The Sims Challenge: Day 8

8. How are the Pleasants doing?

The Pleasants… at first I didn’t even realize what sims you were talking about, and I can’t say I remember the Pleasants from The Sims 2, however I do remember them from The Sims 1, so I will answer this question for TS1.

Well… What happened. Not a lot. After I was done with the try-outs, I kinda gave them up. I think I remember that I did indeed get them a baby, at some point, at some time I was playing them, but I can’t say that I played a lot on them. I’ve always been a bigger fan of making my own families rather than playing on already existing ones, Caliente being literally the exception because I liked the sims in that family too much to not play them.

So yeah. Boring answer, but not a lot. Sadly.

// Sara

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