Out of the Woods

Sooo…. today was the day. But since our time in Santa Cruz would be so limited, we decided to take some time to wander about in the town to see what we could find, or most importantly, go to to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which we… didn’t really know about more than that the hotels mentioned being close to it.



So, it’s like an amusement park. That was closed. But we did find the arcade hall as well as the beach, and it was beautiful watching the ocean. But we spent the most time and also money in the arcade hall.


At first we played pirate mini golf, which was insane because it had animatronic effects that we were unaware of and it basically scared us to death a few times. We barely dared to enter the under water part of the course because of this.


After the golf we continued on to burn some money on clawmachines. I’m usually supergood at these, but for some reason this was simply not my day. We also ended up playing some lasertag, some shooting games and pick up some candy before continuing downtown.


So, we found so real cool funky stores downtown, however I did not buy a lot aside from stuff from Forever 21. We actually do NOT carry that in Sweden, I think, so even though it is a big chain, I can at least somewhat justify it. I got a body harness and a couple of choker necklaces, and I found an additional one that I’ll probably be getting when I get back to L. A. because I really wanted to think about it for a little bit.

Afterwards we ended up at a fancy pizza place to have some pasta lunch, for a change, extremely tasty! Really good. We then headed home in the rain, because sadly, it had of course started to rain, and got ourselves ready for the show.


// Sara

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