So today’s been quite the day. For the first time in a very very very very VERY long time I’ve done an actual exam. Haha, I do realize how this sounds. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. I just mean it’s been sometime since I actually went to do an exam AT the University. Most of the time, the latest years, we’ve had home exams. Which I prefer. Very so much. Did I do good on the exam? Probably not. Sure thing, I answered all of the questions this time, which is always a start. But if it’ll help me all the way, no clue.

Today also marks the first day in a very long time that I’ve actually you know, left the house and gone out and socialized with someone. A friend of mine I met through work asked me to accompany him to the movies, which I gladly did. Was very so nice to hang out with someone again. I should do that more often. Thanks for a great night, in case you read this! We should do it again some time.

Also, today was the final of Dessertmästarna (The Dessert Champions, I guess you could call it) and the girl I was ruling for, Sofie, made it to the final but sadly lost against Marie! To be fair, I kinda saw it coming. Marie has been a favorite of the judges ever since it started, but I’m glad as fuck that Sofie made it that far! She’s amazing at what she does.

There were new episodes of “Regular Show” put out today and I literally flipped over when Margaret kissed Mordecai. Yes, that’s how far behind we are in Sweden, AGAIN, just deal with it. I have read about this episode on the Regular Wikia, but seriously, still. Damn I ship them. I ship them so hard. Just as hard as I ship Phineas&Isabella. OTP, you know.

And now… I’m just sitting here. Tomorrow, is the big day you know. It’s time. To buy gold and all. For the oncoming apocalypse.

Tomorrow. DisneyChannel, 16:50 (Swe Time).


I’m getting so exicted and stoked for this. BILL CIPHER HELLO! God I’ve waited for this for so long. It’s here. At last.

By Odens beard. Perhaps I should get to bed. I got one extra Top Model episode to catch up on. Busy day!

And I just realized I have to make room on my DVD for the episode. Damn it.

NP: Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night – Rock of Ages cast (Broadway Musical)




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