8. The Star Of Home
9. New Breed
10. Second To None

Well, the names sounds very typical HammerFall ish, so I’m really just excited about this coming! I must admit, the cover itself didn’t really stirr up a lot of emotions more than that I had completely forgotten they were actually coming out with new material, but yeah, I’m excited!

Secondly, and what actually got me REALLY going is this:
Amaranthe‘s upcoming album “MAXIMALISM” which is set to be released on October 21st.


And ohhh damn. Baby. Like, damn, the artwork is so simple (Although I’m IN LOVE with the all seeing eye, the people who understand will understand) but I just… I love it.

I think it might be the color rather than the artwork itself, but when I see this, just by looking at it, I feel a burning passion and fire inside, and I just want the album RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW so I can listen to it – preferably in a living room with dim lights on a major soundsystem together with Sophie. Damn! How can one get so excited by a cover?

Moving on to the tracklist:
01. Maximize
02. Boomerang
03. That Song
04. 21
05. On The Rocks
06. Limitless
07. Fury
08. Faster
09. Break Down And Cry
10. Supersonic
11. Fireball
12. Endlessly

On one side, it feels very Amaranthe-ish with very simple names but there are a few standouts – “That Song” and also “21”. The first one seems like a super-odd title, almost something I’d expect Lordi to put out. It’s easy to judge it just on it’s name, but it feels sooo out of place. And “21” just seem very interesting because of the number… Intriguing.

There’s a slight chance my excitement for HammerFall was beaten a bit by Amaranthe’s powerful cover, but honestly – this fall is filled with so many releases, starting now in August with Delain and Sabaton, September holding Epica, Lordi and Serious Black then Amaranthe, Sister, HammerFall… it’s a babyboom of albums! So much new. So much.

But it’ll sure as hell be a musicfilled one, and I guess that’s the perk.

// Sara