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Summary of 2013

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright. A little late, but here it is. Just as previous years, I’ll write a summary. Can’t break the tradition now, can I?


January was in general a pretty slow month. Except for one thing. LORDIS NEW ALBUM! For me that is. I got it VERY so early from their recordcompany, but you know, benefits of being a musicjournalist, right? Else from that it wasn’t very much new. A few new Phineas&Ferb episodes, but you know all about that already.


Leakage-Drama. I’m not sure if I have actually written about this in my blog before, but here it is. Someone had told Mr L that I had the album, and he accused me, along with a few friends for filesharing. After a long email with a lot of contactinformation to recordcompany people, he apologized and all was fine, at least between us. However, the drama all in all isn’t solved to this day, and I’m still curios who them people are who turned us in. They can’t be very brave, given they did it anonymously. Jesus Christ, the Lordi fandom sometimes!

But apart from the drama, WRECK-IT RALPH also happened! What a fantastic movie. Me, Emelie and Michelle saw it together. And if I’m not mistaken, this was also the same night where I found out I had won backstage tickets to the Lordi show in Milano! What a night, huh? The same weekend we also went to Boda Borg for the first time in forever. Ah, amazement.

Of course, you take the good with the bad. One of my rabbits passed away this month. We wrapped up the whole month with going to a Crashdiet concert in Oslo.

simon1 kopiera



I debuted as a journalist for Melodifestivalsklubben at the Second Chance here in Karlstad, and it was the most fun thing I have done in a very, very long time I must say.  Else from that, not a whole lot happened. There were  A LOT of Phineas&Ferb marathons going. Oh yeah! We also went to Paula’s place to celebrate her birthday, kind of a surprise for her as I had told her before I wouldn’t make it! She was quite so happy to see me!

mello2 174


April is Lordi month. This is the month me, Michelle and the ever so faithful Argo went to ITALY to see Lordi live on their To Beast tour. We were toying around a bit with ideas on where we’d see Lordi next, you know, go to a country we haven’t been in before, and this time the choice landed on Italy. We began in Rome, and then onto Milano. It is one of the most epic trips I’ve ever experienced. The shows were great, the meet&greets were great, ROME was great! Palantino is always gonna be a very, very special place for me. I just loved it so much. Milano was rainy, but still amazing. And I finally got to go to an actual Disney Store. I was in heaven. Seriously.

italienlilla 724




italy3 241



italy2 217


May is, and will probably always be, Eurovision Month. This year, Eurovision was here at home in Sweden and we got to experience the wonderful Malmö. As all of you know, Denmark won the thing, so next year, Copenhagen and den lille havsfrue it is! Looking forward to it.  We also learned we’d won the Meet&Greet passes to Lordi when they played at Skogsröjet!

esc 632

esc 637

I also…. You know how many times I’ve put in as my expectations that I’d see Bon Jovi live? I didn’t do it 2012, because I figured it wouldn’t happen. BUT GUESS WHAT! FINALLY, AFTER ALL THIS TIME, I’ve seen Bon Jovi live! I originally went there with Michelle, but I ended up with spending the concert with Rebecka instead, the girl I met at Stala&SO. shows in 2012. Long time no see! Was so glad to see her again.


Well. I have written almost nothing about June. Meaning, nothing happened. Except one of the voice-actresses of Phineas&Ferb scaring the hell out of us.


Well, a lot of fun things happened here. First of all, I started working with building a new ÖoB store here in Sweden. I never really write about job related things on the blog because of reasons, but this one is something I’m very very fond of. It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and I worked with some great people.

July was also the month of SKOGSRÖJET everybody! I don’t think I’ve missed it once since I started going to it like, two years ago, so not so long ago, but this year was special. LORDI played there! You know what that means? Lordi did their first Swedish gig since 2009. It’s insane! Also, the heat during the festival was insane. What was even better, was that ALL of us Lordipeople, Me, Michelle, Ludvig, Hanna and Paula had ALL won Meet&Greet, so we all got to meet Lordi – Amen together! How awesome isn’t that? Other amazing bands that played was The 69 Eyes, Twisted Sister, Lita Ford and H.E.A.T. I might have forgotten someone, so don’t kill me.




Spent most of August working, but apart from that, Michelle, Emelie and I went to celebrate my birthday at Liseberg! We had so much fun. Also, Gravity Falls returned from it’s loooong hiatus. And Alex retweeted our picture. Yes, I’m a fangirl, sue me.


September was a seemingly empty month. Dear Lord, how did that even happen? Only God knows. I’m pretty positive though, that I bought my Olly Murs tickets along with our Rock of Ages tickets.


Here, a little more happened. First of all, I went to see the ever so lovely Olly Murs. It’s seriously one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Sure, it may not be much of a show like Lordi or Steel Panther, but seriously. His music and him just…. ah.


We also went to celebrate Michelle’s birthday in Stockholm, by spending a weekend there hooking up with the Rock of Ages musical. And seriously, I loved the movie, but the musical IS SO MUCH BETTER! I just ahahsjdasjk. I can’t even begin to explain! I wish and hope I get a chance to catch it again next year! We also went to Boda Borg, this time with a new guy, called Kim. Things always gets out of hand on Boda Borg, like we got this idea we’d turn Kim into a mummy, but instead it all turned out to be a marshmallow war? What?


In October, my very loved hamster Simon passed away after two years in my possession. He’s greatly missed, and I still hear his wheel spinning at times. Damn it.

simme 014


November was Mission Month. November was the month where all those Gravity Falls and Phineas&Ferb episode I’ve waited for so long was released. MISSION FUCKING MARVEL PEOPLE!! And PRIMAL PERRY!! And SIDETRACKED!! GOD DAMN! It was a bit intense, but they were soooo good! God, I love these shows.


December was the month for Dreamscaperers. That ONE Gravity Falls episode we’ve all been waiting for. Bill Cipher and all. By Odin’s Beard, it was so great! In planning New Year’s, we decided I was gonna dress up as Elsa, and it was somewhere around here my craze for Frozen started. In the beginning /middle of December. It was quite a rush, but the costume was finished on time. BARELY. We nailed the last threads and stones just an hour ago, and party is soon about to begin here. Also, we celebrated Christmas in the stable this year, a few days late with Emelie and Kim. It was the coziest ever.

Well yes. That was my year in blogging, I suppose. Let’s see what I wrote for predictions.

* SBTY will work out – Nope
* Lordi tour will work out- DONE
* Meet Mr. Aussie – Nope (damn you!)
* Steel Panther live – Nope
* Stala & SO & Honey Hellraise – Nope

Uhm. Yeah. ONE out of a few. Not so good, huh? Alright. Here come’s this years predictions:

* See Olly Murs again
* See Lordi again
* Go to EHM
* Travel somewhere new
* Audition

I’m not gonna write any further on Audition, it’s a bit of a secret for myself, but yes. There they are. I hope they all come true!

And of course, time to thank all the people who made this year worthy:
Michelle R, Paula L, Martine F, Thomas C, Maria B, Emelie V, Kim C, Charles J, Nettan K, Klara E, Linn B, Johanna No, Anthalerero M, Alexander P, Eva H, Anna H, Anna W, Elin G, Daniel H, David R, Wictor G, Argo P, Rikk S, Hanna H, Ludvig A, Jonathan N, Olly Murs, Hella, Mr L, Mana, OX, Amen, Simon Cruz, Peter London, Martin Sweet, H.E.A.T, Jennie F, Jonny K, Martina A, Richard S, Jimmie N, Sofia A, Malin B, Hanna G, Michal B, Nikola M, Curt U, Sophie E, Peter O, Emily H, Max S, Sergio P, Angelina R, Anna Sc, Erik H, Aneta D, Anna S, Nina N, Per, Rebecka Y, Madlen R, Magnum, Karolina S, Elin J, Frida S, Louise E, Elin F, Johanna Ni, Matilda I, Reverse Grip, Lizbet B, Anna A, Johanna Ny, Milica K, Emma K, Erica S, Malin K, Lisa V, Cast of Gravity Falls Sweden, Cast of Phineas & Ferb Sweden, Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh and la familia.







Preparations and Christmas in the Stable

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hello, hello, hello.

I’ve had my hands full lately of The Sims play, haypacking and New Years preparations. We’ve changed somethings, and I’m more stoked than ever! My costume is slowly being put together as well, so I’m really excited as of now! It’s gonna be awesome. Or at least it has to be.

Apart from this, I’ve worked in the stable with some of my bestest friends. We also decided, since it’s christmas and all, that we’d have our own little mini-christmas, so we made sure to get done with as much as possible as soon as possible to take a little longer lunch with Xmas left-overs and exchanging gifts. And seriously, I think I just got the best gifts ever.

esc 039

DO YOU SEE THIS?! It’s PHINEAS & FERB: A Very Perry Christmas and Phineas&Ferb MISSION MARVEL from Kim (Thanks man, seriously!) and then, A FRAMED PHOTO of Alex Hirsch from Emelie! Do you know what this means?! FANGIRL OVERLOAAAAD!=!=!=!!”)”)#)¤#”%%¤!! Man. I’m so gonna put the picture on my nightstand as a reminder of how unappreciated people like me and my people are of our time, and also to remind me of the great friends I have. And then I’ll start my day off with some good Phineas & Ferb. Oh yes people.

Are you a little curios perhaps on what I got me hearties? Well! Sure thing. Kim is the kind of guy who has everything. Literally everything. So what he got from us was a “Ball of Nothing” from Emelie, a doll horse that resembles his old favorite horse and a calendar we made ourselves. I hope no one but us ever sees it, though.

esc 045

Emelie, from Kim she got no less than four mobile cases for her cellphone! She’d broken her old one, so it was exactly what she needed. I told her she should go with the golden one first, because she’s golden you know. I’m smooth ain’t I? I must say though, I’m so proud over what I got her. You see, Emelie is a hardcore Whovian. Sadly, she missed out on “The Day of the Doctor” because, Sweden you know, and we didn’t manage to get tickets to the screening in Norway, which was all very sad. Do you understand how happy I was when I realized that “The Day of The Doctor” had been released on a DVD already?! I was. And you know what. She was happy as hell when she got it too. I sure know what she did that night!

esc 044

I’ve never managed to pull off such a great gift. I’m so proud of myself.

Anyhow, I’m up to work in the stable tomorrow. So I need to crash now. See you all later!

// Sara


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Seriously. These last days have been interesting, mostly because I’ve woken up so many times in the middle of the night due to my Perry the Pillowpet giving up his spot on top of the bed to be more in the center. More where I am. Here’s the deal. These pillowpets are HUGE. And my bed is small. There is not room enough for me AND Perry.

Even though I try to put him away, to stay with the Unicorns, he always finds a way to come back down. It’s fun though, giving the fact he’s been in the position before, for WEEKS, without any trouble. But all of a sudden, he doesn’t. Why the hell not. Gah. This is a fight I simply can’t win. Perry is always gonna be there. In the way. Always. And no, I can’t take him away from the bed. I need a platypus there. Because reasons.

Preparations for New Year’s are in big order, and I truly hope it will be OK. I just need to sit down and form questions for the quiz we’re gonna have. I can’t make it too difficult, but not too easy either. Hm.

Oh right. Merry Christmas/Midvinterblot you all!

// Sara

King of the Mountain

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Despite this being a random Bon Jovi song that came on my shuffling iPod, I must say it fit the theme of the recent titles very well!

So. Yeah. I haven’t been doing a whole lot ‘cept from playing The Sims. And it goes pretty slowly if you ask me. She’s sculpting. That’s all she do. Today I figured it was time for change though, so I purchased another hotel for her, or ratherly, an empty spot for her to build it on. I struggled I bit with the blueprints, how to fit them out, but eventually I think I got it. Sadly, all the simoleons she’d made wasn’t enough, so we’re back to sculpting for now.

Apart from that, I’ve finally taken the bull by the horns and set up my computer area. I used to have a stationary one, but it’s like, out of service at the moment so I set up my laptop with the screen in my room. I’ve started to make it a bit cozy too. I’ve managed to get a very old lamp to work, set up my iPod speaker next to me here, set up the microphone and even started decorating the walls. There are still some stuff I want in on it, like, Dipper, Mabel, Bill, Mordecai, Elsa, Aurora, Clopin, Gideon and not to EVER forget: The Cullens, Rosalie’s and Rose’s, Candace, Mabel and Elsa. They are probably the most important ones. In case of confusion: The latter ones, from Cullens and onwards, are Sims. Important ones in one way or another. Once it’s done, I’ll show you all. But it’s gonna take a day or so. Hahahaha.

Oh well. It’s getting late over here, and Bon Jovi’s singing about “Silent Night”‘s, so I should probably hit the sack.

Good night people!

NP: Tokyo Road – Bon Jovi
// Sara

A kingdom of Isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen

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Seriously though. I’ve just spent three hours installing a few (not even all) of my The Sims 3 games onto my laptop. There will come  a day where my computer is just going to hate me for this. The thing is though, I’ve tried everything and for a very long time to make the game function on my normal stationary computer, yet it just won’t fix.

What happens is that, after you launch it, regardless if it is through the launcher or through the “back door” it starts load, like, you know the black screen that appears for normally just a few seconds, and you see the blue little wheel, and then it all crashes to taskbar and the only way to get it to quit is to open Task Manager and kill it. If anyone has a solution for this, please let us know. We’ve upgraded all our drivers, it’s been reinstalled, we’ve changed administrative settings and also compability settings. So yes. Literally everything.

While we’re on the topic of The Sims though, while cleaning the other day I had to clear space in one of my shelves for my The Sims games. They are becoming so many they require yet another space. I’m thinking about transforming my whole computer area into The Sims-y, perhaps with pictures of all my important Sims. Because yes, I’m one of these horrible persons who actually do consider my Sims-people my children, and some of them, like Rosalie, are very, very, very important. And they need to be highlighted. In some way.

Anyway – Island Paradise just finished installing, and I’m finally gonna see if it works on this computer or not. If you hear a computer being smashed, it means it didn’t work. Just so you know.

// Sara

It’s funny how some distance, makes everything seem small

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So, in preparations for New Year’s Eve, I’ve been checking out a video from the up and coming Disney movie “Frozen”, more to be precise, “Let it Go”. And to be fair, I didn’t realize how hard it’d hit me.

Now, I’ve had a little crush on Elsa as it is prior to this, but this clip, or, to be more precise, song, hit me so hard. I’ve probably nagged the HEAD of people around me about it. But I haven’t crushed this hard on a character since Megara in Hercules, 16 years ago. And it’s all in the song. Of course, I’ve probably encoded the song a little differently than it’s supposed to be in the whole movie, but okay.

It’s been some time since I actually heard a song I could relate to. I sometimes hear songs and can be like, yeah this is good, and I understand what they mean, but this one. This little one, “Let It Go”… It’s a movie soundtrack, so it feels downright stupid to sit here and write it, but it’s like it could be written about me, about how I feel about things.  I struggle a lot with letting go. In many ways. I struggle with letting go of old things, I struggle with letting go of peoples words, and I struggle with letting my feelings just flow. I’ve gotten into this pattern where I, for instance, may get a negative call-back from a job, and I only act as if it doesn’t matter, even if it might. It doesn’t ruin my life, but of course, it’s a rejection, amongst so many others I’ve had, and that it is okay to be sad, even if it is only for ten minutes.

But somewhere, not sure where, I stopped. I just stopped feeling emotions, or perhaps, prevented myself to feel emotions. Never be sad, because I shouldn’t complain, never be angry unless very very necessary, because people only try to be nice, right? Never be too excited about things unless it interests the other person, because else you’ll bore or annoy the other person. Never let anyone know you’re unhappy about something because you’re just being ungrateful…

Just be plain, simple and not say a word. Not to let them know. To hold everything back. To never tell people about things. So after a while I didn’t even know anymore what to say, or how to say things to people. People would brush me off as coldhearted and mean, and I probably are to some. It’s an evil circle I got myself into. Where I became, as Jennie put “emotionally passive”. So I don’t even know anymore. What I feel, if I feel, if I prevent myself from feeling, or if I try to feel when I don’t. I don’t want to be mean or cold hearted. But I didn’t know anymore how to… feel.

But then I heard this song I just sort of lost it. I just…  just let it go, you know. Everything just flowed, I felt something. The song stung hard right where it should, in the heart. Every word she sings in the song I relate to. I relate to her, with what she sings. I’m not sure if anything of what I just wrote even makes sense, but they’re things I came to think of because of this song.

Isn’t it peculiar what simple notes and lyrics can trigger at times?

// Sara

No More Mr Nice Guy

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It strikes me that I very very rarely post selfies of myself. Well, today is your lucky day! I’ve taken a few shoots I figured I’d share with you. I’ve never felt this sexy ever before.





// Sara


Eurovision baby!

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Today has been a good day. I didn’t finish some of the things that I had planned, but it doesn’t matter! Because first of all, I finally got New Years plans! Second of all, I’m starting to get on the voices of Gravity Falls in Sweden. I noticed Scaredy Squirrel had some familiar voices (Gideon’s and McGucket’s, to be exact) so I’m starting to come onto it now. I will investigate it a bit further though, but you know, FINALLY!

But most importantly, which is worth FUCKLOADS OF CELEBRATING, is that I got…


Hell yeah baby, I’m just dancing my victory dance to Pops’ version of “Footloose” here. It’s always a little stress every year waiting for that little email telling you (hopefully) that you have gotten Eurovision tickets. Which I have. OH YEAH.


esc 426

esc 632

esc 637

esc 642

Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Photos obviously by me.

Well.With that said, I’ll wish you all a good night.


// Sara


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Uh. I haven’t updated my spoiler pic it appears. Oh well, you get what I want to have said with it…


I’m not even joking. Seriously. I’m almost at loss for words. It wasn’t as I had expected it to be, it was BETTER. Comparing to previous episodes of Gravity Falls, I must say that things got fairly more intense in this one. Not only the storyline, but also the language. I read somewhere on Tumblr yesterday about how they didn’t understand how Alex had been allowed to put certain things in, and now I understand them. It has been some time since we saw something like this on DC, that’s for sure…

But you know, I’m confused. I always thought Bill Cipher would be the worst thing the Pines’ would come across, but it appears I was wrong. I mean, I have seen the show before, I do know who Gideon is and what he is and has been capable of doing, but seriously, SCREWING OVER THE DREAM DEMON? BLOWING UP THE SHACK WITH PEOPLE IN IT? This 9 year old ain’t joking around, that’s for sure! Now I can barely wait for “Gideon Rises”.

Although I must say, I was a bit surprised to see that they’d actually translated and voiced the backwards message in Gideon’s summoning. I always thought they’d leave it as it was, appears I was wrong! They do this better than I expected them to. And also, as I thought, they did translate Bill’s last name (it became Chifer in Swedish, based off Chiffer, literally meaning Cipher). Even though it wasn’t the actor I had in mind to voice Bill, I still think they did a smashingly good choice, and he did a fantastic job as hell! I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy who do McGucket’s voice, but I won’t swear on it. And I don’t know today who it is. I have planned to go on a voice-hunt some time now to figure who did who besides the five main characters.

Well… Yes. This was well worth it’s waiting, I can say that much. “Gideon Rises” can’t come soon enough now!



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So today’s been quite the day. For the first time in a very very very very VERY long time I’ve done an actual exam. Haha, I do realize how this sounds. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. I just mean it’s been sometime since I actually went to do an exam AT the University. Most of the time, the latest years, we’ve had home exams. Which I prefer. Very so much. Did I do good on the exam? Probably not. Sure thing, I answered all of the questions this time, which is always a start. But if it’ll help me all the way, no clue.

Today also marks the first day in a very long time that I’ve actually you know, left the house and gone out and socialized with someone. A friend of mine I met through work asked me to accompany him to the movies, which I gladly did. Was very so nice to hang out with someone again. I should do that more often. Thanks for a great night, in case you read this! We should do it again some time.

Also, today was the final of Dessertmästarna (The Dessert Champions, I guess you could call it) and the girl I was ruling for, Sofie, made it to the final but sadly lost against Marie! To be fair, I kinda saw it coming. Marie has been a favorite of the judges ever since it started, but I’m glad as fuck that Sofie made it that far! She’s amazing at what she does.

There were new episodes of “Regular Show” put out today and I literally flipped over when Margaret kissed Mordecai. Yes, that’s how far behind we are in Sweden, AGAIN, just deal with it. I have read about this episode on the Regular Wikia, but seriously, still. Damn I ship them. I ship them so hard. Just as hard as I ship Phineas&Isabella. OTP, you know.

And now… I’m just sitting here. Tomorrow, is the big day you know. It’s time. To buy gold and all. For the oncoming apocalypse.

Tomorrow. DisneyChannel, 16:50 (Swe Time).


I’m getting so exicted and stoked for this. BILL CIPHER HELLO! God I’ve waited for this for so long. It’s here. At last.

By Odens beard. Perhaps I should get to bed. I got one extra Top Model episode to catch up on. Busy day!

And I just realized I have to make room on my DVD for the episode. Damn it.

NP: Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night – Rock of Ages cast (Broadway Musical)