Upsy Daisy

You know you have literally nothing to do when you start a movie whose main character is played by Paris Hilton (“Pledge This”, yes this is the kind of movies I have at home) and starts sorting out the returns on various orders and counting the cash you have AND fixing your iPods.

Two weeks of working with the newspapers has come to an end, so basically, I find myself doing nothing (I’m not unemployed, so don’t worry) which I guess gives more time to do even more nothing. Like planning gigs, festivals, listening to a lot of music. Which isn’t too bad, I guess.

I tried for the very first time to ride a bike downtown today, and to my surprise it wasn’t too long. Good thing, because our car broke down. Things are really going my way nowadays.

But ok, I’m finding myself looking away from the keyboard to look at the TV (and interestingly, not missing a single letter doing so) so I’m gonna pay attention to the movie about the blondies in pink. Huh, I had never seen before that a girl actually tips the other girl about clothingbrands. Interesting.

// Sara

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