30 Day The Sims Challenge Day 1: Post a picture of your Simself.

Well okay, I thought it could be time to start up yet another challenge, and what would be more fitting than a The Sims Challenge?

So here I am on the first day without being able to post anything. I haven’t made a Simself in forever. I think I did, about 14 years ago together with a few friends, but that family, and pictures of it, are gone since long. But, hey, don’t be sad, let me introduce you to someone who’s at least a little closer to be a Simself.


This is Rose Hale, my first sim ever in The Sims 4, and I’d say she’s probably the closest that I’ve ever come to make a Simself. I don’t remember all too much about her right now, the only thing I DO know is that I originally planned for her to have made ALL the careers possible to unlock all the items, but somewhere in the middle I changed the focus and made her have a baby, and ever since they became three in the household (her husband as well you know) I lost interest in the family.

It’s fun, most people see The Sims as a game where you make a sim, get a job, build a house, get married, have kids and that’s the game. For me, it’s game over as soon as they move in with a boyfriend/girlfriend, because all of a sudden I need to take care of more sims than her.

Which is interesting, given my first family in both The Sims 1 and The Sims 3 where families with eight sims in them, and the The Sims 3 one, Cullens, is a family I still (try) to play these days. It’s still bugged, so I need to resurrect a really old version of them…

But yes! There it is!

// Sara

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