Bonus Tracks

So folks! Today I’ve finally taken myself the time to sit down and really go through all the extra tracks on both my new Olly Murs album as well as The Gray Chapter. I figured I’d tell you a bit about them.


So, let’s start off with SlipKnot. First of all – it made me very uneasy seeing they had three extra “bonustracks” on the album than what was written on the cover, and they had these “odd” titles as “-Silent-” “-Talk-” and “-Funny-” and while I’ve been a metalhead for a very long time, things like this still creeps my mind. I know they are harmless, but yeah.

But, starting off with “Override“, the first of the two original bonustracks. The song is somewhat similar to “Killpop”, or at least in the verses. I like the song a whole lot though, Perfect amount of heavier beats, enough melody and good arrangements. I want to write about the lyrics, but I’m gonna have to confess something. I had gotten the lyrics for “The Devil in I” sooooo wrong, so I rather not speak too much about it before I actually see it written down, because for all I know he might be singing something completely different…

The next song is “Burden” which starts off a lot heavier than the previous one, heavy riffs and beats, and then they have this thing in the verse where it sounds as if the vocals go up in the sky or something… It’s haunting, in a way. Similarly to XIX. It’s pretty good, but I prefer “Override” of the two.

So… let’s talk about the three mystery songs. Or songs. They are literally what they are named – -Silent- is two minutes complete silence. -Talk- is starting off with Sid and the gang working some piece, and eventually changes to a conversation between some guy bragging to either Clown or Corey or them both. Maybe Jim too, not sure. -Funny- is a clip of someone playing some instruments, not sure if I can identify them all, and Corey singing a little something in the background. Funny? Yes, haha.



So, let’s continue on to Olly Murs.

The first song off the bonuses is “Stop Tryna Change Me“, which I fell for immediatley. It’s a very typical Olly song. Positive, honest song about breakups (I still wonder what would happen if Olly and Taylor Swift dated and broke up…). The melody in the chorus is just… ahh. I love it. Just love it. Good start!

That’s Alright With Me” is the next song, and it reminds me directly of The Ark’s “All I Want Is You”. Same kind of thing going on in the verse.  Cute love song, but it’s a bit overshone by the previous one.

The third song is actually a christmas song, “I wish it was Christmas Everyday” that he performed at BBC at some point. The song immediatley makes me think of Christmas. It brings me that Xmas feeling, and I just… ahh. This will be played a lot this Christmas.

Inner Ninja” is a little funkier song. It’s amongst his littler more cocky songs, but seriously, the RYTHM! THE RYTHM PEOPLE! This is one of the tunes you’ll find me ugly dancing to. Love it. Love it. It’s a collab with Classified.

As the fifth song, we find “Did I Lose you?” which he did as a duet with Giorgia. Again, about a break up or how to put it. About how they lost each other, or did they? Well that’s the question. The song is sweet though, but no favorite.

The 6th extra track is a alternate version of “Dear Darlin‘” which he turned into a duet with Alizée. I was excited to hear this version, and imagine my surprise when I heard that her parts are sung in French! Never did I think you’d hear this song in French… But I really liked it. It added a whole new feeling to the song, like, not only did they break up, but it’s also distance related… Sorry. My storytelling brain kicked in there.

The last track on this extra CD, is the radio version of my all time favorite Murs song – “Hand on Heart“. The choirs in the beginning…. damn. I love it. The thing with this song is that, or perhaps this is the case with ALL of Ollys songs – the lyrics are what matters the absolute most. While I love the choirs in the beginning, I don’t care too much for the upbeat tempo in the verses. Not that it’s going faster, just the beat itself. BUT. The additional strings… ahh. This song NEVER EVER fails me. It’s still his best song to date. Regardless of version.


Well, that’s a bit about that. Now I’m gonna go and dry my tears after listening to “Hand on Heart”.

// Sara


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