H- Best Guitarist of a band in your opinion

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

This is basically my worst nightmare, sitting here and judging musicians. Mostly because 1) I have no clue, so I can’t properly judge how good or not they are, because I can’t even hold a guitar and 2) no matter what I say, there are always going to be people who disagree and hates you for your choice. Gladly, in the metal world, we don’t throw fist fights about it.


Anyway, for my decision of Best Guitarist, I’m gonna go with my first favorite bandmember ever, as he was the first person to ever impress me when it came to guitarplaying. Like I said about Mark Slaugher, he may not be the worlds best vocalist, but he’s my favorite.

I’m of course talking about Trond “Teeny” Holter.


Trond has played guitar in several bands – Dream Police, Wig Wam and currently Dracula’s Swing of Death, to name a few. I discovered him through Wig Wam, as the picture might let you know.

Anyway. I think he’s good. Very so good. I believe he is the only guitarists whose guitarsolos I actually enjoy. It’s usually a big peeve for me when bands put on multiple instrumental songs on their albums, like, I get the idea but why? However, that has never been the case with Teeny. Most especially, I can listen to “The Riddle” all day long. Not sure if it is because Teeny is precious, or because he’s damn good, but either way, it gets to me.

So yes. There you have it guys. Trond Holter. Always and forever. I guess I’ll just let you all judge yourself. This video contains a solo followed by The Riddle.

// Sara

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