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Mötley Crüe @ Globen, Stockholm, Sweden 16/11 -15

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So… I don’t even know how to begin this blog. I’ve been seeing Mötley Crüe live quite a few times on and off since 2007, and knowing that this is supposed to be the last time I’ll ever see them. It feels a bit surreal… I don’t… I don’t even know how to put this to words. So I won’t for now.

The day began lazily. For once, ONCE we actually had the opportunity to sleep in. I think we got up around noon, had breakfast and took a quickie downtown before we met up with our amazeballs friend Robert for some dinner before the show. It was raining like there was no tomorrow, but we somehow made it to Taco Bar anyway. We had a fun dinner with lots of jokes and plans and whatnot before we headed out in the rain again to get to Globen and the very last show.

As soon as we got out of the metro, we ran. Not because we were late, but because THE RAIN. Rain is all cool when you sit inside, with your window open and a few lit candles and a “nice” (*cough* Hunger Games *cough*) book, but not when you are about to go to a show. Gladly, since we were so “late” there were practically no queue at all, so we got in immediately. Directly, we headed for the merchandise to get the for me, mandatory tour programme. That is pretty much all my current budget allows, but on the other hand, I must admit there weren’t a whole too many good designs.

At this point, it was about ten minutes left until Alice Cooper would go on stage, so we went down to the standing area. To our surprise, it was actually pretty…thin. I mean, not entirely, but I really thought there would be more people than this.

With a five minute delay, Alice Cooper went on stage to the rhythms of “Black Widow”. He quickly followed up with “No More Mr Nice Guy” and kept up that pace throughout the whole show. The set of the night were pretty similar to the shows he’s done earlier this year, of course a bit shorter because of time, sparing only the “hits” or the “good ones”, in what also felt a quicker pace than usual.


Regardless of this, Alleysan never, and I tell you NEVER, fail to entertain. Like I told you before – I wasn’t sure if I came for Mötley Crüe or for Alice Cooper, and despite seeing this set for about the third time this year, he still entertains me. And also. Seeing the Frankenstein doll on the big screen did freak me out a bit. I’ve never seen it so up-close, and now I was actually frightened by the details. Good on you, Mr Cooper.


Alice left the stage, and left us waiting for Mötley Crüe. I’d lie if I say I wasn’t having mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I couldn’t wait to see Mötley Crüe again, because despite them being so “bad” they are still Mötley Crüe, it’s still all those songs I love. But on the other hand, I didn’t want it to be over.

And right now time, the intro song started and the boys started the show with “Girls, Girls, Girls”. I must admit, I was a bit surprised by the choice of song, but… how can I care, how could I possibly care that much when Tommy, Vince, Nikki and Mick are on stage. It’s hard to comprehend that it was really only five months ago I saw them before this… But it’s something with Mötley Crüe, and it has always been. Whenever they come, I come.

Second song of the night were “Wild Side” followed by “Primal Scream”. And what can I say… This is a big show. There are pyros and fire-spewers literally everywhere, explosions and what else. A pricey show, I guess you could call it.


The second guitar was brought out, and the very song that actually began my entire fanhood of Mötley Crüe was ripped off – “Same Ol’ Situation”. For the last time. This was followed by “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” and “Smoking In The Boys Room”.


“Looks That Kills”, “Mutherfucker of The Year” and “Anarchy in the U.K” was fired off before the arena went completely dark, only to be lit up by Nikki Sixx putting his mic stand on fire for “Shout at the Devil”. For those of you who may not know, Nikki Sixx’s current mic stand hangs from the top of the stage down, and has a up-side down star on it, much like the album cover.

“Louder Than Hell” came on before it once again becomes completely dark, but this time to the tunes of “O Fortuna”. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, more than that I stood a long while thinking about from where I recognized the song (Clash of the Choirs, Team CANS) and then, Tommy Lee came out for his drum solo.

And finally, I got to figure out what the big metal thing standing half way into the arena was.

It was the rollercoaster. 


After all these years. After all these years, and all these prototypes.. it was finally here. The rollercoaster. The Rollercoaster Tommy Lee had spoken about so much in the past. Finally, it was here. And it was damn good. He started his drumsolo accompanied by some club music as the rollercoaster slowly started going upwards and then starting to twist and turn a bit. He went for the ride all the way to the center of the arena, which so happened to be exactly where we were standing.

When sitting there in the middle of the arena, Tommy got emotional and talked about this moment, and how important it was for him, but also how saddened he was, and how heavy his shoulders were from what had happened in Paris just a couple of days prior, and asked for a minute of silence. Of course, there will always be jerks who has to yell through things like this, but it was really, really beautiful. He then started his ride back to the stage where Mick joined him for a mind-blowing guitarsolo.

“Saints of Los Angeles” was quickly fired off after this, followed by “Live Wire” and “Dr Feel Good” before wrapping the whole set up with “Kickstart My Heart”. And what an ending, my god. Nikki and Vince were put up on “elevators” and shoved out in the audience. Oh my. What an ending. Confetti and pyros EVERYWHERE. It’s like they used all their last power.

They thanked for the night, and left the stage.


In the middle of the arena, where Tommy’s rollercoaster ended, there was a drumset. We weren’t sure what to make of it, but we hoped that maybe Tommy’d play it. And when we saw the crew start to prep it, we realized that we, or at least I, would come closer to Mötley Crüe than I have ever done before. And we were right. After a bit of time, they came up on the little podium together for one last good bye in “Home Sweet Home”.

And by that, it was over. Done. Finito. The very last time I’d ever see Mötley Crüe… was over. But this, this my friends, were the best good bye I’ve witnessed so far.

I went to this show with the worst expectations possible. I expected to barely even recognize the songs, to see Mötley Crüe being out-shined by Alice Cooper, but at least see the people who meant so much to me. But I got more. I got a Mötley Crüe who could play together. I got a Vince Neil that actually SANG all, or at least most, of the words, which he hasn’t always done in the past. I got to see Nikki Sixx talk about how a knife represents persistence and that with that, you can go far. I got a Mötley Crüe who seemed genuinely happy to play. I wasn’t sure if I came for Alice or Mötley, but I came for Mötley. I really did. And most importantly…


…Mötley Crüe delivered one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them do on their very last show in Sweden, and I’m glad I was there to witness it. 

Thank you, Mötley Crüe. For all these years.

// Sara

Captain Morgans Revenge

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PEOPLE! Today was a big day. As most of you know, Mötley Crüe is set to have their final tour forever this year, and while at Sweden Rock Vince announced they’ll be in Stockholm in November, and later we learned the tickets would be release on June 11th, which is, today!

Since I worked during the night (for some reason, I seem to be attracted to nightwork) I got up right before the ticket release, and I begged that maybe today, maybe I would get the tickets right away and not have to sit for an hour and click and click until the ones I want appear.

And guess what? I entered AXS waitingroom ten minutes or so before the release, and once the clock hit 9, I got to buy the tickets directly. I was literally one of the first persons to get to buy tickets. For the first time ever, I could freely chose any ticket I liked. So. Fucking. Happy.

Normal standing tickets was chosen (don’t really consider ourselves as big enough Mötley fans to buy Golden Circle, it’s unnecessary for us) and I was all done five minutes past nine. How fucking awesome isn’t that? And then I could peacefully go back to bed. Ahh.


Spent the day preparing for Graspop. I really wanna be done ahead now, since I start working permanently on Monday night, and I don’t wanna have to rush like an hour before the bus leaves for Stockholm. All the necessities, such as matress, towel and sleeping bag and wheelchair for the bag has been packed and tomorrow I plan to go through clothing, make up and see what hygiene products I can pack down already now. Can’t. Wait.

// Sara

Sweden Rock Festival 2015 – Friday

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So, even though it was a wee bit earlier than previous night, it was still fairly late for my liking. So I got up around noon, or something like that and started out with a slow breakfast and slow preparations for Alestorm. Seriously, some days I’m really fast, some days I’m really slow. Not sure why.

Went down around 1pm in order to check out some shopping tents, and also did I round in the 4sound tent to check out various guitars. I love all these little exhibitions Sweden Rock have all over their festival area. It’s like an amusement park – there is always something to do.


So, around 2 or a little after I headed over to Sweden Stage to catch the first show of the day – Alestorm. They opened up spot on time with “Walk The Plank”, and the audience was well-recieving. It makes me glad when the audience is great to the band. They continued with “The Sunk’n Norwegian” and the show was pretty much a fact.

Like I’ve said previously, I’ll keep it rather short. But it was an energetic set, despite the heat (where did that come from?!) and good audience response kicked off this first day pretty perfectly. However, the backdrop still sticks needles in my eyes…



Directly after Alestorm, seeing I had gotten rather hungry, I head over to one of the food trucks to pick up some quick food before running over to 4Sound stage to catch Rock Godess live. I’m not too familiar with this band from before, but the little I had heard I liked, so I figured it’d be fun to catch them.

And I don’t regret I did! They delivered a good set with good energy, perfect lunchdate, if I may say so.


After Rock Godess I had my first major break during the day, and with that I headed over to MailMetalOrder to pick up “.5: The Gray Chapter” on vinyl (double) as well as Korpiklaani’s new “Noita” and then heading over to Rock Stage where one of the highlights for me this year would soon enter: DOKKEN


It’s interesting. About a year ago I waited at this exact spot for another group of big heroes of mine to play, TNT, with Tony Harnell. Why is it that most of the most important concerts in my life, happens to be at Sweden Rock? Is it because Sweden Rock is legendary? Probably. It was almost like a deja vu feeling, you know, standing there waiting for a band (or in TNT’s case, a line up) you’d thought you’d never see, and yet, here we are.

The band entered the stage and fired off the gig with “Kiss of Death” and continued on with “The Hunter”. After here, is where THAT happened.

Don started to talk a lot on stage and the drummer started to play slowly. For a split second, I actually thought they were gonna play my personal favorite, which is “Dream Warriors”. But I shoved the thought away – Why would they EVER actually play this song live? Bahahaha. Since I’m so wrapped up in my own thoughts I don’t really listen to what Don is saying. I heard him saying something about nightmares, but then he said two words that caught my attention.

Elm. Street.

You see, “Dream Warriors” is one of the many songs of the soundtrack to “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors” and because of this, I figured they’d never play it.

But then he announced, that the next song was indeed “Dream Warriors”. And this, my friends, is what cause a CD enthusiast like me to drop my newely purchased .5 and Noita to the  ground with a big gasp. And wide eyes. Like… what. On. Earth. Just. Happened.

BEST MOMENT OF THE DAY, I’m telling you.

They continued on with a fresh set and a lot of… bad jokes if you ask me, but the gig was decent! But seriously, Dream Warriors… can’t get over it.


After Dokken I had yet another break in which I took the oppurtunity to get some of my stuff down to the car to make it easier for me once I was on my way home. The next gig of the day for me wasn’t until 22.15, when Mötley Crüe would enter the stage, so I had quite some time. Of course, this wasn’t the only thing I did. I spent some time at Hot Shot’s as well. Where else?


But sooner than later it was time for the guys in Mötley to take over the festival, and the stage setting was pretty massive, for being Mötley, I have to say. What especially caught my eye was Nikki’s microphone, which hung from the roof of the stage down in this big steel work with a Shout at the Devil kind of star on it.

They opened up the whole gig with one of my own personal favorites – “Saints of Los Angeles” which set off a good start… and then it kinda fell. Counting roughly on my hands, I’ve seen Mötley Crüe live about four times before, making this my fifth time. In 2007, they were really good. 2009 and 2010, they were decent. In 2012 they were horrible. Like, maybe it’s because I stood far away munching on popcorns due to my cold, but seriously… Vince didn’t sing half of the words or anything, but the band was pretty good. It can’t be worse, can it?

Apparently I was wrong. Apparently, it could be worse. I didn’t get any vibes from this, any energy whatsoever, and there were occasions I barely recognized the songs at first because they were literally all over the place. I don’t mean to sit here and dog and talk shit about Mötley, I know I have a lot of people who loves them, and so do I, but seriously… It’s like the Lordi gig in Brighton. Now I know what a bad gig are. Difference is just that Mr L actually sang.

But yeah, I guess I should give them some kudos for going on stage and all. At least they are doing more, and better, than I am at the moment. But to give some creds – Love the setlist. It was perfect. And the pyro show was mindblowing. Especially the last piece where a big piece of fireworks went on a line straight over the audience. Loved it, and it helped keeping warm in the night. Thank you!

And I will see you again, in November. No worries. Not abandoning you now.



Towards the end of Mötley I started slowly moving backwards, as I wanted to have some good spots for H.E.A.T, partly for the show and the band, and partly because I had to warm up. Got there right in time for it to start, and they opened the set strongly with “Point of no Return”.

And here’s the deal ladies and gentlemen. You can say what you want about Alestorm, about Sabaton, Mötley Crüe, Toto, HammerFall or even Dokken. But no one, comes close to be a frontman like Erik Grönwall. Ones first instinct is to ask what drugs he’s on, but on the same time, I could totally see him really being like this.

But what I’m meaning to say is that Erik, never, ever fails to entertain. I have yet to see a gig where he is bad. I doubt it will ever happen. He’s the kind of frontman that gets the crowd going without any effort, he’s the kind of frontman who makes a duracell rabbit look slow. He’s the kind of frontman who makes like laugh, like when he was going to do a sing a long in “Beg Beg Beg” and instead belts out our Midsummer-drinking song (Helan Går). I’m glad I’m seeing these boys on Midsummer, will be PERFECT.

So what can I say. This was the perfect pick up after Mötley’s low-energy gig and I just want to say that I love H.E.A.T with all my heart. I know that wasn’t the case about seven years ago, but amends have been made.


And them ending with my favorite song off “Tearing Down The Walls”, “Laughing at Tomorrow” made it just perfect.

And around 3 am, later than normal again, I knocked out in the tent, preparing for the last day of the festival.

// Sara