A kingdom of Isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen

Seriously though. I’ve just spent three hours installing a few (not even all) of my The Sims 3 games onto my laptop. There will come  a day where my computer is just going to hate me for this. The thing is though, I’ve tried everything and for a very long time to make the game function on my normal stationary computer, yet it just won’t fix.

What happens is that, after you launch it, regardless if it is through the launcher or through the “back door” it starts load, like, you know the black screen that appears for normally just a few seconds, and you see the blue little wheel, and then it all crashes to taskbar and the only way to get it to quit is to open Task Manager and kill it. If anyone has a solution for this, please let us know. We’ve upgraded all our drivers, it’s been reinstalled, we’ve changed administrative settings and also compability settings. So yes. Literally everything.

While we’re on the topic of The Sims though, while cleaning the other day I had to clear space in one of my shelves for my The Sims games. They are becoming so many they require yet another space. I’m thinking about transforming my whole computer area into The Sims-y, perhaps with pictures of all my important Sims. Because yes, I’m one of these horrible persons who actually do consider my Sims-people my children, and some of them, like Rosalie, are very, very, very important. And they need to be highlighted. In some way.

Anyway – Island Paradise just finished installing, and I’m finally gonna see if it works on this computer or not. If you hear a computer being smashed, it means it didn’t work. Just so you know.

// Sara

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