Lordi @ The Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, United States of America, 6/2 – 17

Because of the weather, and because we are lazy, we really only stayed in line for an hour. By the time we got to the venue, there was just one person there ahead of us, but as soon as we had come, more and more people started to come as well, so we really made it in exact time. We met up with some real cool people – Buddy, Alex and sadly a guy I never caught the name of and we had a good time catching up with each other!

Despite having the VIP which allowed us to enter the venue before the rest of the people, we decided to wait in line, because really, there is where all the fun is. That is where you meet new people.

When we finally got inside, we got our bracelets for the meet&greet and then got toward the stage…. or more like, pedalboards on the floor. The stage was so small that the supportband were forced to have just their drumset on stage, and the rest of them be on the floor in front of the stage. Interesting, huh? Like Galway, but instead of separate stages and all that shit.


So, Warcorpse was the supportband for the night, an old school thrashmetalband from Santa Cruz. They were really good – and they put on a real good and energetic set getting you pumped for the show to come. Thank you guys!


After the band was done everybody waited for the band to get rid of their gear before everyone approached the stage. Unlike Galway, there wasn’t even a flightcase in front of the stage, making it real close and intimate. Crazy to think about. Then the LONG wait began. The supportband was done already at 20.30, and Lordi didn’t begin until 22.15 so… Long wait for sure!

And they were even further late. BUT, at 22.20 “God of Thunder” finally started rolling.


Mana and Hella entered the stage, followed by Skeletor who pretty much declared war on He-Man, and the rest of the band followed as they started off with “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man”. It was so good to see them again, and I must admit it felt really good personally to have Mr L wave to you from stage. I was a bit concerned at first, but all of it disappeared.

They followed up quickly with “Babez for Breakfast” and I had seriously forgotten what a riot of a live song this actually is – I hope they keep it for some time. “The Riff” was the next song on the list, followed by “Hellbender Turbulence”. And you know… Galway was one thing. Being this close to the stage, and the band, left us being able to even smell the band on stage. Imagine that, huh.


OX’s bassolo came up next – and just as in London I was the one singled out in the crowd again. Really funny though, because I do LOVE his current bassolo. It’s like being at the club. I wish more people would join me dancing.

The solo emerged into “Bite it Like a Bulldog” which is also one hell of a live song. I can’t even begin. Next song on the list is a song, that I mentioned during the European Monstour, being one of my absolute favorites. When Mr Lordi talks about the die-hard fans that wished for this song, he pretty much talks about me. I’m one out of many who consistently would ask for this song over and over again. And finally you know.. And I feel so blessed I’ve gotten to see it live so many times now. I love this song so much. Oh, it’s “Icon of Dominance” by the way.


Afterwards came Mana’s drumsolo, minus the dancing skeletons, and it emerged into “Hug You Hardcore” that is growing on me, soon becoming probably one of my favorite live songs of them. And then… of course.

“It Snows In Hell”. For this time, I had to get down on my knees on the floor and put my head on the stage, next to the monitor in order to do it – because I’ll promise you this – I will ALWAYS find a way to do it. Of course I got my fair treatment – a little bit of water, and a lot of fingering in the face from him. And the whole first part of the verse with him looking dead straight into my eyes. The song emerged into “The Children of The Night” which is also a song I have wanted for so long – this tour has really become THE TOUR.

After “Children of the Night” Hella had her little solo moment that emerged into “Down with the Devil”… This song you know. It’s good already on the album, but again – live song, live song, live song! “Blood Red Sandman” was next on the list, followed by “Hard Rock Hallelujah” before sort of wrapping the set up with “Devil is a Loser”.


Because they were running short, they had crossed “Who’s Your Daddy?” off the list and they went directly to “Would You Love a Monsterman?” before thanking for the night and going off the stage.

After this, we hung around a bit before Mark collected us all for the meet&greet, and we all got into this line where we basically lined up to have a picture taken and then get a signed poster at the merchandise.

Nathan and I decided to take the picture together to speed up time, and as we walked up Mr Lordi instantly started speaking Swedish to me, rambling about most things he could, and Amen started rambling too. It’s good to see them, right? Haha. The phone didn’t cooperate with Mark really, and of course Mr Lordis response to that was “ITS A SWEDISH PHONE THATS WHY”, and as I went to take out the phone out of it’s case, the sexual jokes emerged. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.


When we were about to leave Amen stopped us for a moment to ask us what other shows we were going to. I sort of… It got to me a bit that he asked “What other shows” we were going to, not “Are you going to more shows”. He just assumed, or well, knew, that we would be going to more shows. I just love that. We said good bye to the band and then we went up to get our posters, chatted a bit with Jessica before exiting the venue and talked a bit with our friends that we had made.

Seriously, this was such a great night. Thank you to each and everyone of you involved in this night, I love you all.

// Sara


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  1. Emi-Didact Says:

    Love your close-up shot of Mr. Lordi ❤

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