The Sims Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: What about those Caliente sisters?


Caliente. I loved Caliente in The Sims 2, and I think there might have been something about me sometime in the future having that. Living in a flat with your best friend, and by playing Caliente you kinda got to live it through the game.

However, despite me playing the family A LOT, it was many years ago now. And I don’t remember a whole lot. I believe they had a job each, as usual, and I paired them up with some guys from the neighbourhood… fairly average The Sims game, or, average for me at the time. I hadn’t yet gotten into that competitive thing where I had to make them supersims.

I might have hooked one of them up with the Bachelor, if I remember correctly. Only because the game “introduction” said that shouldn’t happen, haha.

Well, yeah. Now you guys know!

// Sara

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