Captain Morgans Revenge

PEOPLE! Today was a big day. As most of you know, Mötley Crüe is set to have their final tour forever this year, and while at Sweden Rock Vince announced they’ll be in Stockholm in November, and later we learned the tickets would be release on June 11th, which is, today!

Since I worked during the night (for some reason, I seem to be attracted to nightwork) I got up right before the ticket release, and I begged that maybe today, maybe I would get the tickets right away and not have to sit for an hour and click and click until the ones I want appear.

And guess what? I entered AXS waitingroom ten minutes or so before the release, and once the clock hit 9, I got to buy the tickets directly. I was literally one of the first persons to get to buy tickets. For the first time ever, I could freely chose any ticket I liked. So. Fucking. Happy.

Normal standing tickets was chosen (don’t really consider ourselves as big enough Mötley fans to buy Golden Circle, it’s unnecessary for us) and I was all done five minutes past nine. How fucking awesome isn’t that? And then I could peacefully go back to bed. Ahh.


Spent the day preparing for Graspop. I really wanna be done ahead now, since I start working permanently on Monday night, and I don’t wanna have to rush like an hour before the bus leaves for Stockholm. All the necessities, such as matress, towel and sleeping bag and wheelchair for the bag has been packed and tomorrow I plan to go through clothing, make up and see what hygiene products I can pack down already now. Can’t. Wait.

// Sara

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