They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa

The following day we got up at about seven in the morning in order to catch the bus back to Los Angeles, which proved to be easier said than done. Of course, as the previous days it was raining loads, and then we struggled to check in our bags, but gladly, everything worked out and the bus was a wee bit later so I even managed to buy myself the most delicious cup of caramel coffee I ever had.


The good thing about this bus is that it would go straight way to Los Angeles – no transfers, nothing, just one long busride that allowed us to finish up a lot of things in the mean time. Makes a hardworking person like me really happy! But I cannot deny the fact that it got boring at times.


Once in Los Angeles, I had my first experience with UBER that went wrong. Not the UBER, but I accidently booked it too early. But gladly, it was no harm done. He drove us to the apartment a friend of ours has lent us, and it’s so beautiful. I know already when she told us about it, but it was even more gorgeous.

We settled in pretty quickly and then we headed down the Sunset Strip toward Whisky and the Rainbow. It was so surreal in a way… To just simply stroll down the Strip, the Strip that was once so important to the music scene once, and still are to this day.

And dining inside the Rainbow was a surreal dream come true. To sit inside and just know that, this is one of those places. Those place you have heard about, read about, and now you are here yourself. It was hard for me to grasp, no lies.

rainbow1 rainbow2 rainbow3

After dining we went home and crashed into bed right away. And tomorrow… Tomorrow is the big day.

// Sara

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