Gravity Falls Challenge Day 17: Favorite Antagonist

Without a doubt, Bill Cipher.


Since we haven’t gotten too many episodes of S2 just yet + my cable box not working, all I have to judge this bad boy on is “Dreamscaperers”, which gave away quite a lot already. Thinking about it, I’ve named all my ipods after GF Antagonists – Bill, Gideon…. Oh who would have thought.

Anyway, Bill Cipher, also known as the dream demon. Goes into people’s mind and dreams to screw things up. What I always liked about him, unlike Gideon, is that he just goes for it. Gideon gets distracted occasionally, and you know his weakpoints, Bill on the other hand, being a demon, makes things a lot harder. And judging on the writing in the book, he seems to be very dangerous.

I really can’t wait to see more of him in the series.

// Sara

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