C – 5 bands I don’t care for

Well well well… isn’t that interesting. Just yesterday I wrote I don’t really hate any band, but I have a few I may not care for. One of them which I linked, I won’t mention their name (call me stupid if you want, but you are never seeing their band name on this blog again)…. So ok we have them… then… I guess it kinda comes to artists like Kanye West, I really don’t like the stunt he’s pulled on other musicians just because BeyoncĂ© hasn’t won an award.

And yeah. That’s about how far I came with that. I think a big reason why I don’t want to just throw out bands I don’t like or care for like that, is because things change. Had you asked me like four years ago if I liked SlipKnot I would have laughed and asked how you could even think such a thing. But here I am, with them as one of my favorites.

Times changes, people changes, musictaste changes. So yeah. The Unmentionable ones, and Kanye West is gonna be the ones I’ll put up for you here.


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