Preparations and Christmas in the Stable

Hello, hello, hello.

I’ve had my hands full lately of The Sims play, haypacking and New Years preparations. We’ve changed somethings, and I’m more stoked than ever! My costume is slowly being put together as well, so I’m really excited as of now! It’s gonna be awesome. Or at least it has to be.

Apart from this, I’ve worked in the stable with some of my bestest friends. We also decided, since it’s christmas and all, that we’d have our own little mini-christmas, so we made sure to get done with as much as possible as soon as possible to take a little longer lunch with Xmas left-overs and exchanging gifts. And seriously, I think I just got the best gifts ever.

esc 039

DO YOU SEE THIS?! It’s PHINEAS & FERB: A Very Perry Christmas and Phineas&Ferb MISSION MARVEL from Kim (Thanks man, seriously!) and then, A FRAMED PHOTO of Alex Hirsch from Emelie! Do you know what this means?! FANGIRL OVERLOAAAAD!=!=!=!!”)”)#)¤#”%%¤!! Man. I’m so gonna put the picture on my nightstand as a reminder of how unappreciated people like me and my people are of our time, and also to remind me of the great friends I have. And then I’ll start my day off with some good Phineas & Ferb. Oh yes people.

Are you a little curios perhaps on what I got me hearties? Well! Sure thing. Kim is the kind of guy who has everything. Literally everything. So what he got from us was a “Ball of Nothing” from Emelie, a doll horse that resembles his old favorite horse and a calendar we made ourselves. I hope no one but us ever sees it, though.

esc 045

Emelie, from Kim she got no less than four mobile cases for her cellphone! She’d broken her old one, so it was exactly what she needed. I told her she should go with the golden one first, because she’s golden you know. I’m smooth ain’t I? I must say though, I’m so proud over what I got her. You see, Emelie is a hardcore Whovian. Sadly, she missed out on “The Day of the Doctor” because, Sweden you know, and we didn’t manage to get tickets to the screening in Norway, which was all very sad. Do you understand how happy I was when I realized that “The Day of The Doctor” had been released on a DVD already?! I was. And you know what. She was happy as hell when she got it too. I sure know what she did that night!

esc 044

I’ve never managed to pull off such a great gift. I’m so proud of myself.

Anyhow, I’m up to work in the stable tomorrow. So I need to crash now. See you all later!

// Sara

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