REVIEW: Borealis – World of Silence MMXVII

In 2008, a Canadian prog-powermetal band called Borealis self-released their debut album “World of Silence”. Nine years later, on a real label, they have decided to re-release the album that started it all. But, to make it even better, they also re-recorded it, to show off the growth of them as a band, as well as individuals.

So, to make a quick summary of the album as an album, I think it’s a decent album. On the one hand, it is very well written and arranged – it has good melody build-ups, I love all the accessories and string parties that they have applied on the appropriate parts to lift a song or a section to the top. The solos are very technical, showing a lot of skill, but at times they don’t blend too well with the songs, leaving it a bit un-personal for my taste. But, for a debut album it is really good. While I found “Purgatory” to be more bland, this is a stronger album, for sure.

So, how does the re-recorded sound? Well, the material is obviously the same, but it’s elevated! It’s more technical, it’s an overall better production, but what caught my eye the most was the improved vocals. It was better sung, better planned – over all a better performance than previously. And of course, the production over all is much better – which is to be expected from a growing band.

The song that caught my heart the most was “Eyes of a Dream”. It’s been lifted to new heights, and I’m enjoying it more than ever.

With all of this being said, it’s a good release and something you should get your hands on if you are into this kind of music. And mostly, I’m looking forward to their new album, to see what they can do.

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara

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