The Sims Challenge Day 2: Did you start out with The Sims?

The full question is:

“Did you start out with The Sims or did you get The Sims 2 first? Do you have Sims 3? Why/why not?”

And yes. I started out with The Sims. I was given The Sims and the expansion pack “Livin’ It Up” by my mother about 15 years ago now, and I’ve basically played it ever since.

Do I have The Sims 3? Can birds fly? Of course I have The Sims 3, and The Sims 4 for that matter too. (I’m noticing the questions are a bit outdated)

Why? Well, The Sims is a big part of my life, or you know, it’s a huge interest for me, so to NOT have all the games just.. it’s like NOT having the complete discography of a band you claim to be your favorite, and not because the CD’s are sold out but because you are lazy. I can’t just go there and be like “Nah man, no The Sims 3”. I need to try it of course.

However, so far, The Sims 3 is the one where I have the most expansionpacks UNINSTALLED. For The Sims, I have all in. For The Sims 2, I’ve taken away Seasons and Bon Voyage. Not because I don’t like either of them – especially Bon Voyage, but it was running so slow, that I never actually used it. And I didn’t see the point to have it, if I didn’t use it. Seasons annoyed me with the weather after a while.

For The Sims 3, I have Fast Lane, Pets, Diesel and Supernatural uninstalled. The first three are uninstalled mainly because I currently host The Sims 3 on my laptop, and figured I’d take away the expansions I found unnecessary to keep some space. Pets… I love the horses, but if I’m not ACTUALLY playing a horses family, it’s just annoying having the animals run around all over.

Supernatural… is an expansion that I’ll probably never install again. I played it for a while, with my Sim Katie who was a witch… And considering that, despite turning off the moon cycle, I would have the entire neighbourhood to zombies… kinda made it boring you know? So it’s gone. And will be so.

I don’t have Movie stuff nor Into The Future installed as well, but that’s not because they are annoying in anyway, it’s because I wanna be “done” with Island Paradise before I get started.

// Sara

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