Gravity Falls Challenge Day 15: Favorite Relationship

Okay, this one is DEAD easy. I know this may not be at all what the title and questions is meant, but it doesn’t really matter.

My favorite relationship in this series is Dipper and Mabels. Without question.

Dipper and Mabel are siblings as you know, twins to be more exact, and that bond they have to each other is amazing. The way they, despite being so different – Dipper being the more analytical, hysteric and worrying kind of person, and Mabel being the easy-go-happy-no worries- hakuna matata kind of girl with silly sweaters and a pet pig, they still work fantastically together, and they are always there for each other.

Dipper saves Mabel and stands up for her when Pacifica is being a jerk, and she helps him solve the mysteries in sometimes the most childish ways possible. And more often than not with a grappling hook.

Oh that grappling hook.

So yes, Dips and Mabes are my favorite relationship in this series, tightly followed by the twins with Stanford. He might seem grumpy, but he cares a lot for the kids. You can tell.


// Sara

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