Love Don’t Last Forever

So, pretty interestingly, I stumbled upon the “Your year in LastFM” when being on the site yesterday, and I thought I should share it with you, what I learned on it because it was quite interesting to see.


So in total, I scrobbled 9,500 songs roughly. It does make sense – I listen to most of my music on CD or vinyl while at home, and sometimes I forget to import the tracks from my iPod to the computer and it expires. What is interesting to see though, is how many average scrobbles a day I have – 28, and that it totals up to less than a day in time. Interesting to see.


Last year, 2016, I listened to 204 different bands and artists, which is 57% more than the average user of LastFm. 204 different bands. Can that even be correct? Wow.


I only listened to 292 different albums this year. I say “only” because I have closer to 350 albums, physical, and near 800 total in my iTunes. It puts things into a perspective, and perhaps how much you do actually listen. Fun trivia: 292 was the amount of points Lordi had when they won the Eurovision. 60% more albums than the average listener though.


I listened to 1501 different tracks, 76% more than the average listener. I have around 6500 tracks in total in my iTunes, so this is very very, VERY little. Wow.


Discovery. I discovered 22% new artists amongst my all played bands, 30% new albums and 48% new tracks, counted on the previous numbers, which makes the list shrink even more when knowing that. I really, need to change that. Like, badly.


I apparently, listened most on Saturdays. I reckon this is mostly gig days, actually.


Longest streak in listening. This doesn’t really make sense to me, as I walk with my small iPod every day, but it is possible a song was never scrobbled that day.


I listen mostly to Powermetal, followed by heavy metal and thirdly hard rock. Sounds about right for me, don’t you think?


On April 2nd I scrobbled 328 songs. April 2nd was the day we got on the looong trainride to Clermont-Ferrand to see Powerwolf, so this makes sense to me – I probably listened a lot while packing, while riding the train, and we listened while getting ready for the show. So yeah, this seems about right.

The most interesting with this thing is how it puts a perspective on things. Like… You think you listen so much, and sure I still do, not everything get scrobbled, I know at least 100 tracks are missing and such, but still. It feels like so much more but…


// Sara

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