Walk This Way

Seriously, this week, and this day, has been very, very long. Long days, a lot to do, so it’s nice to finally have had some time to just CHILL OUT and rest and get back from everything. The last few weeks on the road has killed me more than it should, not because traveling per se is difficult, because it’s not, but because I have no self-disciplin what so ever.

I try to tell myself like “When you go on that bus, you need to sleep” But will I do this? No. Once I get on the bus I’m like “Oh I should do this and that or that and this” and I end up doing NOTHING but listening to music instead. Listening to music is absolutely great, but on the other hand, it doesn’t exactly help you when you are sleep-deprived. Haha. Oh dear lord.

It’s some time left until it’s time for the festival summer to kick off, and even though it sucks to have nothing to do, it’s kinda nice. To recharge, clean up everything, sort out everything, FIND everything, seriously, I had to leave for Belgium and Brighton without my favorite Lordishirt because only GOD KNOWS where the heck it went. I found it now though, so I’m happy.

But you know. I can’t wait to get back on the road again. And even though the days feels so slow right now, I’m pretty positive it will all go very, very fast in the end.

// Sara

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