I’m a Believer

It’s been a good day, albeit very long. I quit my job around three this morning, went to bed and got up about three hours later heading over to my job at the stables. It had been bad weather all week, raining and what not so I was really, REALLY worried we’d get bad weather today as well.

So, understand my surprise, and delight, when I arrive at the stables and the sun is shining and it’s all warm and nice and not a cloud in sight. Because of this, we might have had one of the best work days this semester. We even had our breakfast at the hay-attic or whatever you wanna call it. Sweet as hell, I tell you.

Even though it’s a lot of work, there is nothing I love more than working in the stable. It’s a physical job where you have to do a lot, move a lot but you don’t need to think too much. It all goes on routine. And you are outside a lot. I like that. And you are away from everything computers, everything music, everything else that stresses you. And that’s what I love so much about being in the stable.

It’s soothing.


This picture was taken a year ago when Emelie and I did the same thing while working.

// Sara

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