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Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 1: Friday part 2

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Due to it becoming so long, I had to chop this up in two entries. Here comes part two!


And like clockwork, “Feel the Heat” started echoing in the speakers and the band walked on the stage. Once they were all on the stage, they hit the show off with “Bastard of Society”. And the energy was on top – isn’t it always with the band fronted by Erik Grönwall?

“Late Night Lady” was next on the list and the vibe in the audience was just soo good. But it’s not that weird if you think about it – this is H.E.A.T’s playground you know. So I’m not even surprised. 

“Mannequin Show”, one of like, their best songs ever, appeared and seriously – H.E.A.T is just one fucking big happy pill, aren’t they? They make me so fucking happy. And clearly I am not alone.

“Redefined” off the most recent album followed suite, and you know – I wasn’t too keen on the new album. Not that it was bad, but after hearing the singles I didn’t in fact dare to listen to the album, so only now, a week or so before, is when I actually listen to it.

But these songs, they work more than well live. So why the hell I even had any doubt on this band from the start, I have no idea.

“Into the Great Unknown” followed suite right away, before heading into a song I haven’t heard live in a long time – “1000 Miles”. Very nice surprise, and a lot of energy. “Beg Beg Beg”, a big personal favorite was next and that one completely tore down the walls. Like, completely. And in the midst of it, Erik said he wanted to get to the bar, and that we had to get him there, no matter how we solve it. Is there anyone even remotely close to him as far as frontmanship goes?

After this, it was time for Crash to have his moment in the spotlight for a solo. How awesome huh? It always entertains.

“We Rule”, put together with “Time is on our Side” was next on the list, and it was truly a beautiful moment, I honestly think this album grew a couple of inches on me after this.

“Breaking The Silence” from their “Adress The Nation” album was next, followed by most recent video single “Best of the Broken” which made itself very well live if you ask me! “Livin’ on the Run” featuring Erik Grönwall running around in the crowd. Because that is totally normal.

Dave Dalone, our returning guitarhero was set off to have his little moment in the spotlight. Many years ago, he was my favorite in H.E.A.T, and here he is back again. It’s good to see him back! And he slayed that solo, by the way.

“Eye of the Storm” off the new album was next, before the show was completely wrapped up with “Emergency” and “Inferno”. What a fantastic ending song “Inferno” is, by the way. Incredible.

They walked off stage, and of course, only to return and fire off two fantastic encored – “Point of no Return” and “A Shot at Redemption”. And with that, H.E.A.T paid their thanks, and left the stage.

And the adreanline rush from watching this was no joke. Seriously, this band makes me so extremly happy every fucking time I see them.

But now, shit is about to get real. Art Nation, One Desire and H.E.A.T in all glory and honor, but what was about to walk on stage is something I have only witnessed once before, and I was not sure when I’d ever get to witness again. It felt like my knees were getting weaker, and my heart rate picking up. Slaughter was about to go on stage.


They ran the intros “Still of the Night” and “Highway to Hell” before finally entering the stage. My heroes. Those people who just feel so unreachable, because they just never fucking play here.

Seeing them all come on stage – Zoltan, Blando, Dana and latly Mark… It it an out of this world kind of experience. This is indeed the second time I see them, but it weakens my knees still.

They opened the show with “The Wild Life”, and quickly followed up with “Burnin’ Bridges”. Seriously, I was standing in front of Dana Strum, but yet my mind couldn’t really comprehend what I was watching. Who was in front of me. What band was on stage. It is such an unreal experience – is this even happening?

“Spend My Life” (how much don’t I love this song?) was next on the list, and then “Mad About You”. Surprsingly, or, I guess I aren’t too surprised – the crowd for Slaughter was only half than it had been for H.E.A.T. So it was quite intimate, in fact.

“Take Me Away” followed up, and then came probably one of the most beautiful moments of the night – “Days Gone By” acoustic, with only Mark on stage. I have loved this song for so many years, and it never stops to give me the chills – especially when performed like this.

“Eye To Eye” was next on the list, which was done by Mark following Erik’s moves and moved around the audience singing the song. Amazing.

One of my own other personal favorites, “Real Love” came next.. And this song. Like.. I don’t even really know how to put words to it, and I’m usually very good with words – but this song… And hearing it live.. I can’t even describe it.

“Fly to the Angels” were next, and then wrapping the entire thing up with “Up All Night”.

The band thanked for their time and walked off stage. And I was floored. I mean, it’s hard to follow H.E.A.T as far as performance and stage presence goes, it’s still out of this world to see this band.

But! It is not over yet folks! One more band was set to take the stage – as an after party, if you like.

The Cruel Intentions

So last but not least, The Cruel Intentions took the stage. And by this time it was a mere 10-15 people left in the crowd, but I don’t really mind. Nice and intimate. They delieverd a good show, and the audience seemed to enjoy it well enough as well!

After they were done, I headed back to my hotel and crashed out. Long day, and tomorrow is the final day.

// Sara

March in Music

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A little delay, here comes the report of how I listened to music in March. First off, most played bands.

5. Amaranthe

This still doesn’t strike me as a chock, since they are the bands with the most songs total in my on-the-go iPod, even thought it doesn’t feel like I listen to them that much. But apparently, I do!

4. Sabaton

Not a big shocker. I did honestly think they’d be higher seeing I’ve seen quite a few shows with them this month, but I guess not. Still going strong in the top though. I blame my sudden love for “Blood of Bannockburn” for this.

3. Battle Beast

Ah here they are! An excellent release in “Bringer of Pain” and a show that was better than most sends the group up to a higher place. I swear to God, “Bastard Son of Odin” is really MY song. Seriously.

2. Epica

Epica delivered some great shows in Helsinki and Stockholm, and “The Holographic Principle” is such an awesome album.

1. Twilight Force

Well, I guess this answers why Sabaton has been so low this month – it’s the introduction of Twilight Force. I feel so stupid, because I’ve rapidly grown to like them a lot, and well, it feels stupid – this is all honesty, as I have so many friends who are already into them, and here I come a little late. Well, at least I never spoke shit about them. So, with that said, I’m not surprised they are on top!

Lets move onto albums.

5. Bringer of Pain

No surprise! The new little masterpiece by Finlands now, in my eyes, most promising bands. I’m certain my love for “Bastard Son of Odin” is pushing this a little bit higher, but aside that – this is one killer album.

4. The Power of the Ancient Force

Well, considering Twilight Force is amongst the bands in my top artists, it’s not a big surprise their albums would make it onto the list. “The Power of the Ancient Force” is their debut album, and I really like it.

3. As I Lay Me Down (Single)

This is awesome. So, you know how I love Wiktoria? This is the single for that very song, and it has made the third place on most played album. And very well so, the song is just that fucking amazing.

2. Heroes of Mighty Magic

Another one of Twilight Force’s albums, I think this one might be a tad more epic than the previous, but it’s too soon for me to say too much already to be honest. Check back in a month or two, haha.

1 . The Holographic Principle

This album is absolute killer, and not to mention, “Beyond the Matrix”. Seriously, I just love that song so much. This album has quickly climbed to be one of my favorites, but if it’s just a new crush or forever, is yet to see.

And lastly, songs. Last.FM really shows you top ten songs, but I’ll cut it down to five.

3. Touch in the Night – Battle Beast

Battle Beasts flagship is you like, and also my personal favorite. This song has so many memories to it, I can barely count anymore how many trips has this song as their “song of the trip”.

3. Bastard Son of Odin – Battle Beast

Another one of Battle Beast’s, another favorite, but a different album. Seriously, this is my personal bootcamp song.

3. The Real Me – Art Nation

So, you probably noticed how there’s three 3’s, and this is because all of these songs had the same amount of plays.  Art Nation’s first single of the upcoming album, and I just love it that much. I can’t get over it. At all.

2. Emergency – H.E.A.T

Oldie but goldie! This song has rapidly risen, and it’s just… When you have so much music around, it’s easy to forget what you have, and then all of a sudden you just rediscover it and realize how much you love it. I’m so happy H.E.A.T is making new music again finally, I cannot wait.

1 . As I Lay Me Down – Wiktoria

Well, no surprise. I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since I first saw her in Melodifestivalen, and I cannot stop listening to this. Honestly. Beyond amazing. I’m eager to check out more of her stuff later.

So. That was that recap. I always find it somewhat facinating to see what songs you do actually listen to, and which you don’t.

// Sara


Skogsröjet 2015: Day one, Friday 31/7

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So! It was finally time for that time of the year again, for Swedens biggest smallest festival, or also known as the most cosy festival in Sweden – Skogsröjet. Located in the forests in a little community called Rejmyre (now Röjmyre) has the festival been running for ten years now. Yes you heard it, it was their tenth anniversary this time around. And for me, it was my fifth time. In a row.

However, despite this, I decided to go down on Friday to calm my nerves. I guess the epic performances of Noch Ein Bier kind of killed all enthusiasm I ever held for Skogsröjet this year, but at least I promised myself to make it in time for Crucified Barbara, which I did with some time to spare. It’s not a very long ride to Röjet from here – about two and half an hour only, unlike Sweden Rock which takes almost six hours from here.

Crucified Barbara

So, I’ve known about this band for many years, but I’ve never really gotten into them. I saw them in 2013, while queueing for Lordi, so I did look forward to seeing them again, and this time seeing them with a genuine interest. While the band performed almost flawlessly with a lot of energy, I must admit the public response was kind of weak. Gladly, this picked up as long as the show went on.

However, I must admit it was really, really good! I have to pick up an album or two with them now. I’m sad it took so long to convince me, but I guess it’s something about Klara’s personality on stage that is… contagious, in a way. So yes, good show, good band and a great start on the festival for me!


After Crucified, I went on and picked up my luggage to set up my tent. For some reason, Skogsröjet had closed off half of the camping, so it was a little tricky to find a spot that wasn’t occupied or in a puddle of water. After a bit of time, I found a spot, which was in a puddle of water, but at least it was less water than the other spots. I always wanted a houseboat, so I guess this is one way to get it, no?

After I was done setting up and unpacking, I headed back to the festivalgrounds to catch one of the reasons I went to this festival in the first place: H.E.A.T


What can I possibly say about H.E.A.T that hasn’t already been said? They opened on spot with “Point of No Return” followed by “A Shot at Redemption” and it went down the road it has done all festival season really. With one exception.

No “Late Night Lady”. Personally, not being a fan of the song, I don’t mind at all, but it was a bit of a surprise seeing it gone. So was “Heartbreaker” and “All The Nights”. I can live without the last one, but I REALLY miss “Heartbreaker”. It’s such a good song. Why.


But you know – you can complain all you want about missing songs, but Erik will very, very, VERY soon make you forget about it. Like I’ve said so many times before, he’s insane as a frontman, and the whole band just levitates from it. Fantastic gig with a bunch of Sweden’s finest, but who was ever surprised?

After H.E.A.T I quickly went to the record store tent and got myself a TOTO vinyl, a Bloodbound album and dropped them both off in my car while getting away from the rain for a moment before I headed back to catch the second big name for the day – Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore Superstar

HCSS…. There’s a certain thing with these bands. Like HCSS and H.E.A.T. HCSS is a band I’ve caught many, MANY times throughout the year, to the extent where I learned the majority of their songs only because I wound up seeing them live so much. At first it wasn’t even by choice, but eventually, it became by choice, because this band… is just so fucking good.

Opening up strongly with “Need No Company”, continuing on with “Last Forever” and “My Good Reputation”….  I’m still surprised how so many people can be so still to a band whose music is just one big party. Not in the sense of Korpiklaani or Alestorm, but it’s just… how can I even describe it? You kinda have to see it for yourself.

Jocke is also up in the run against Erik to be the best frontman, which helps a lot as to why this band is just… beyond perfect. I’ve come to realize stage presence is so important, and I learned during this festival what bad stage presence is. But I’ll talk about that later.

And for the first time in a while (where I have seen them) they invited some guests on stage for “Last Call For Alcohol” and I was so glad to see Angelina on stage with her favorite band again. That’s pretty much where she belongs.


They wrapped the whole set off with “Moonshine”, “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and “Above the Law” before thanking for the day and saying good night. Seriously, I’m so glad HCSS is practically a houseband at Röjet. We always have at least one fantastic band, I love that.

Skid Row

Right after HCSS, I headed over to Tube Stage to catch Skid Row. I’ve never been a major fan of Skid Row, however, Tony Harnell is quite the housegod here at home, and therefore, Skid Row was a must. I was very… happily surprised when I saw that he had joined Skid Row, and it made me excited for the show.

And they were really good! Can’t speak so much about the material since I, as I said, was never a big fan of the band, but it was so good to see Tony on stage again. And odd, in a way, to see him in another spectra than with TNT, but damn, it was good!



Went back to Bandit stage to catch the last band of the night – Europe. It was a nice set they put on – a decent mix of old tunes and new and they got good energy on stage. I love how they incorporate other sons in theirs – like “Here I Go Again” in “Superstitious” and “Du Hast” right before “Rock the Night”.

The only thing I have to say about it, is that I miss “Cherokee” a lot. I love that song, but since Europe isn’t exactly the band I’ve seen the most, I’m not sure what their frequency is with that song.


After this, I headed right back to the tent and climbed in under my poofy blanket and fell asleep after a little while listening to the same song I listened to going to bed last year – “Världens Bästa Tjej” with 2 Blyga Läppar. It made me smile. I heard it last year and did everything I could to track it down, because I really like it, and it was… a bit special I guess, in a way, to hear it being blasted again at the same place.

Fell asleep with a big smile on my lips, that’s for sure.

// Sara

Väsby Rock Festival 2015 – Friday

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So, three weeks, three festivals, start off with Väsby Rock Festival.

We left home rather late according to what we had planned – we didn’t set off to Upplands Väsby until around 12. To our defence, we can’t really rule of the lines at the supermarket… anyway. Better late than never huh?

The carride went fairly good, and we did a smaller pit stop in Örebro to have some food at Subway before we after a few more hours of traveling finally hit Upplands Väsby and Vilundaparken. First of all, I must admit I’m a wee bit disappointed that they didn’t have real bracelets. The festival has about the same price as Skogsröjet, the artists are a little smaller, and no real wristbands? Makes me a sad monkey. Anyway, that’s really not a big problem per se, but a little disappointing.

The next mission was to find the camping. It wasn’t as easy as the volunteers had claimed, as there were NO major signs up about it all. Thanks to some help at the gates, we found it. And we went up the hill to put our tent… only to see there’s like… nine other tents there. Tops. So we were literally about ten tents only, throughout the festival. How cozy isn’t that?

Spent some time setting up the camp and getting ready, and then we went down to catch Ammunition.


While I went here to see H.E.A.T and Danger Danger mostly, I can’t deny I was very excited to catch up on what Åge (Glam) has been up to since the Wig Wam days. I haven’t listened anything to Ammunition, even though I’ve been somewhat well informed about it.

And in all honesty… it was like seeing Wig Wam again, but with happier musicians. And of course, it didn’t get worse from the fact he actually played a few Wig Wam tunes, such as “Gonna Get You Someday”, “Hard to be a Rock n Roller” and “In My Dreams”. Good to see the “boys” back on stage. Even though I have split feelings about some of the musicians in Wig Wam, the music they put out was flawless.


The show was good. They had good energy, and well yeah, basically like I said. It’s like Wig Wam, but with happier musicians. It was good, and I enjoyed it A LOT.

After Ammunition we headed over to the “shopping” area which consisted of like, five food courts, one record shop and three other tent featuring various things. Quite the contrast from Sweden Rock and Graspop, but in all honesty, I didn’t have any expectations here, so all good. We grabbed something to eat, met up with Paula, Sofia and Johanna and strolled around a bit before catching the last few minutes of Väsby’s Rock n Roll All Stars featuring Cherie Curie, amongst others. Was great seeing her on stage and all, she’s a hero of mine, you know?

After All Stars was done, it was just a mere minutes left until one of the highlights: H.E.A.T


So, spot on time does the introtrack to “The Heat is On” start, the band comes on stage and starts it off with “Point of No Return”, quickly followed by “A Shot of Redemption”.

As with all festival posts, I’m gonna keep this short. There is not really anything bad you can say about H.E.A.T ever, and I guess if there ever were, no really notices because of the one-man show Erik Grönwall puts on to distract from everything that might happen.

Maybe it’s something in the air here in Väsby, or simply just because we are in their hometown, that makes it a little bit extra special. It was a big crowd in front of the stage, and most people knew all the songs.  And just as H.E.A.T usually is, it was magical. With all the energy in songs like “Inferno”, the singalong in “Tearing Down The Walls”, the serene moment in “All The Nights”… I could go on forever.


They wrapped the first set up with “Emergency” before they returned and unveiled a big flag, that I assume are supposed to go somewhere in Väsby saying “Upplands Väsby, the home of H.E.A.T” and also a bit of chocolate rain and ending the show with “Breaking The Silence”, “Living on the Run” and “Laughing at Tomorrow”.

Thank you, H.E.A.T.

Right after, we headed over to the second stage for the last show of the day: Danger Danger.

Danger Danger

Danger Danger is the one band in this world who’ve made me go to the most odd festivals ever. Or more like, they’ve made me gone to festivals I normally wouldn’t have known off. Rockweekend in 2010 (no longer exists) and I found myself going to Väsby Rock only because of them. Danger Danger and I have this weird relationship, where I never really mention them as one of my favorite bands, but I wouldn’t miss them for anything in the world. A bit like me and Mötley Crüe. I have yet to figure out why this is.

Anyway. The last time I saw Danger Danger was actually not so long ago, it was just last year at Sweden Rock. Early day gig at Festival stage in the burning sun with a big audience was quite the difference from how it was here. Late night, a bit cold… and very little people. Judging on the crowds, I believe H.E.A.T should have been the headliners of this day. Like really.

They started off their set energetically, as I’ve always remembered them to do, and that’s the spirit they kept up during the whole show. But then, something very, very special happened.

For “Feels Like Love”, Ted Poley drags out a tattoo-artists, and gets the Swedish flag tattoed on his arm WHILE performing the song. Because that’s the kind of relationship the Swedish crowd has to Danger Danger. We love you too, DD, I promise.


The show all in all was really, really good. Such a feel-good show (what can you expect from a feel good band?) and even though I realise “Hearts on the Highway” counts as a hit, it’s still one of my absolute favorites, and the fact they keep playing is just makes me melt.

They wrapped up the whole set with “Monkey Business” and “Naughty Naughty” before saying good night and thank you for the evening.

No, thank YOU Danger Danger for being one of the best bands out there. I love you.


With all of that said, we headed back to the camp and crashed immediatley, seeing we had to get up early next day to catch Adrenaline Rush.

// Sara

Graspop Metal Meeting Day 2: Friday

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First day of the festival started off…. at 7am in the morning. My tentbuddy, if you like, thought it was a good idea to arrive early in the morning on Friday, forcing me to get up abnormally early to help him find the spot. Lazy as I am I just stood up outside the tent and let him find his own way, which was.. pretty simple since our camp was close to the entrance.

Spent the next couple of hours what I do best – not socializing with anyone, slowly eating and slowly getting ready. Seriously, anyone who ever plans to travel with me – there is no point in trying to rush me to eat. I’m a slow eater. Around 12 I realized that it might be a good idea I head down to the festival area, which is one minute away to catch H.E.A.T, starting at 12.20.

Here’s the deal. My friend gave me the impression that queueing goes so quickly at Graspop, so I figured, against my better judgement, that it should be no problem “only” arriving about 20 minutes before showtime. I was dead wrong.

I was still in the line when I heard “A Shot of Redemption”, presumably second song of the set, and I was pretty much… Let’s just say, it was a good thing for people in Dessel that day that it was H.E.A.T and not Butcher Babies that was the band I was missing out on.

In the middle of “Tearing Down The Walls” I finally made it in and I ran faster than I have ever done before. Seriously, I’ve never considered myself a fast runner, but two places in this world – Boda Borg and concerts, brings out the marathon runner in me.

I thought to myself that as long as I make it to the stage for “Mannequin Show”, I can slow down, so once I was almost there I slowed down for a moment to not completely drain myself and of course… the melody to “Mannequin Show” started. Oh well then, right back onto it!

Made it to second row (where are all the people?) and got to enjoy the last 20 minutes of the show at least, consisting of songs as “Beg Beg Beg”, my personal favorite “Emergency”, “Breaking the Silence” and wrapping it up with “Living on the Run”.

But you know, despite missing a lot of the show, I enjoyed the bits I did see. Erik Grönwall is an entertainer, even though I must admit it felt a little bit as he held back this day. This might be a direct response to the not so energetic crowd, what do I know. But damn, I love these men.


Butcher Babies

Right after H.E.A.T, who doesn’t even get a headline because of the mishaps, and with only a mere ten minutes between the sets I had to hurry a little bit, despite the stages being next to each other. I made it pretty far in, about second or third row or so, which was pretty good, if you ask me.

And… you know that feeling when you see a favorite band live for the first time? That feeling with “Oh shit! It’s really them!” That’s what I thought when Chrissy walked on stage as first person. I was like “Dude. That’s him. That’s actually him, whom I’ve seen only on photos on the internet before”. Jason and Henry joined followed by two of my heroines, Heidi and Carla.


They opened up energetic with “The Cleansing” and look. You can say whatever you want about the ladies, about the groups intention, about how they are not “true”, but what you can never take away from Carla nor Heidi is that, just as Erik Grönwall, they are true entertainers.

“The Mirror Never Lies” was the second song on the list, and I must admit, I was surprised, but also glad to see how many people around me were just as, may I use the term “die-hard fans” as I was. I never really heard much about them having a fanbase here in Europe, but I’m glad I was wrong.


“Goliath”, third song of the list followed by “Beerdrinkers & Hellraiser”. I must admit, when seeing them I kinda come to notice that the three men in the band, don’t really do a lot. They stand back, play their things and leave the show up to Heidi and Carla. I don’t mind, in all honesty, let the ladies do what they do best. Still baffles my mind why people discredits them.

A bit in the set it was time for the new song, “Monsters Ball”. I have never been too much of a fan of this song, as it kinda feel it’s just… pounding through. I always cared more for their melodic songs, but I have to admit something – this song, and especially the chorus works wonders in a crowd. “You can’t stop moving, no you can’t stop moving..” no, we really can’t, haha.


After “Monsters Ball” it was time for a personal favorite of mine, “Crazy Horses”. “I Smell a Massacre” and “Magnolia BLVD” was the last song of the sets where the babies left the stage for this time.

God. That was a rush. Seeing a faveband for the first time is always such a rush.

Headed over directly to the merch to get a hand on a shirt and a poster before moving on to the Classic Rock tent and catching the first out of three The Lounge Kittens sets.

Most of you who’ve read my blog in the past knows about my small obsession with The Lounge Kittens ever since the Steel Panther tour, so getting the chance to see the Kittens not once but twice during this festival was awesome.


After their set I headed over to the signing session for Butcher Babies, which was completely in vain. I guess Graspop lacks a bit here – It is never, NEVER a good idea to have the signing session begin neck in neck – there should always be a break inbetween to make sure that in case there’s a heavy flow of people or in case the band is late. It’s more sad for the Aborted fans who were kept waiting PAST Aborted’s signing time because Butcher Babies took so long.

Second thing, it’s never a good idea to allow people to take pictures at signing sessions, and I swear to God – I curse every, single, one of you who ever takes pictures at a signing session. Seriously, fuck you people. I do realize I sound bitter right now, but lets put it this way – there’s a reason Sweden Rock started to forbid photos. After they did so, twice, or even three times, as many people managed to get into the signing sessions after doing so. Also the major reason if I ever get into a band, I’ll never allow people to take pics at our signings. Never. Rather satisfy the many than glorifying the few, you know?

I come off very bitter here, and a little bit bitter, yes. But I’m more bitter about the failure in organization rather than not making it to the signing. Giving a mainstage act only 30 minutes is bad to begin with (Sweden Rock gives at least 45 mins even to the smaller stages) but yeah. Maybe they will learn, maybe they won’t. Spent almost an hour in that line for nothing, and if you hold on to your horses a little bit, I’m gonna demonstrate a bit further in this entry my point, but before that, Epica.

So, thankfully, Epica was starting on the mainstage in the time to make me feel better, and it sure does. Singers like Simone Simons makes everything better.  “Unchain Utopia” was just pure perfection, and I must admit, I’m not sure if the sets are really much shorter here or not, but it was over so quickly. I don’t understand why.


Right after Epica, I headed over to the classic rock tent again to catch the last our of three The Lounge Kittens sets (one of the sets were during Epica).

The set was just as energetic as fun as you’d remember them, and the set was a little bit different from the previous one, but still including “Rollin'” which I’ve always considered more of a favorite since I love the choreography.


Now, I’m going to get back to Butcher Babies signing sessions. The Lounge Kittens stopped their set at about 18.10, or a bit after and I thought to myself, hey, why not go to Epica’s signing session? Why miss out on an oppurtunity like that? But what to get signed?

So around 18.10, I head over to the metal market, and go through the hassle to get a wristband, go to the first recordstore I see, pick up a random Epica album (The Quantum Enigma) and slowly started walking toward the signing area. I reached the line about 18.20, and they had signing time until 19. So, I wanna put this into perspective. I made it to Butcher Babies signing session 14.50, and they started 15.00, and they STOPPED signing at 15.45-50 (Epica had already started when they stopped), and this had them going over time by 15-20 minutes.

Here I actively come 20 minutes too late to a session, and guess what. I. Made. It. In. by 18.50 I was in to meet them band, hurrying through of course since I saw the grim reaper coming out (the lady who walks out and asks who everyone is there to see to estimate how many more can get in) and because the faster I get out, the faster more people can get in.

So, what was the difference? They didn’t allow photos. They. Did. Not. Allow. Photos, so I guess they DID learn from earlier on. Of course, some people still took photos, hell, even I took a pic of a guy and Simone. But there is such a difference when ten people take pictures rather than 100, you know?

After the session I headed back to the camp to drop off all the merchandise, or well, all and all, but the poster got in the way and I kept losing it.

Spent some time in the tent resting, drinking and eating before heading down to the festivalsite again, and this time it was time to see a band I haven’t seen in quite a few years: KISS.

They opened the set with “Detroit Rock City” and the show was a fact.

KISS…. KISS is quite the show. I’m not gonna say this in a surprised matter since I’ve seen them live before, but I mean, DAMN. If it wasn’t fireworks it was confettis, if it wasn’t that it was pyro and lights and elevators and Paul did his little ride and God only knows!

I’m not gonna write a lengthy bit about this, since it will be way too long, and I don’t really have a lot to say. What do you say about the best band in the world?

The only thing I HAVE to say is that I completely owned my friend. Nailed to for see every single song, while he could be soooo off. Love it.


After KISS was done I headed over (alone) to the second mainstage to wrap this long day up with Marilyn Manson.

And seriously, the last time I saw him was in 2007 and I had forgotten how good he was. Not only live, but also musically. He’s not typically the first I turn to when I wanna listen to something, but that sure is about to change. Loved every single minute, and by every song I made it closer and closer to the stage and I found myself almost having the same spots as on Butcher Babies, despite arriving after the first song has started. Thanks for the evening, Manson.


After Manson I went back to the camp and went directly to bed. Saturday was gonna start fairly late in concert speaking, but I wanted to check out the market properly, as well as catching up on some sleep.

// Sara



Sweden Rock Festival 2015 – Friday

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So, even though it was a wee bit earlier than previous night, it was still fairly late for my liking. So I got up around noon, or something like that and started out with a slow breakfast and slow preparations for Alestorm. Seriously, some days I’m really fast, some days I’m really slow. Not sure why.

Went down around 1pm in order to check out some shopping tents, and also did I round in the 4sound tent to check out various guitars. I love all these little exhibitions Sweden Rock have all over their festival area. It’s like an amusement park – there is always something to do.


So, around 2 or a little after I headed over to Sweden Stage to catch the first show of the day – Alestorm. They opened up spot on time with “Walk The Plank”, and the audience was well-recieving. It makes me glad when the audience is great to the band. They continued with “The Sunk’n Norwegian” and the show was pretty much a fact.

Like I’ve said previously, I’ll keep it rather short. But it was an energetic set, despite the heat (where did that come from?!) and good audience response kicked off this first day pretty perfectly. However, the backdrop still sticks needles in my eyes…



Directly after Alestorm, seeing I had gotten rather hungry, I head over to one of the food trucks to pick up some quick food before running over to 4Sound stage to catch Rock Godess live. I’m not too familiar with this band from before, but the little I had heard I liked, so I figured it’d be fun to catch them.

And I don’t regret I did! They delivered a good set with good energy, perfect lunchdate, if I may say so.


After Rock Godess I had my first major break during the day, and with that I headed over to MailMetalOrder to pick up “.5: The Gray Chapter” on vinyl (double) as well as Korpiklaani’s new “Noita” and then heading over to Rock Stage where one of the highlights for me this year would soon enter: DOKKEN


It’s interesting. About a year ago I waited at this exact spot for another group of big heroes of mine to play, TNT, with Tony Harnell. Why is it that most of the most important concerts in my life, happens to be at Sweden Rock? Is it because Sweden Rock is legendary? Probably. It was almost like a deja vu feeling, you know, standing there waiting for a band (or in TNT’s case, a line up) you’d thought you’d never see, and yet, here we are.

The band entered the stage and fired off the gig with “Kiss of Death” and continued on with “The Hunter”. After here, is where THAT happened.

Don started to talk a lot on stage and the drummer started to play slowly. For a split second, I actually thought they were gonna play my personal favorite, which is “Dream Warriors”. But I shoved the thought away – Why would they EVER actually play this song live? Bahahaha. Since I’m so wrapped up in my own thoughts I don’t really listen to what Don is saying. I heard him saying something about nightmares, but then he said two words that caught my attention.

Elm. Street.

You see, “Dream Warriors” is one of the many songs of the soundtrack to “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors” and because of this, I figured they’d never play it.

But then he announced, that the next song was indeed “Dream Warriors”. And this, my friends, is what cause a CD enthusiast like me to drop my newely purchased .5 and Noita to the  ground with a big gasp. And wide eyes. Like… what. On. Earth. Just. Happened.

BEST MOMENT OF THE DAY, I’m telling you.

They continued on with a fresh set and a lot of… bad jokes if you ask me, but the gig was decent! But seriously, Dream Warriors… can’t get over it.


After Dokken I had yet another break in which I took the oppurtunity to get some of my stuff down to the car to make it easier for me once I was on my way home. The next gig of the day for me wasn’t until 22.15, when Mötley Crüe would enter the stage, so I had quite some time. Of course, this wasn’t the only thing I did. I spent some time at Hot Shot’s as well. Where else?


But sooner than later it was time for the guys in Mötley to take over the festival, and the stage setting was pretty massive, for being Mötley, I have to say. What especially caught my eye was Nikki’s microphone, which hung from the roof of the stage down in this big steel work with a Shout at the Devil kind of star on it.

They opened up the whole gig with one of my own personal favorites – “Saints of Los Angeles” which set off a good start… and then it kinda fell. Counting roughly on my hands, I’ve seen Mötley Crüe live about four times before, making this my fifth time. In 2007, they were really good. 2009 and 2010, they were decent. In 2012 they were horrible. Like, maybe it’s because I stood far away munching on popcorns due to my cold, but seriously… Vince didn’t sing half of the words or anything, but the band was pretty good. It can’t be worse, can it?

Apparently I was wrong. Apparently, it could be worse. I didn’t get any vibes from this, any energy whatsoever, and there were occasions I barely recognized the songs at first because they were literally all over the place. I don’t mean to sit here and dog and talk shit about Mötley, I know I have a lot of people who loves them, and so do I, but seriously… It’s like the Lordi gig in Brighton. Now I know what a bad gig are. Difference is just that Mr L actually sang.

But yeah, I guess I should give them some kudos for going on stage and all. At least they are doing more, and better, than I am at the moment. But to give some creds – Love the setlist. It was perfect. And the pyro show was mindblowing. Especially the last piece where a big piece of fireworks went on a line straight over the audience. Loved it, and it helped keeping warm in the night. Thank you!

And I will see you again, in November. No worries. Not abandoning you now.



Towards the end of Mötley I started slowly moving backwards, as I wanted to have some good spots for H.E.A.T, partly for the show and the band, and partly because I had to warm up. Got there right in time for it to start, and they opened the set strongly with “Point of no Return”.

And here’s the deal ladies and gentlemen. You can say what you want about Alestorm, about Sabaton, Mötley Crüe, Toto, HammerFall or even Dokken. But no one, comes close to be a frontman like Erik Grönwall. Ones first instinct is to ask what drugs he’s on, but on the same time, I could totally see him really being like this.

But what I’m meaning to say is that Erik, never, ever fails to entertain. I have yet to see a gig where he is bad. I doubt it will ever happen. He’s the kind of frontman that gets the crowd going without any effort, he’s the kind of frontman who makes a duracell rabbit look slow. He’s the kind of frontman who makes like laugh, like when he was going to do a sing a long in “Beg Beg Beg” and instead belts out our Midsummer-drinking song (Helan Går). I’m glad I’m seeing these boys on Midsummer, will be PERFECT.

So what can I say. This was the perfect pick up after Mötley’s low-energy gig and I just want to say that I love H.E.A.T with all my heart. I know that wasn’t the case about seven years ago, but amends have been made.


And them ending with my favorite song off “Tearing Down The Walls”, “Laughing at Tomorrow” made it just perfect.

And around 3 am, later than normal again, I knocked out in the tent, preparing for the last day of the festival.

// Sara