Black Waltz

Today’s session at work was brought to me and the newspaper-readers by Reckless Love. I wasn’t sure at all to begin with what to listen to, as ALWAYS when I go to work, and eventually decided to go through some Reckless Love, because seriously, it was some time.

I went over two albums – “Spirit” and “Animal Attraction“. Both of these are neck in neck with each other as far as my personal liking goes, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of “Animal Attraction”, if we’re going to nitpick. “Spirit” holds a lot of good anthems – “Night on Fire” for sure, but how about songs liked “Edge of Our Dreams” ? or “So Happy I Could Die”? These two are probably the best songs off the entire album.

“Animal Attraction” though… where do I even begin? At the opening song, which is also the title track? “Hot”? “Dirty Dreams”? “Dance”? Or at my personal favorite, “On The Radio”?

Sure, there’s a lot of questionmarks popping up whenever you talk about Reckless Love and their not very original bubble-gum rock which tastes more like raspberries than the cake I’m currently eating, and not to talk about the plastic personas, but regardless of all of this – they never fail to entertain, they never fail to help me run seven stories in an apartment complex.

Oh, by the way. As a part of a birthdaygift to myself, I pre-ordered Butcher Babies new album, but ALSO, Avatar’s album “Black Waltz”, and lucky little me, it did arrive today.

skoor 023

Haven’t had the time to listen to it just yet, but I will get back to you on it once I do.

// Sara

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