The Devil in I – New video from SlipKnot

Like, I said yesterday, today was going to be exciting. SlipKnot’s new musicvideo for “The Devil in I” was released earlier today.

Well, what can I say?

FIRST OF ALL. I’m gonna start off here with saying that at the MERE SIGHT of Corey’s new mask made me move as far away from the computer as I possibly could. I shit you not, NEVER EVER have I instinctively moved away the way I did now. And when I couldn’t move anymore I started crying. THAT is how much his new mask terrifies me. I don’t even know why, but JESUS. I sat here shaking and crying because of COREY(#8), not Clown(#6) (terrified of clowns). God. I don’t even know.

Anyway, aside the fear of Corey, I love pretty much everything that’s going on in this video. I’ve previously stated I’m not a too big of a fan of the song, and while that still stands, I am a HUGE fan of the video. It’s grotesque, it’s gory and while making no sense at all, it makes perfect sense. This is pretty much something I’d expect from them.



Let’s start off discussing the masks. This is #8’s new. As you can see, it’s technically not that scary or advanced, but it’s something about it that just freaks the hell out of me. I think it’s the leatherface kind of thing – that he has this extra layer of skin as he can rip off (as you can see in the images). And perhaps it’s the fact he is still so human, but yet not, unlike the others who are more “monster” like, or how to put it.


Next up is my loveydovey and #3. I can’t exactly say there has been done any major changes, aside changing #3’s green mask for a steel silver one, which looks awesome. #4’s mask has gone back to the “All Hope is Gone” era, which I LOVE because I thought his mask was the absolute best at that point. I also love how they made sure to make it fit the beard also.  This was is just perfect.


#6 and #5. #5 has barely had any changes at all, besides having the spikes made longer. Or maybe it’s just me? No. They have definitely been made longer. It’s another story with #6 though. The first thing that came to mind when I saw him pop up in the video was Chucky the Doll, and the first thing I said when I saw him was “Euuuuuuuuuhhhwwww”. But for some reason I adjusted pretty quickly. Still terrifying to some extent though.


#7 and #0. God, some of these screencaps are just so bad, but this was the best I could muster. The crack in the skull and the extra wrinkles are a nice update of #7’s mask, and makes the mask… more intense, if you like. Not sure how to put it better. The shot of #0 is so bad, but I hope you can see a bit. He still has his gasmask, but he’s got an additional steel-plate to cover his mouth (I think this one is removable). He reminds me of a fly when I see him like this, haha. But yes. Love the updates.

Then my friends, we have the two newbies. I’m not sure at all who these people are but, we’ll give them some room!


Unnamed drummer (Weinberg?) and unnammed bassplayer (Donnie?). Their masks are pretty similar, which is why I didn’t put all my life into finding a perfect shot of the drummer. The masks makes me think of some mixture between Paul Gray’s Iowa mask and Kalmas mask, for some reason. Fits them both though, and they mix in well with the bands image.

I must admit, I kinda like the idea of them having identical masks. Like, SlipKnot talked a lot about being “the nine guys” and once they start dropping off for various reasons, their spots are being filled, but they are never replaced. And I kinda like the idea that they’d continue this way. Like, in case Jim leaves, they take in a new guitarists and put on an exact kind of mask that these two has, like, in a way to separate the newbies from the oldies. It sounds a bit harsh putting it this way, but I just like the image of it, that you can literally SEE what people are not original members.

So people, have any opinions on the mask or the video or any comments in general? Up to discussion people!

// Sara

(Screenshots are taken directly from the musicvideo and the images are property of SlipKnot)

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  1. God I enjoy reading your blog entries. This write up sums up my thoughts perfectly!

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